The SSB Show Episode 2
The second episode of the Super Smash Bros. Show, and shows what happened to Pit & Yoshi.

TV Description:As Pit & Yoshi fall to their doom, Pit starts to go crazy, and they meet a new friend.



Narrator: "Welcome to the second episode, where questions are answered. This story starts back in the first episode, where Bowser starts invading."

Pit: "Yoshi! Watch out!"

Yoshi: "Yoshi, Yoshi!"

Pit: "Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Yoshi: "Yoshi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Pit: "Where'd Yoshi go? Wait. Is that him? Yoshi!"

(Pit finds Yoshi on a cloud, and picks him up.)

Yoshi: "Yoshi, Yoshi, Yoshi. Wa!"

Pit: "Saved you, Yoshi! Are you Ok?"

Yoshi: "Yoshiiii:("

Pit: "Wait. You can stand on clouds?"

Yoshi: "Yoshi!" (Nods his head)

Pit: "Then, I'll put you back down, so you can walk and everything."

Yoshi: "Yoshi, Yoshi."

Pit: "And please, please start speaking English."

(He puts Yoshi back on the cloud, who curls up and falls asleep.)

Pit: "Yoshi? Yoshi! Wake up! Yoshi come on! There's no time to nap!"

Yoshi: "Yoshi, Yoshi."

Pit: "Fine! Stay here and rot in your sleep!"

Yoshi: "Yoshi."

(pit sighs, as Yoshi falls into a deep sleep on his cloud. Pit looks around.)

Pit: "Boy, am I hungry. I need to find something to eat."

Yoshi: "Yoshi?"

Pit "Stop saying that! I think I'm going to go kill-crazy because of you!"

Yoshi: "Yoshi! Yoshi, Yoshi, YOSHI!"

Pit: "Don't push it, little dinosaur!"

(Yoshi pulls apart the cloud, and sees a berry way far bellow, on the ground. He tries to get it.)

Pit: "Great Yoshi! We can split it!"

(Yoshi's Tounge comes back with a Pikachu. It attacks Yoshi's face, put Pit rips it of, and throws it back to the ground. Yoshi starts to cry, then jumps off the cloud yelling:)

Yoshi: "YOSHI!!!!!!!!"

Pit: "No! Get back here, Yoshi! Don't do sew aside!"

(Pit finds Yoshi on a beach, hugging Pikachu.)

Pit: "Where are we?"

Yoshi: "Yoshi!"

Pit: "No, that's your name! i said Where are we?

Yoshi: "Yoshi, Yoshi."

Pit: "Please stop saying your name, over and over again, or somebody is going to get murdered!

Pikachu: "Pika, pika!"

Pit: "STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? What's that noise?"

Voices: "La, la, la, la, la, la,la..."

Yoshi: "Yoshi?"

(A whole lot of Yoshis come over the hill.)

Pit: "Oh, so that's whare we are! Yoshi's Island!

(It zooms out, to where you can see the land they are on. They are on an island shaped like a Yoshi.)

Narrator: "Now the questions remain. Will Pit go crazy? Will Pikachu attack? We still haven't answerd what happened to Mario & Kirby. Find out, next time on the Super Smash Bros. Show.

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