The SSB Show Episode 14
The Fourteenth Episode of The Super Smash Bros. Show! In this episode, it finally catches up.

TV Description: As Sonic and the Gang find Toon Link, Link finds a diffrent island.



Narrator: "Welcome back to The Super Smash Bros. Show! We join Sonic, Samus, and Jigglypuff as they search for Toon Link, who's looking for them too."

Sonic: "Guys, come on!  I think he's around this corner!"

Samus: "I hope we don't get lost because of this. I need to get back to my ship, which should be around here somewhere."

Jigglypuff: "Jiggly!"

Sonic: "Really? Where?"

Jigglypuff: "Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff."

Sonic: "Ok!"

Samus: "What did he say?"

Sonic: "He says he should be around the cornor. Hey! Let's sneak up on him, and scare the heck outta him!"

Samus: "Ok."

Jigglypuff: "Jiggly!"

(They walk around the cornor, and see Toon Link looking for something in the bushes. The three sneak up on him, and Sonic counts down on his fingers from three.)

Sonic, Samus, & Jigglypuff: "Surprise!!!" "Jiggly!"

Toon Link: "Huh?"

(He turns around fast, and unsheaths his sword. He starts to grin a smile.)

Toon Link: "Hey Sonic! He Jigglypuff! Why did ya run off!"

Jigglypuff: "Jiggly, Jiggly, Jigglypuff!"

Sonic: "He says it's because he expected you to follow him, but he's guessing he went too fast. I ran off without thinking, or remembering that you're not that fast."

Toon Link: "Well, that makes me feel better."

(They here a roar in the distance.)

Samus: "We better move!"

Toon Link: "There's an island not too far from here, that we can get to in a jiffy."

Samus: "Lead the way."

Sonic: "Quickly! I think he's gaining!"

Toon Link: "Who?"

Sonic & Samus: "We'll tell you on the way!"

(The three run to shore, hop on Toon Links boat, and they get away safely.)

Narrator: "Glad that turned out safley! But what surprises await them on the island? Let's find out."

(The scene chages. Link is wandering down the beach.)

Link: "I need to get off this island! The Master Sword deffaintly here! Where is it?"

(He soon runs into this small-looking kingdom. He sees Pit walk out, followed by Yoshi & Pikachu."

Link: "Hu?"

Pit: "Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi."

Pikachu: "Pikachu."

Link: "wait, what? Who are you guys?"

Pit: "Oh, I'm Pit. And this is Yoshi & Pikachu."

Link: "Nice to meet ya guys!"

Yoshi: "Yoshi! Bla!"

(Yoshi eats some berry in the disstance, and Link scratches his head.)

Narrator: "Well, what will happen next? Will Toon Link & the Others escape Ridley's Rath? Will Samus ever find her Ship? What was Link looking for? These and more will be awnserd next time."

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