The First Episode of The Super Smash Bros. Show, and introduces most of the important characters.
The SSB Show Episode 1

TV Description:Welcome to the World of Trophies, where they come to life, go on adventures, and FIGHT!



Narrator: "Welcome! Welcome! Welcome all to the World of Trophies! Here, the Master Hand takes all of the trophies, and gice them the gift, of Life! And they all thank him for this. And they are all very, very, happy. They like to have tournaments though. One day, during a battle of Mario against Kirby..."

(The scene then opens up to a battlefield, floating up high in the sky (Like in Brawl))

Peach: "Hello Happy Citizens of the Trophy World! It is I, your princess, along with my sister..."

Zelda: "Zelda! Today, we have a battle of Mario vs. Kirby, then Pit vs. Yoshi. Then..."

Peach: "The winner of those two will face off to see who is the best!"

(Mario & Kirby go & shake hands)

Mario: "Good luck, Kirby!! You're going to need it!"

Kirby: "K, k!"

Peach & Zelda: "Go!"

(Mario & Kirby start to fight, it's a pretty tough battle, until Kirby inhales Mario, and uses his fire power. The two then shake hands. Everyone starts to cheer.)

Mario: "Good game, Kirby! I'll have to give you a remach some time."

Kirby: "Yah!"

Pit: "You ready, Yoshi?"

Yoshi: "Yoshi!"

Pit: "What is that supposed to mean?"

Yoshi: "Yoshi! Yoshi!"

Pit: "Oh, whatever, you silly little dinosaur!"

Yoshi: "Yoshi!"

Narrator: "A great day in Trophy World! But that was about to change, when..."

(Bowser then comes with his airship, and attacks the stadium, with Bob-Ombs & Bullet Bills. King Bob-Omb then drops in on the stadium with Anceint Minister.)

Mario: "King Bob-Omb? I thought I blew him up forever ago! Kirby! Help me in doing it again!"

Kirby: "K, k!"

(King Bob-Omb kidnaps the two princesses, and gives them to Anceint Minister, who goes and brings them to Bowser, and a Bob-Omb lands near the lobby, & blows it up.)

(King-Bob-Omb is defeated, but is turned into a Subspace Bomb. Two Robots come, and open it, starting the timer.)

Mario: "Kirby! Warp Star please!"

(The two escape just in time, as the Subspace Bomb exploes.)

Narrator: "Now the Questions remain. Where did Pit & Yoshi go? Where did the Warp Star take Mario & Kirby? What did Bowser want with the two princesses? How are Peach & Zelda sisters if they look nothing alike? Find out, next time on the Super Smash Bros. Show. Exept for the last question. That one is never awnsered."

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