The SSB Show Episode 13
The thirteenth episode of The Super Smash Bros. Show, where we find out how Toon Link got to the present.

TV Description: As Toon Link looks for Sonic, he thinks back to when he found a magical and mysterious creature that brings him to the future.



Narrator: "Welcome back after a long, yet peaceful, break from The Super Smash Bros. Show! We rejoin Toon Link as he tries to find the hedgehog."

Toon Link: "Great. Someone else who ditches me. First Jigglypuff, now Sonic. I'm starting to think I have no friends."

(Toon Link starts searching for Sonic again.)

Toon Link: "Man, the day I found Jigglypuff was so weird. I didn't know he could teleport!"

(As Toon Link starts to think more about it, a flashback starts.)

Toon Link: "What ever happened to my boat? Oh, I hope the pirates didn't take it again!"

(Toon Link starts to look for his boat. He sees it floating into a cave with a strange creature on it.)

???: "Jigily! He he he!"

Toon Link: "Hey! Get back here with my boat, you filthy, thing!"

(He dashes into the cave to get his boat, and sees that it stopped by a rock. The weird creature was looking at a weird wand thing.)

Toon Link: "What is that?"

???: "Jiggly!"

(Toon Link picks it up, and is filled with courage. He feels like he can do anything.)

Toon Link: "Whoa! This thing seems pretty powerful, don't you think?"

???: "Jigglypuff."

Toon Link: "What?"

(Toon Link falls asleep.)

???: "Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff."

(Everything goes black. The scene re-opens up on a beach with some docks, like the one Toon Link meets Sonic at. He wakes up, and the creature is watching him.)

Toon Link: "What are you?"

???: "Jigly Jigly Jiglypuff!"

Toon Link: "You say that alot. I'll call you Jigglypuff."

Jigglypuff: "Jigly!"

Toon Link: "Hey, where are you going?"

(Jigglypuff starts to wander off. Toon Link follows.)

Toon Link: "Hey! Wait up!"

(Jigglypuff walks around the corner and dissapears. Sad, Toon Link walks back to his boat. Out of boredom, he starts to clean it.)

???: "Hey kid! Can I use your boat?"

(The flashback ends.)

Toon Link: "That's when I met Sonic. I wonder where he is now."

(The scene changes to the inside of a factory. Sonic and Samus are running down the hall, running from a bunch of R.O.Bs.)

Sonic: "Samus, come on! I think I see the exit!"

Samus: "I'm running as fast as I can!"

(They run out of the factory, and strait into a strange creature. It's the same creature Toon Link calls Jigglypuff.)

Sonic: "Hey buddy, are you lost?"

Jigglypuff: "Jigglypuff!"

Sonic: "Uhu."

Jigglypuff: "Jiggly, Jiggly, Jigglypuff. Jiggly Jiggly."

Sonic: "Really?"

Jigglypuff: "Jigglypuff!"

Samus: "You can understand this creature?"

Sonic: "Well, yea. I'm a hedgehog, so I can understand all types of creatures. This is a Jiglypuff. He's looking for Toon Link, and I'm going to help him. He says they're friends, and I'm his friend too. I ran off without him, and without thinking. Come on!"

Samus: "Wait, who's Toon Link?"

Narrator: "Well, saddly, that raps up this episode! But there are still some questions that need answering. Where did Jigglypuff come from? What was that weird wand Toon Link picked up? Did Jigglypuff really teleport them, or did it do more? Will they ever meet up with Toon Link again? These questions and more will be answered next time! See ya!"

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