The SSB Show Episode 17
The Seventeenth Episode of The Super Smash Bros. Show!

TV Description: As Mario, Kirby, Fox, & Ike set out on their quest to stop Crazy Hand, they run into some old friends and rivals. Will they survive this dangerous quest?



Narrator: "Welcome back to our once-peaceful world! How has it turned so un-peaceful? Well..."

Bowser: (Roaring Noise)

Fox: "I wont let you destroy that planet, Wolf!"

Marth: "Prepare for battle!"

Ridley: (Screeching Noise)

Ike: "Fox! Watch out!"

Wolf: "It's time!"

Ancient Minister: "I wouldn't count on living, boy. While me and him are having some fun, I'll send another army to get back my Meta Knight! Everything is going as planed! Mwahahahahaha!"

Narrator: "Let's just say people aren't being so nice. Anyways, Mario, Kirby, Fox, & Ike have began their journey to stop Crazy Hand! I wonder how this will turn out! Let's find out!"

Mario: "Ugh! How much farther until we get there?!?"

Ike: "Not that much farther, Mario! Quite acting like a two year-old! You've asked that question tons of times!"

Kirby: "There yet? There yet? There yet? There yet? There yet? There yet?"

Fox: "UGH!!! Stop it, KIRBY! You have asked that question SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME ITSELF!"

Ike: "Who would've known that a journey to save the world would've made you wish the world was over?"

Fox: "And that Mario & Kirby has a two year-old side!"

Mario: "I'm not a two year-old 'a!"

Kirby: "Milk! Thirsty!"

Mario: "But you weren't wrong about Kirby."

(They all laugh. The hear someone else laugh, though. It sounded kind of mechanical, and oldie.)

Ike: "Wait. What was that?"

(They listen, and hear it again."

Ike: "There it is!"

Fox: "Get it!"

(They all run over to the bushes, and a Game & Watch jumps out. It starts to run, but of course, the heroes run after it. The then run into an open field, and see a base, and a temple made of gold.)

Fox: "Whoa!"

Kirby: "What..."

Ike: ""

Mario: "...thata?"

Ike: "Why do you have a weird Italian accent?"

Mario: "I have no idea."

Fox: "How about we stop talking about Mario's accent and enter the base?"

Kirby: "K, k!"

(They each enter. The scene switches to a room full of bananas. Enter Falco, Donkey Kong, and Diddy Kong.)

Falco: "Ok, guys! On the count of three!"

Donkey Kong: "Oh, oh!"

Diddy Kong: "Oh, eh ah!"

Falco: "One, two..."

Alarm: "Intruder alert! Intruder alert!"

Falco: "...three!"

(The three dash into the room. The door slams shut, and a whole bunch of Game & Watches drop in from the ceiling.)

Falco: "Next time, we should count to two!"

(They start fighting the Game & Watches. The scene switches back to Mario & the Others, who have came inside of the base they found. They here fighting in another room.)

Ike: "Where is that sound coming from?"

Fox: "In here!"

(They open the door to find Falco, Donkey Kong, and Diddy Kong fighting an intense battle. They join in.)

Fox: "Hey, Falco! Long time, no see!"

Falco: "Hey, how are ya doing, Fox"

???: "Not well, since he's about to die to the future master!"

(The fighting stops. Everyone turns and looks. Wolf walks out from the shadows hiding the door. He gives an evil laugh.)

Wolf: "Welcome to the party, Fox! So glad to have you here with Falco and his monkey friends! Oh, and looks like you brought some monkeys of your own!"

Ike: "Hey!"

Mario: "We're not monkeys!"

(They look over to find Kirby scratching himself.)

Mario: "But you're not wrong about Kirby."

Kirby: "Huh?"

Wolf: "Enough monkey buisness! Capture them!"

(Sleeping gas begins to fill the room. They all fall asleep. When they wake up, they find themselves in wooden cages, outside, at night, being ready to be tossed off a cliff.)

Mario: "We need to get out of here!"

Falco: "But how/"

Fox: "If only Master Hand was here! He could help us out!"

Falco: "What!?! No, no no no no. We're trying to prevent him from being here!"

Ike: "No! You guys have it all wrong! It's Crazy Hand that's evil! Master Hand trys to protect this land!"

Kirby: "Guys?"

Ike: "Not know, Kirby, we're setting Falco strait."

Kirby: "Gu-uys."

Ike: "Not now!"

Kirby: "Guys!"

Everyone (Excluding Wolf): "What!?!"

Kirby: "Look!"

(They find a Smash Ball where Kirby is pointing. No one else seems to notice.)

Ike: "Just let me see that real quick!"

(Ike happens to grab the Smash Ball.)

Ike: "Hey, Wolf!?!"

Wolf: "What!?!?!?"

Ike: "It's great  Aether time!"

(He uses his Final Smash. They all get out, have a battle, but end up falling down the cliff.)

Wolf: "Haha! By by!"

Narrator! "No! No, don't cut me off! I need to know what happens! Ugh, tune in next time!"

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