This page shows the whole transcript of the upcoming Subspace Emissary movie. The transcript can be found here: The Transcript

Chapter 1: The World of Trophies

Universal Pictures - Intro Logo New Version (2013) HD00:26

Universal Pictures - Intro Logo New Version (2013) HD

The Universal Pictures Logo shown in the beginning

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Illumination Entertainment Logo

The Illumination Entertainment Logo

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Legendary Pictures Logo (2014) HD

The Legendary Pictures Logo

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Nintendo logo

The Nintendo Logo

Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment present

(screen changes to a sea of clouds)

In association with Nintendo

A Colin Trevorrow Movie

(The logo of the Movie is shown)

(screen changes to a floating stadium)


As Peach and Zelda talk, the announcer continues to speak in the background.

Peach: (stretching) Ah, there's nothing like watching a match after a hard day's work.

Zelda: (chuckling) Only, you've never done a hard day's work, Peach.

Peach: (shocked and annoyed) Hey!

Announcer: (over the loudspeaker) UP FIRST, IN THE BLUE CORNER, REPRESENTING THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM, A SIMPLE YET VALIANT PLUMBER, MR. VIDEO GAME HIMSELF, MARIO! (a trophy of Mario appears from the sky and lands on the ground, becoming Mario).

Peach: (with joy) Yeah, Mario is in!

Announcer: (over the loudspeaker) And his opponent, in the red corner, representing Dream Land, comes Kirby! (a trophy of Kirby appears from the sky and lands on the ground, just like with Mario) (the crowd goes wild) Without further ado, let's get this match underway!

Chapter 2: Assault on the Stadium

(meanwhile, Pit relaxes in a whirlpool, listening the battle per radio)

Pit: Haha! Yes! That's what I'm talking about!

Announcer: (from the radio) ...and a left in the eye, a kick to the ankles, a right in the nose, a fireball, a... random wood hammer? Anyway, what a fight! Neither one of these heroes is giving in at all!

After the battle, Mario and Kirby wave to the crowd.

Announcer: (from the loudspeaker) Let's hear it, folks! What a Match!

Mario stops waving, notices something behind him.

Mario: Hmm?

The Battleship Halberd appears, followed by red clouds, scattering Shadow Bugs all through the arena, forming into Primids.

Peach: (gasp) Oh, no. It looks like they're in trouble!

Zelda: Oh, you think?

Zelda runs over to the railing, jumps, and teleports with Farore's Wind. Peach follows her with her Parasol.

Zelda: Looks likeyou'll get to do a hard day's work, after all, Peach. (takes her rapier sword out)

Peach: (slightly aggravated) Zelda...?

Kirby: (excitedly) Poyo, Poyo!

Mario: Not now, Kirby, we have got a job to do!

Mario jumps over primids, causing to flatten. Zelda uses her rapier and slashes through the crowd of newcoming primids, while Peach picks up his friend, Toad, to stun the enemies with Toad Spores.

Peach: Hey, intruders, want some taste of Toad Spores?


Zelda: (wiping her hands) Well, that's the last of them.

Peach: (points toward the sky) Mario, Kirby, Zelda. Look.

The four saw a mysterious being revealing to be the Ancient Minister dropping a Subspace Bomb.

Mario: IT'S A BOMB!, Run!

Mario runs over to try and defuse it.

Announcer: Uh-oh. It looks like the rest of today's events will have to be postponed for now. Ladies and gentlemen, please leave the stadium in an orderly fashion.

Suddenly, a cannonball flies out of nowhere and hits Mario.

Mario: Ouch! (flies from the stadium screaming)

Kirby watches Mario fly away and disappear.

Chapter 3: First Signs of Subspace

Kirby: (in awe) Ooohh..

Zelda: (to Kirby) Mario has been blasted away. Can you disarm the bomb for us?

Kirby runs to the Subspace Bomb, trying to defuse it, but suddenly, Wario appears, armed with a Dark Cannon, aiming at Kirby and Zelda.

Wario: Well, hello there. You're just in time to be my latest prize.

Zelda takes out her rapier again and points toward Wario.

Zelda: You'll never take me alive, Wario!

Wario looks out the corner and sees Peach, sitting and thinking about Mario.

Wario: Terms, accepted, Princess Zelda. Hehehe.

Wario aims the Dark Cannon to Peach.

Zelda: Peach, run away!

Peach: Huh, what!?, Oh, no!

Zelda looks on helplessly as Wario fires a black arrow-shaped bolt to Peach, turning her into a trophy. After that, Wario picks it up.

Wario: You two got lucky this time, but don't worry; I'll see you again very soon. Have a rotten day. Bahahahahaha!

Wario leaves with a waft. Kirby and Zelda trying to chase him, but it failed. But Kirby is noticing tht at the Subspace Bomb is about to explode, he stops, gesturing wildly at Zelda.

Kirby: (alarmed) Poyo, Poyo!

Zelda: Oh my goodness! I told you to disarm that bomb, but you don't defuse it.

Kirby summons a Warp Star, signaling Zelda to enter.

Kirby: Poyo!

Zelda: Right you are!

The two leave the stadium, right before the Subspace Bomb had exploded.

Returning to Pit, who stands at the throne of Lady Palutena.

Pit: All those poor, innocent souls lost... There's got to be something I can do about this.

Palutena: (to Pit). I know what are you talking about. And indeed there is, brave captain of Light.

Palutena summons and forges Pit's bow and gives the tool to him.

Palutena: Descend unto the mortal realm and rid the world of this great evil. And fear not, for you will have many allies to aid you in your task.

Pit: By your word.

Pit hurriedly races to the door, leaving the temple. He spreads his arms and wings outward and gracefully begins his descent through the skies. He then lands on a plateau and surveys the clouds around him. He suddenly notices the Halberd breaking through the clouds  and dropping Shadow Bugs that form into Primids.

Pit: Alright. Now that I can see you things with my own eyes, wo or what are you?

The Primids don't respond, instead slowly advancing toward Pit.

Pit: Oh, not in the mood of talk, eh?

He breaks his bow into a pair of short swords and prepares for battle.

Pit: Okay, the fight is on!

The primids start to prepare their weapons and charge toward Pit, but Pit defeats them with a single spin of his swords. Then, he takes out his Upperdash Arm.

Pit: Take that, intruders!

The hit of his Upperdash Arm was so devastating that all of the primids are defeated with a single punch. Then, Pit wipes his brow with the back of his hand, and then notices a trophy in one of the clouds nearby.

Pit: I wonder who that is...

He flutters to the trophy and touches the base, prompting it to change back to Mario.

Mario: (moaning and shaking his head) Oh...Mamma mia. What happened?

Pit: Don't you remember?

Mario: Well, I had just fought in a match against-a Kirby - just a friendly competition, nothing fancy - and then-a the Battleship Halberd flew over the stadium and-a started dropping, dark, purple pixels everywhere. Then this thing, this "ancient minister", flew down-a and dropped a Subspace Bomb onto the stadium. I ran over to-a try to defuse it, bur then-a this cannonball appeared out of-a nowhere and blew me out-a. And-a the-a next thing I knew, I was here.

Pit: Those "dark, purple pixels" are called Shadow Bugs. I don't know where they came from or why they're here, but we've got to do something about it before all is lost. Will you join me?

Mario: Of course-a.

Mario runs off and starts hopping from plateau to plateau. Pit follows him in the air, until they arrived at a cliff where they spot the Halberd in the distance.

Mario: Hey, that's-a the Battleship Halberd.

Pit: You've seen that before?

Mario: Of course-a. It dropped a whole bunch of-a those Shadow Bugs on that stadium I told you about.

Suddenly, an Arwing flies by. Mario and Pit look on as it comes close to Halberd.

Pit: Whoever's flying that Arwing must have a death wish if he thinks he can combat the Halberd. I pray to Palutena that he knows what he's doing...


Zelda and Kirby are flying high in the sky on a Warp Star when Zelda notices that the Halberd is gaining to them.

Zelda: Hurry, Kirby. That ship is about to-

The Halberd crashes into Warp Star, knocking Kirby and Zelda off. They land on the Halberd's deck and notice an Arwing flying by. The Halberd's anti-aircraft guns open fire on the Arwing but fail to hit it. Suddenly, a giant mechanical arm rockets out and strikes the Arwing, causing it to spiral out of control. It passes just over Kirby and Zelda as it falls, blowing them overboard.

Chapter 4: Kong

Chapter 5: Of Gods and Men

Chapter 6: A New Ally

Chapter 7: The Brother I Never Had

Chapter 8: Live by the Sword

Chapter 9: Grand Theft Brawl

Chapter 10: In Unlikely Places

Chapter 11: Powerless

Chapter 12: Roadside Rumble

Chapter 13: An Eye for an Eye

Chapter 14: Whatever It Takes

Chapter 15: The Power behind the Subspace

Chapter 16: The Easy Way or the Hard Way

Chapter 17: Getting Tanked

Chapter 18: RIP ROB

Chapter 19: Another New Ally

Chapter 20: Power Up

Chapter 21: To the Rescue

Chapter 22: Mountain Mayhem

Chapter 23: Reclaiming the Halberd

Chapter 24: Escape from the Island

Chapter 25: Into Subspace

Chapter 26: Rally the Smashers, Part 1

Chapter 27: Rally the Smashers, Part 2

Chapter 28: The Final Battle

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