This is a Fanon RPG Battle game for invites only!!! If you want to play talk to VideoGameBlogger!!! He created this game and is the only one Entitled to invite!!! P.S. This Fanon page is not finished yet.

                       Sincerely, VideoGameBlogger A.K.A. Nintendo_User

Fantendo Emissary Logo

The Fantendo The Subspace Emissary: RPG Battle Offical Logo

You can sign up at the bottom of the page, if you aren't invited to play and you want to, you can contact me at if you got any questions or any comments go to my talk page.

Story Mode: Fight for the final battle to beat Tabuu with this RPG battle. Fight other kingdom's in another world or country to see who will make it to The Final Battle before you. Pick your side and fight to the finish, conquer countries, go through difficult puzzles, and many more if you join this first installment in this RPG Battle. You can sign up through June 4th, 2014 to August 16th, 2014.

Country's and Worlds:

Nintendo Land (Nintendo)

Rare (Rare)

Sega World (Sega)

Microsoft World (Microsoft)

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