The SSB Show Episode 11
The eleventh episode of The Super Smash Bros. Show! Here we have Sonic join the Brawl!

TV Description: As the Blue Blurr finds the Airship, he thinks Eggman's up to no good, so he tries to take it down.



Narrator: "We return to the World of Trophies! We see the show's best character durring his little vacation in Green Hill Zone. He looks a little peaceful, don't you think?"

Sonic: "Ahhhh. This feels good. The world finaly has peace. Hu? What was that?"

(As Sonic jumps up, he sees the Halberd crash into a mountain, far, far away. He sees the Airship start to fly out from behind the mountain.)

Sonic: "Is that Eggman? Oh no, what's he up to now? Guess I better follow him and find out!"

(Sonic runs off, thinking it's Eggman, and heads toward the mountain. He sees the Airship start to cross over the sea. Sonic looks around, and sees a dock with a boat and little kid next to it, washing it off.)

Sonic: "Hey kid! Can I use your boat?"

Toon Link: "Sure! By the way, I'm Toon Link, and you are?"

Sonic: "I'm Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog!"

Toon Link: "Great! Now, get on board! We're going on a little cruise! Where do you wanna go?"

Sonic: "No place in paticuler, just, FOLLOW THAT FLYING SHIP!"

Toon Link: "Ok, you don't have to scream it!"

Sonic: "Hey! Say it, not spray it!"

Toon Link: "That wasn't me! It came from the ocean!"

Sonic: "Yea right."

(When Sonic says that, a wave splashes out of the sea, and hits him. Toon Link starts laughing, and Sonic grunts.)

Toon Link: "Sorry, I couldn't help myself"

Sonic: "Let's stop messing around and catch up to that ship!"

Toon Link: "Ok!"

(Time passes, and they are out on the sea. Toon Link is fishing while Sonic is pasing back and forth.)

Sonic: "Oh, this is hopless! I'll never catch up with him!"

Toon Link: "It's not that bad! Besides, who do you even need to catch up with anyways?"

Sonic: "Eggman. I know he's up to no good, like usual."

Toon Link: "And how do you know this?"

Sonic: "For two reasons. One, he's always up to no good. That's a fact. And two..."

(The ship crashes into an island, interupting Sonic's sentence.)

Toon Link: "What happened here? There's no land out here! I know these seas by heart , and there's no islands for miles from here! How is this possible?!?"

Sonic: "I don't know. But I know this island by heart, it's the Angel Island! It fell from the sky somehow. This must be the work of Eggman, just like how he made that ship crash into the mountain!"

Toon Link: "Sonic! Come back!"

(Sonic runs off at super speed, and Toon Link tries to catch up. Lost, he tries to look for Sonic.)

Narrator: "What a delightful cruise! But here are my questions. Was that really Eggman, or was it Bowser? How did the Angel Island fall from the skies? And what made it? Will Toon Link ever find Sonic? All those questions will be awnserd next time on The Super Smash Bros. Show! See ya latter!

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