The SSB Show Episode 16
This is the sixteenth episode of The Super Smash Bros. Show, which starts up two days after the last episode.

TV Description: After traveling two days in the jungle, Red gets into the City, and has to pick between three starter Pokemon.



Narrator: "Welcome back to The Super Smash Bros. Show! After a two-day travel through the jungle, we rejoin Red in his little journey to get his Pokemon."

(Red is walking down a path, through the jungle, when he finds the opening to a city! He walks in, and runs into a little boy.)

Red: "Hello little boy! Who are you?"

Lucas: "My name is Lucas! Welcome to Onnet! And you are?"

Red: "My name is Red."

Lucas: "Red? That's a strange name for someone. It's more like the name of a pet, or a fruit, or, or, or a color!"

Red: "I don't choose what my parents name me! If I did, my name would be Gold, or Brendan!"

Lucas: "Well, it was still very nice to meet you! What are you doing here in Onnet?"

Red: "This Professor, named Professor Oak, decided to go on vacation to this city! He heard that I wanted a Starter Pokemon, and so he said to either wait until his vacation is done, or to just come now. So here I am!"

Lucas: "Here you are indeed! I remember someone who sounded like a tree, but looked like a fat, old, dude! I think that might be Professor Oak, the one you were talking about! Follow me!"

(Red & Lucas wander the city until they get to a hotel. They knock on the door.)

???: "Come in!"

(They open it, and go inside. Professor Oak is sitting in the coach, watching TV.)

Professor Oak: "Hey guys! I'm so glad you two could make it!"

(He get's up, and shakes both of their hands.)

Professor Oak: "So, you're Red, right?"

Red: "Yes."

Professor Oak: "Well then, come take your pick! Which Starter do you want?"

Red: "I'll take the Squirtle."

Professor Oak: "Are you sure? I mean, Charamander would be a better choice, in my opinion."

Lucas: "I think Bulbasaur looks even cooler!"

Red: "It's not about which one is cooler. It's about your likes, and how strong he is, etc. etc. Also, I think the Squirlte would be a better choice."

Proffesor Oak: "Ok then! Do you want to give it a name?"

Red: "Yes. I'll name it Squirtle!"

Lucas & Professor Oak: "Uh..."

Professor Oak: "Ok then. If you insist!"

Narrator: "This movie is really good! Oh. It's back on my now, is it? Ok then, let me put down my popcorn real quick. Well, that raps up this episode! But wait: will Red be a good trainer? Will Lucas get a Pokemon, too? Why didn't Red choose Bulbasaur or Charamander? Well, I guess we'll find out next time on The Super Smash Bros. Show! Now, back to my popcorn."

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