The Super Mario Movie is the first installment in The Gaming Cinimatic Universe.


When the film begins, the camera focuses on a destroyed castle. This castle belonged to King Koopa, a giant evil king who tried to take over the Mushroom Kingdom 1000 years ago. However, a brave man named Jumpman defeated and banished him to who-knows-where, and he was never seen...until now. Suddenly, the doors of the crumbled Castle slamed open, and standing there was the Koopa King himself, Bowser. He looked around, said to himself "Home sweet home.", and started laughing. It was time for his revenge.

Meanwhile, in the Mushroom Kingdom, two men where standing in front of the home of the princess. These two where Mario and Luigi, expert Plumbers and childhood freinds of the Princess. After Mario says how long it's been since they last met, they knock on the door, waiting to be let in. Instead of the Princess greating them, however, they instead where greated by the former king, Toadsworth. He lets the two in and tells them that the pipes are broken and they need it to be fixed. Mario and Luigi are then lead to the basement, and are told to take care of it.

After a while, the pipes are fixed. But when the two bros thought they where done, one of the pipes start to shake. To there shock, a badly beaten Toad pops out, muttering, "H-he's c-c-coming..." Luigi asks who's "coming", and the Toad replies "B-bowser's coming".



  • Mario Jumpman: The great-great-grandson of the legendary Jumpman, Mario was a expert plumber. He is brothers with Luigi.
  • Luigi Jumpman: Mario's twin bro, Luigi is the more carefull of the two, and cares deeply about Mario.
  • Jumpman: The great-great-grandfather of Mario and Luigi, he was the protector of the Mushroom Kingdom for over 50 years.
  • Leo Toadsworth: The cousin of King Toadsworth, he is the leader of the Toad army, and is usually all buisness and no slack.
  • King Toadsworth: The former King of the Mushroom Kingdom and the adoptive parent of Princess Peach.
  • Peach: TBA
  • Bowser: TBA
  • The Koopa Troop: TBA




Due to the sucsess of the movie, there are 2 planned sequle's: Super Mario Movie 2: Subbcon, and Super Mario Movie 3: Galaxy. It was also confermed to be part of the Gaming Cinimatic Universe, and is the first film in the saga.


The Super Mario Movie had mostly positive reviews. Rotten Tomato's gave it a 81 out of 100, claming it's not only very source loyal, but also WAY better than the old movie.

IGN gave it a 7.5/10, loving it's deep backstory and likeable characters, but complaned that some of the jokes where a bit dull.

It was also a hit in the box office, gaining $19,000,000 in the first week of it in theaters.


  • The Super Mario Movie was one of the biggest Box Office hits of 2018.
  • Wario and Waluigi where going to have bigger roles at first, trying to bring the Mario Bro's to Bowser, but due to issues with Nintendo, they where reduced to cameos.
  • The tagline, "This ain't no Game, Boy" was a play-on word of the Nintendo Console, the Game-Boy.