Welcome to the 12th Episode of The Super Smash Bros. Show
The SSB Show Episode 12

TV Description: When Samus' Power Suit goes missing, she goes into the factory to get it back, but makes some un-expected friends.



Narrator: "Welcome back to The Super Smash Bros. Show! Today we will visit the factory from the Island in the Sky!"

Samus: "Where did they take it? I need to find it! The world could be at stake!"

(She starts looking in different rooms for her suit, while destroying R.O.Bs. Then, after a while, she hears someone screaming in pain in another room.)

???: "Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!"

Samus: "Who is that?"

(She runs into another room, and sees a conveyer belt, with a blue hedgehog running on it. There is lava in front of it, and a tank filled with sharks behind him. There are wide and deep pit on the sides, and a ray gun pointed at the hedgehog's back. There are wires connected to the conveyer belt, and are linked to a floating capsule above the whole contraption with Samus' Power Suit inside.)

Samus: "What? Who are you? Why are you here?"

Sonic: "I'm Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog! And I'm here because I'm gullible. I thought he was Eggman. Turns out it was Bowser and his stupid robots!"

Samus: "Wait. Bowser has robots?"

Sonic: "Yea. He even has some giant dragon, or something."

Samus: "A giant dragon?"

Sonic: "Or something."

Samus: "That sounds like Ridley! What else do you know?!?"

Sonic: "Not to come any closer 'cause there's a..."

(An alarm goes off, and they here a loud screech. Ridley comes flying out of a pit, and makes another screech."

Sonic: "...trip wire."

(Ridley grabs for Samus, but she jumps out of the way. She jumps off Sonic's head, then off the laser behind him, which went spinning around, while firing. Sonic jumps off of it, then off of Samus, then does a Homing Attack on the capsule with the Power Suit in it.)

Sonic: "Lady! Catch!"

(Sonic tosses it to her, then she puts it on.)

Samus: "Thanks!"

(They fight Ridley together, then he falls down into the pit.)

Samus: "By the way, my name is Samus."

Sonic: "Nice to meet you, Samus. Thanks for helping me!"

Samus: "No problem. Now let's get out of here before Bowser finds out!"

Narrator: "Now that the hedgehog's been found, we all have more questions. Will Toon Link ever find them? Will they ever get out of the factory? Since Ridley can fly, will he be able to fly out of there alive? We will find out next time on The Super Smash Bros. Show!