The SSB Show Episode 10
This is episode 10 of The Super Smash Bros. Show, where we finally find out what happened to Pit.

TV Description: As Pit starts to go kill-crazy for waiting forever for someone to talk to, he starts to understand the language of the Yoshis, as he gets crowned king.



Narrator: "We now return to the most interesting of things, The Super Smash Bros. Show! We return back to Yoshi's Island after a long vacation."

Pit: "How long am I going to stay on this stupid island!"

(Yoshi and Pikachu is coming back with some fruit.)

Yoshi: "Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi!"

Pikachu: "Pika, Pika!"

Pit: "Oh no."

Pikachu: "Pika Pika Pika Pika!"

Pit: "Ugh..."

Yoshi: "Yoshi! Bla!"

(They all start eating the fruit, and afterwards, Pit has a walk around the beach.)

Yoshi: "Yoshi Yoshi?"

Pit: "Stop saying that!"

Yoshi: "Yoshi."

Pit: "Fine! Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Yoshi: "Did you just call me the fattest butt ever?!?"

Pit: "What? Oh, I see. You're finally speaking English."

Yoshi: "No. Your speaking my language. With that ability, you can talk to anything that doesn't speak Humanish."

Pit: "Is that really what you guys call our language?"

Yoshi: "Yep."

Pikachu: "Hey! What's going on over here?"

Yoshi: "Nothing really. The human is just finally speaking our language."

Pikachu: "Whoa..."

Pit: "I know, right? Even I'm impressed!"

Yoshi: "You know, we Yoshis really like you, and we wanted to crown you king, but we could'nt because you speak humanish, the language of humans."

Pit: "Can you please stop saying that? But still, does that mean I can become king now?"

Yoshi: "No. Not a bit. You have to talk to our current king."

Pit: "Ok. Where is he?"

Yoshi: "I don't know, maybe in the BIG AND AWESOME CASTLE OVER THERE!"

Pit: "Oh. Ok then, I'm off!"

(Pit walks into the castle, and finds the throne room. The king is sitting in the throne, waiting for him.)

Pit: "Hello? Mr. King? I was wondering, since I can speak you're language, if I can now become king like promised?"

King Yoshi: "Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi?"

Pit: "Oh, right. I forgot. Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi, Yo Yoshi."

King Yoshi: "Oh, you wern't kidding. Meet me outside the castle in one hour."

(An hour passes, and  huge meeting is being held outside the castle.)

King Yoshi: "I would like to present... Uh, what was his name again? Pit! I would like to present Pit with the crown of kings! Congrats, Pit! Your our new king!"

Yoshis: "Yay! Wooooooo! YA! Your my favorite, Pit! (Other cheering noises)

Pit: "Thanks! I'm so proud!"

Narrator: "Looks like Pit got the royal treatment he deserved. But what will happen next? Will they get off the island? Do they meet someone new? What do you think happens to King Yoshi? Find ou next time on The Super Smash Bros. Show!

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