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The SSB Show Episode 15
The fifteenth episode of The Super Smash Bros. Show! In this episode, we finaly get off of Sonic, Toon Link, etc.'s Story.

TV Description: When Marth & Meta Knight make it back to the Castle, The whole kingdom is under attack! Can they stop this maddness?



Narrator: "Welcome back to a, for once, very peaceful episode!"

(The scene changes to show an army of Primids attacking Castle Siege.)

Narrator: "Ops. Spoke too soon. But where are our strong and mighty warriors?"

(The scene changes once again to show a forest. Marth & Meta Knight are walking down a path in the forest.)

Marth: "Ugh! This is taking forever! Something bad could be happening to my kingdom right now!"

Narrator: ""Ah, here they are. Still trying to find they're way back. Let's listen, especially since my talking is covering up most of they're conversation."

Meta Knight: " there right now if it weren't for you!"

Marth: "Me?!? It was you who gave us a detour, trying to find out what was in that ship, and your plan to run in the opposite direction we were heading!"

Meta Knight: "Well then, I'm sorry I don't keep a compus in my pocket every second of my life!"

Marth: "What type of Moron doesn't!"

Meta Knight: "So you're saying that you have one with you right now?!?!?"

(They walk in silence for a little while.)

Marth: "Maybe."

Meta Knight: "Can I please see it?"

Marth (Startled): "No. Why?"

Meta Knight: "Because I want to believe you."

Marth: "Ok then. Let's see."

(Marth checks his pockets, the drops a small rock to the ground behind them.)

Marth: "Ah, man. I dropped it!"

Meta Knight: "That was a rock. Face it, you don't have one, do you?"

Marth: "Oh shut up, you don't either!"

Meta Knight: "Then why did you make a big deal out of it?"

(They walk further in silence, then hear canons, gunshots, etc. in the distance.)

Marth: "Huh?"

(They stop in their tracks, and listen further. The hear a rock structure fall apart.)

Marth: "NO!"

(Marth runs ahead, without Meta Knight.)

Meta Knight: "Hey! Wait for me!"

Marth: "No! This can't be happening!"

(Marth & Meta Knight run out into the clearing. They see a bunch of Primids destroying everything. Lot's of people are out fighting for their lives.)

Marth: "Stop!"

(Marth & Meta Knight joining the battle. Once the Primids are gone, everyone turns and leaves, except for Marth & Meta Knight.)

Meta Knight: "Who needs a compus now?"

Marth: "Oh, be quit!"

(They look at what happened.)

Marth: "We need Ike back. This is a total disaster that you started, and are helping me finish!"

Meta Knight: "What did I do?"

Marth: "You brought the Halberd here, created the army, and started attacking!"

Meta Knight: "I told you, that was not me!"

Marth: "Well, we need Ike back, but at the same time, we need two worthy people to stay here and gaurd."

Meta Knight: "I will stay here then. But who will go?"

???: "I'll go."

(Marth & Meta Knight turn around to see Pokemon Trainer, standing there.)

Marth: Who are you?"

Red: "I'm Red, a Pokemon Trainer. I was heading into the city to get my Starter Pokemon, when I overheard you guys talking. Since I have a heart of gold, I guess I could help you find your friend."

Meta Knight: "Really?"

Red: "Absolutely! I just need a pic of him."

(Marth pulls out a photo of him and Ike, clearly from the day the two were departed.)

Marth: "That's him."

Red: "Let me see."

(Marth hands it over to Red, who pulls out a red marker, and starts drawing on it.)

Marth: "What are you doing?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

Red: "Circling Ike to remember which is which. Well, I'm off. See ya!"

(Red turns, puts the pic in his backpack, and walks away.)

Ancient Minister: "I wouldn't count on living, boy. While me and him are having some fun, I'll send another army to get back my Meta Knight! Everything is going as planed! Mwahahahahaha!"

Narrator: "Now that the war has been won, What will happen next? Will Red find Ike? Will Meta Knight & Marth be able to protect the kingdom? Who is Ancient Minister, and will he get Red, Meta Knight, & Ike? We will find out, next time on The Super Smash Bros. Show!"

Other Info

  • This Episode was originally called "A War needed Won." It was renamed "The End of the War", and was finally named "The Primid Apocolypse".
    • But it was named "The Primid War" in the PAL Regions.

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