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A boy from school who went to outer space, explore other planets, and kicking some aliens butts to save the universe? Now that was one Strangest life a boy would have.
The Back of the Boxart's tagline.


The Strange Life of a SchoolBoy


Developer(s) Iceboys12co., Konami, Nintendo
Publisher(s) Iceboys12co.
Platform(s) Nintendo Gamecube, Playstation 2

Wii, PlayStation 3 (remake)

Release Date(s)
March 5th 2004

March 5th 2011 (Remake)

1-player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
T - for Teen
Genre(s) Action, Adventure, RPG
Media Included GC disk, PS2 Disk
The Strange Life of a Schoolboy (男子生徒の奇妙な生活 Danshi seito no kimyōna seikatsu) is a role-playing sci-fi game made by Iceboys12co. It will be releashed in March 5, 2004 for the Nintendo Gamecube, and Playstation 2. The game is based on the anime movie with a same name, and the Plot revloves around a Schoolboy named Ujori Kasami having a big adventure around outer space related to Aliens, Espers, UFO, and etc. It was known for it's anime looks, fighting system, humors, and sci-fi feeling to it.

7 years later, Iceboys12co. rereleased/ported the game into the Wii, and Playstation 3 to celebrate the original game's 7th anniversary.



The game started in Toyko, Japan, in MaiKai High School, a smart but shy schoolboy named Ujori Kasami is popular in the school because he make straight A. Ujori is interested in Sci-fi stuff like Aliens, and UFOs. His life is normal... Until one day, after school, Ujori discovered a strange UFO landed at the field, there's a dying green alien in there.

The alien said that There's a realm named Ejoroka, the realm that look like a blue and green planet, almost like Earth and it's existed years ago. there were two rulers, Benare, and Juilan. They've bringing life all over the realm, and peace was everywhere there, but Ego, which is Benare's older brother, ruled in the dark side of the realm, and should've been asleep in the after-realm during the time, want destruction and chaos into Ejoroka and going to rule Ujori's Planet. 

The princess, Jeila, have been kidnapped, and he got defeated by Ego's men, and they tell him that he's going to die in 24 hours. Before the alien can speak more, he died, meaning his remaining time is up, and his green angel awaken from his dead body, with his cute childish face, green wings, green eyes, green hair, green skin, and a green bracelet around his hand, while leaving from Earth, he said that Ujori know what to do, and believe he is now the chosen one. While he knows that a planet is in danger, but Ujori don't know what the alien meant by "The Chosen One". What does that mean? There was a green ring in his finger, now he know what to do to save Ejoroka, and his home planet: Planet Earth. Ujori went into the UFO that is still working and went into the control panel and fly away, and that's where our story begins.

CHAPTER 1: (Ujori's Arrvial/ウジョリの到着)

Part 1: (The Realm known as "Ejoroka"/"えジョーロカ"として知られている惑星)

Ujori Kasami landed on the Planet Ejoroka, he find a human being lookalive, but it turns out it's a wise Ejorokin named Jak. Jak discovers that Ujori holds the emerald ring on his finger. He told him about that with that ring, he will causes thunder-based attacks to make him the chosen one, and told him that some of the kidnapped is in the location of the "Jo-Tower", and give him the normal sword and gun to train. After the training, the ejorokin give him the Light-Sword and Laser Gun. Ujori went to the Jo-Tower, and discovers an enter. After exploring, fighting enemies and rescuing the prisoners, He finds a Cat named Daze, who is following him, and discovers an exit on top of the Jo-Tower. They goes over there to get out, but is faced with evil guards and Devial, the most trusted and dangerous of Ego's minions. Devial was impressed that a human boy made it so far and is the one who will save some alien planet that he recently heard about. He then told them that Ego is nearly close to take over Ejoroka and he will not allow anyone to escape.The duo defeated them and falls far from the tower. However, when Ujori landed, he discovers that Devial disappeared. He also discovers that Daze is gone, and the other guards kidnapped him again and deciced to make him a slave so he can never escapes again. Ujori yell to him that he'll get him out when he get a chance.

Part 2: (The Rescue of the Ejorokin princess/を救出王女のえジョーロカ)

As Ujori saw that he's in the battlefield, and He need to go around to stop the battle. After defeating enemies, Ujori finds a crying Ejorokin girl, and she is named Jeila. At last, he found the princess, and get her out of there. Ujori discovered the light-yellow-colored ring on her finger, and ask what her ring do. She told him that she holding the ring that'll give her the power of light, she believed that Ego and his minions is capturing her because he sees the power of the ring as a threat, and he is going to make her his secret weapon to conquer Ejoroka, and recaptured Daze. She also told him that she trying to stop Ego and his ambitions as best as she could, but got kidnapped and gotten hurt. After all of this, she finds that he's the one who can save the planet. Ujori deciced that He and Jeila needs to escape the Battlefield, and found a large yeti-like Eagle, Jailbird. The team fights the monster, and with some effort, defeat him. Ujori notices Jeila's wounds can heal for some times, discovering that the Ejorokins have an healing factor. Jeila thanks Ujori for his bravery and knowledge and want to repay him by joining him and wanting to visit Earth.

Ujori Kasami becomes well-known. Over time, the townspeople grow to love the heroic Ujori, which makes Ego furious. He didn't captured Ujori yet, but he did captured Daze. But Daze manage to escapes, and Ego blamed the guards for not watching him. Devial entered the room, calming down Ego with a new diaboliable plan for his conquest.

Meanwhile, Jak told Ujori and Jeila that there's still trouble, and there's the 4 pieces of the S.O.S. Crystal are the only thing that can defeat Ego. They are gather from different realms, so Ujori and Jeila found that Daze escapes from the guards again, and Jak researched and fixed the UFO that Ujori is flying, and told Ujori and Daze that it's one of the special UFO that is more advanced and from great Ejorokin lines that was used with either ones worthy enough with the rings or special kinds of Ejorokins, including Jeila and her parents. Jak says that the UFO can also locates the S.O.S. Crystal shards in other planets and will communites the heroes in transmissions and help the UFO to locates the shards when he gathers enough infomations. They flew over to space, but starting with visiting Earth.

Side CHAPTER 1: (A Visit Back to Earth/地球に戻る)

Ujori, Jeila and Daze went back to Earth, to send time there and learn about it while Daze have to stay at Ujori's home with Ujori's little sister Miku. Ujori tells Jeila that he's a student in MaiKai High School and say that while he and she can get along nicely, he's not even sure how can she gonna fit with the other students since she's technially an alien. Ujori decide not to worry about it too much, because Ejorokins looks like humans, and seems to almost have the same culture as Earth. Jeila enters the school as a transfer student, and enter and seems to fit in pretty well despite being an Ejorokin and being too literally of her "extraordinary" behavior. Ujori is trying to get Jeila out of trouble due to her behavior and mannerisms and teach her the culture in Japan. Few days passed, mostly half the week, Ujori and Jeila went to the former's house after school, and hanged out. But then sometime later Jeila's phone alerts the group from Jak who tells them that he find the information and tells to get to the UFO immediately. The group agrees and went into their UFO.

Meanwhile Devial entered Ego's throneroom and reminded him that Ujori is traveling into one of the planets he will soon take over, and have Jeila along with him. Ego responds to this to telling him to send out his troops to find and stop him.

CHAPTER 2: (The Hunt for the S.O.S. Crystal pieces/狩りのために片のS.O.S.結晶)

Part 1: (The First Shard!/まずシャード!)

In The U.F.O., Transmission!Jak tells the trio that The first piece lies in Planet Snowrealms, a sub-zero mountain-like planet. He also give them informations about the planets and its inhabitants. They've eventually land on the planet and wandering around the planet and visit the village. The villagers there seem very nice, but they saying that the whole village was imprisoned by Madoma. In exchange for slaying the inposter king, the good king will give them the first shard.

The team ventures out to the Dragon's lair, to find many prisoners. The team found the dragon, and find that he is small like his minions. They fight the monster, and defeat him, and with the first piece, the dragon tranforms into a big powerful and even siniter-looking dragon which turns out that it was his true form. The dragon mentioned that he was cursed to become an small dragon and needed the shard to break his curse. Afterwards, The team fights the dragon and they defeat him with effort and get the first shard and free the prisoners. Ujori and his team save the prisoners and the good king let them go to Drryor, an ancient fire land and the other part of the Snowrealms.

Part 2: (The Strange Ghost Village/奇妙な幽霊村)

Transmission!Jak mentioned that Drryor is the red part arrounding Snowrealms is the fire land that is pretty rare for the Snowrealmers and congrautales the heroes for getting the first shard. The team flew to Drryor, and found Tekken, a powerful Dragon-Human-like Drroyain bounty hunter, and he told them that some of Ego's minions had landed here and when asked about a shard of the crystal, the shard is lie on the ghost land. Tekken agrees to enlist help to the heroes, but their rover is quickly destroyed after crossing above the apparent lava-river. The team went to the villages, and find the village is almost empty but some lava-monsters and fire-zombies. Ujori's team defeated the monsters and Ego's minions and ended up in a empy temple where they find a giant watchdog named MVK. When they defeat it, it turns into a holy-ghost, and got a another piece.

Tekken follows Ujori, Tekken told them that he need to go with them because he know Ego, and he's planned to take over Snowrealms too, but they got it undercontrol and they agreed to let Tekken join in for the help he did. They went back into the UFO and flew over to Planet Maxima. Jak congraulates them again, and agrees to transports the upgrades for the rings of Ujori's and Jeila's for more power and better defense.

CHAPTER 3: (When the planets collided/惑星が衝突したとき)

Part 1: (Migi, The Kidnapper!/ミギ、誘拐犯!)

The third shard is in the hands of the Migi, A evil Maximan, in the mountains. Ujori practices his ring's thunder powers and his skills in a training room in the UFO, while Jeila is researching the planet to see where the criminal is. When they reached there, There was mountains everywhere, and discovers the transmission from Migi, that with Ego commaned he have kidnapped the little human girl, and Ujori discovers that he kidnapped his little sister, Miku, is questioning and wondering that how did she got on Maxiam and how did they get her in the first place, while vowing to get a hand on Migi for kidnapping her. When the transmission ended, they found some more enemies and bunch of battleships. The UFO shoots them off and landed on a safe place. They went to the city, and visit the mayor. The mayor told that Migi had taken the third shard and robs everyone on the planet for Ego, and even told them that he had kidnapped people who could go against Ego's rule, that somehow making Ujori angry because he think that he's also includes Miku. Ujori calms down and tell the mayor they agreed to get the riches back.

When going through the mountains, he reached to the blue crystal cave, and find a giant, and defeated him, and find out that the giant is guarding Migi's lair. When they reached to the lair after fighting the giant, they found that Miku is tied up, and they have to fight Migi to recuses her and get the third shard. And they did, and recused Miku.  When Ujori about to shoot Migi with his laser gun, Miku manage to stop her older brother from doing something ruckless on him, making him hug her for being safe, and Jeila pick up her phone and talks the space police to arrest Migi, with Tekken reminding her that he's a bounty hunter. Miku grabs a blue ring that Migi dropped when he defeated, and Daze told her that blue ring can use Water-based attacks. They went back to the city and give the riches Migi stoled back and mayor congratulates the team. Miku asked to join Ujori and his team, despite her age they all agrees and flew over to Purplion.

Part 2: (Purplion, The Different part of Maxima/パープライオン、マキシマの未知の部分)

Jak manage to get back at the heroes, mentioned that Migi had malfunctioned his transmission prior to his arrest, and tell them in their last location for the crystal piece, but warns them that the creatures are going wild there. The final shard, rests in Purplion. As soon as they arrive, wild birds and animals attack the team. The villagers of the planet try to fight back to help the team, but they are overwhelmed. Having no time to help the villagers, The team will have to continue on to a cave on their own, where Daze is kidnapped and is about to be eaten by some evil unknown aliens. While in the cave, they spotted a Wolf-Bunny hyrid Kames, fighting the aliens and saving Daze, and then he join the team. Using their skills, they escape the labirynth and into a outside lair. However, no shard is to be seen. They then spot a The Alien-Owl hyrbid named Enijo holding it in interest. The team battles the strange creature and grab the fourth and final shard. The villagers awaken just in time to congratulate them for stopping the aliens. The team get back to the UFO and prepare to leave. Jak contracts them, finds that they have all the shards, and tell them to go back to Ejoroka as quick as possible

CHAPTER 4:(Savior Ujori, Final Battle to Save The Earth!/救い主ウジョリ、最終決戦地球を救うために!)

Part 1:(The Road to the Final Showdown!/最後の対決への道!)

The team attempt to fly back to Ejoroka, but one of Ego's spaceship, leaded by Devial, shoots Ujori's UFO. Luckily they landed on the spaceship on the roof, and Kames breaks the roof to let the heroes to enter the spaceship. The Soldiers ambushed the heroes, and they captured Miku, now they need to find her again. After knocking out the soldiers, One of Ujori's friend, Kyo Nashima, fighting Devial and a monster who had captured Miku.

Ujori remember him as he's his classmate and the closest to a best friend that he ever had, and they're in the same high school, and try to help him. He shoots the Monster's hand, freeing Miku and give thanks to Kyo and finds out the purple ring that he having, enable him to use psychic powers. The Monster reveals to be one of the generals of Ego's Army, and Devial takes his time to escape. After killing him, the soldiers and Devial appears again, and attempt to destroy the team again. But afterwards they escapes the Spaceship, and got back to the UFO, and fly back to Ejoroka. 

They returned to Ejoroka and went to Jak to ask what happened in Erjoroka. Jak explain that there's terrible things happened while they're gone. Ego attempted to expand his conquest and the citizens are going crazy. Ujori ask him to see if he can merge the shards into the S.O.S. Crystal. They does, thus completing the S.O.S. crystal. But his hideout is later raided by brainwashed Ejorokin citizens and evil guards. As the heroes and Jak tries to hold them off, Jak got hurted badly. 

Jak told Ujori to uses the S.O.S. Crystal to power up his friends' weapons to stop them and use it for greater good, and he died. With the S.O.S. crystal, Ujori advises the team to avenge him. He use the crystal to empowered his, Kyo's, Jeila's, and Miku's rings and destroys the guard and break the brainwashing spell out of the ejorokin people. Upon learning that it was also Ego's doing as he learns that Ujori and his friends returned to Ejoroka, the heroes deciced to go to where his castle is located. As they going, they saw the village was burned and destroyed, much to the team's shock. Kyo tells the heroes that they must hurry quickly before all of Ejoroka will be destroyed. The team rushed and get into Ego's castle and fights off the remaining guards to get to his lair. The efforts are stopped by the giant skeleton eagle named Ettokor, who is Ego's bodyguard. They defeated the undead eagle and headed to the castle.

After the hallway, they finally reached Ego and Devial at the throne. Ego is furious and impressed that Ujori and his team had made it this far, and that he have already expanded his conquest to conquer the galaxy and going to conquer Planet Earth. He summons the robotic combination of the four previous bosses, Jailbird, Madoma, MVK, and Enijo, to combat them after Ego and Devial planned to escape. The team manage to defeat the robotic abonmiaton with efforts, but have to leave because the castle is going to self-destruct on Ego's order. Galithao MK1 is still alive and stayed on the castle to make sure the heroes won't leave alive, but was defeated again, got killed and got torns into pieces in the explosions and the ruddles of the remaining parts of the castle. Jeila apparently stay behind to get the heroes to escape the falling castle, and presumably sacificing herself...

Part 2:(A Schoolboy Who Save The Earth/地球を救う小学生)

As the team manage to escape, they find out that the castle is a giant robotic spaceship! They also founds out that Jeila is alive, but was captured by Ego and he's heading to Earth! The villagers repairred and upgraded the UFO for their thanks and help, and the team chases after Ego's castle-ship. The spaceship manage to seperates, with the top half fly up into outer space, about to connects wires to planets and generates robots, and the bottom half grasp on the Earth and landed in Tokyo, terrorizing the city. Ego sending off robots to terrorizes the humans and notices that the now upgraded UFO is chasing him, and bunch of soldiers helping out.

Ujori told the city of Tokyo via the microphone in the spaceship that Ego is taking over the galaxy, and he and his allies are coming to save them from the threats, and needed them to get some help against the alien threat. The humans is excited that the saviors is going to save them from the alien threat, and cheer for the heroes went to stop the threat despite the robots being stronger. They shoots off the mini-ships and robots that generated from the spaceship and manage to land on the bottom half of the ship, and only for Devial to show up again to destroy them before they can even reach Ego. Ujori and the team manage to defeat Devial despite him being very strong, and Devial falls down to his presumable death along being hit by falling parts of the ship's bottom part. The team escapes back to UFO and headed to the top half of the castleship. Ego notices that the bottom part is destroyed and decide to head colluison course on Earth. The heroes made it to the top half and rush to Ego's throne on the top of the spaceship before it hits the earth. Ego have Jeila hostage and tie her up to a metal machine to empower his ship. They battles the ship's machine, and manage to free Jeila out of the bondage, but she's almost very weaken due to being absorbed by the machine. Ujori tells her not to worry because she is safe and her healing factor can heal her overtime.

Ujori decide it's best to handle Ego on his own first, and while the others try to stop Ego's robots from interuptting. Ego admires Ujori's bravery and efforts, reveals his plan that he can able to take over the world and other realms by connecting them to one another with his machinery, and using Jeila to empowered them, which will give him the power to control the entire universe, though it's become much harder to do, due to Ujori's heroic deeds and destroys part of his ship, thus depowering the robots and giving him a fighting chance. Ujori become a little cocky, and attempt to fight Ego, but Ego turns out to be at his full power, and intially defeat and nearly kill Ujori and almost steal the S.O.S. crystal. 

Ujori is about to lose, despite his new-founded powers from the S.O.S. crystal, and the others tries to help him, but got beaten off too. Ego admires his upcoming victory and bloasts that nobody can stop him, thus the world and the universe is his. As Ujori tries to get up and grabs the nearly broken S.O.S. crystal, he notices the continuous sparks on his emerald ring as he grabs the crystal, which happened to make him glow with lightnings and sparks, and by miracle, regaining his strength and able to confront Ego for a final battle. The battle is long and hard, with Ujori's new-founded powers and Ego's full power, and after some hard efforts, managed to defeat him.

Ego is furious of his defeat and attempt to kill Ujori and destroy the planet. Ujori notices his ring is glowing again, and decide to finish this. Ujori takes a deep breath and rises his fist in the air and slams it down the ground with great power with his palm, causing a electric wave of energy across the area which wipes out the invading evil robots, and stuns and saps Ego of his powers, allowing Ujori give a one mighty last slash at Ego with empowered Light-Sword, killing and ending the tyrant and saving the universe. Ujori managed to destroy the space tyrant once and for all, but almost falling unconscious due to getting beaten up and used up his energy on his last attacks. Everyone, humans, ejorokins, and other aliens alike who is watching Ego and his ship's demise, congratulates Ujori for saving the galaxy and his help to unite a members of each races. 


Some time later afterwards, the Earth, Ejoroka, and all the other planets coexisted and helping each other now since the news of Ujori helps out the aliens while finding the S.O.S. shards and defeated Ego have spreaded, and they all found an new society where they can live together. King Benare, and Queen Juilan returns to Ejoroka to celebrate the new founded peace. The students at the MaiKai High School celebrates with Ujori, Jeila, Miku, and Kyo for saving the world, and they somehow become more popular for it. King Benare have Ujori clams some of his treasure that he evenly share with his family. Jeila and some of the ejorokins decide to join in the human society to communites with the humans. Tekken and Kames decide to stay with the heroes for a while, and becomes heroes at their own respective home planets. Kyo decide to become an scientist with his psychic powers and his science researches during his own travels. Everyone is able celebrate the success of Ujori's saving efforts at a party, and with Ujori surrounded by his friends and classmates, including his new ones.

In a final scene, Ujori and his classmates is going on a school bus because they're about to go on field trip to explore Ejoroka. Ujori found Jeila running up to him, thanking him for saving and revisiting her people, and Miku, Kyo, Tekken, and Kames who want to come with him too. Ujori felt heartwarmmed that his friends are around, and Jeila kisses him on the checks. After a quick look at points of his space adventures, Ujori then remarked "Well, this is about the most strangest life I've ever had."

The End.

Kyo's Story


The game plays alot like Kingdom Hearts and "Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time", with "Tales of" series and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed elements. Each characters have a weapon system, and you can go different locations. If you kills emenies and bosses or do tasks/side-missions, you earn XP and Yens(Japanese currency). The player given a map displayed in the bottom screen everywhere. With the push of the L/L1 or the R/R1 button, you can switch characters.


There are the playable modes:

  • Story: This is the main mode of the entire game, showing Ujori's Quest step-by-step.
  • Story +: This is the new game plus of the game, where you keep your stats while going through the story again with stronger enemies, better weapons....and the secret surprise final form of the final boss, and some extra bosses. This mode is only unlocked when you completed the story mode at least once.
  • Kyo's Story: This is the short story from Kyo's perspective up until his appearance in part 1 of Chapter 4, telling how Kyo gets his ring and get on a quest on his own until he fight Devial and meets Ujori and his gang. This mode is only unlocked when you see Kyo for the first time in story mode and only exculsive in the Remastered versions.
  • Battle: This is the battle mode, you fight as the playable members, or the bosses, or the other NPCs in the game.
  • Challenge: It works like a Survival mode, where you fight any 9 playable characters in battle mode in random order(except Ettokor, Galithao MK1, Devial and Ego).
  • Options: Changes the option as you like, such as change the english voice acting into japanese voice acting.


* = Mean they're unlocked from the start.

* = Mean they're unlockable in Battle Mode, Challenge Mode, and etc.

Main Heroes

Ujori Kasami (ウジョーリ カサミ)  - A Teenage Human from MaiKai High is the main hero of the game. After seeing the strange-looking UFO with a dying green Ejorokin, the Ejorokin's soul give him the green ring and he starts his quest to save the universe and Ejoroka itself. He can able to fight with light-swords and laser guns, and he fight with thunder-based attacks. He can also uses his bike to go faster.Electric *

Daze (デーズ) - A Ejorokin Cat who want freedom and peace around Ejoroka, so he joins Ujori and his crew, so he can defeat the evil Ego. He's pretty fast, and can able to fight with his claws and fire breath, and he fight with fire-based attacks.Fire *

Princess Jeila (レイラ姫) - The princess of Ejoroka, and the young daughter of King Benare and Queen Juilan. She was captured in the battlefield, and waiting for someone to rescuse her. Ujori rescuses the damsal and she teams up with him to save her homeplanet. She is also Ujori's love interest, and can able to fight with light-whip, and can fight with light-based attacks.Light *

Tekken (鉄拳) - A Drroyain Dragon Human hyrid who live in Drroyor, the other side of "Snowrealms". Like Daze, It's nothing much more about him besides being the powerful fighter. He's loyal to Ujori and his gang, and can able to fight with his fist and tail, and he fight with ground-based attacks.Ground *

Miku Kasami (ミク カサミ) - She is Ujori's little sister and a student from MaiKai High, which it's the same school Ujori was in. She was captured by Migi by Ego's Commanned, and then she was rescused by her brother. She likes the gang, and often hugs her pet dog. She can able to fight with a bloomstick and slingshot, can fight with water-based attacks.Water *

Kames (けームズ) - The Wolf-Bunny hyrid who lives in Purplion, the different side of "Maxima". He can handle big and stronger weapons for his own desires and can contorl Ice. It was said that he's one of the sole survivors of his freedom fighters gang during the war against Ego's army.  He can fight with Ice-based attacks. Ice *

Kyo Nashima (京 ナシマ) - He is one of Ujori's friend from high school back on earth. He was somehow have the same destiny as Ujori did, but it was the purple ring he got which give him psychic powers. Like Ujori, He can able to fight with light-swords, but it was colored red. Unlike Ujori, he was mostly serious and tougher than him. He was the last party member to join in the entire game. He is also the main character in his own story mode. He can attacks with psychic-based attacks. Psychic *


Main story:

Jak (ジャック) - The Wise Young Ejorokin who helped Ujori train for fighting for his defense and tasks him to find the S.O.S. shards to defeat Ego to save the universe. He is the calm man and the masters of the arts. *

Guard 1- One of the guard who appears to guarding Snowrealms, who gives advise to the heros

Guard 2- One of the guard who appears to guarding Snowrealms, who opens a shop somewhere around the village.


Kyo's story:



Jailbird (ジェイルバード) - The large yeti-like eagle who is one of the generals of Ego's evil forces, and yet, he was  sightly larger than an average human size. *

Madoma (マドマ) - He was the dragon lord who imprisoned Snowrealms and claims as the king. It was said that long ago, he was cursed to become a small dragon. He had to take one of the S.O.S. Shard to become his own self again. *

MVK (MVK) - The Giant Watchdog who guarding Drryor and it's ghosty village. It can uses the power of the flame and burns anyone to death. *

Migi (ミギ) - Migi, who is a dragon alien hyrid, is one of Ego's henchmen, and the one who kidnaps Miku and got the third S.O.S. Shard. He is fast and bizarrely powerful, and uses thunder-based and ice-based attacks. *

Enijo - The Alien-Owl hyrbid that fought on Purplion, and holding the final shard in interest in it. He almost large and able to fly, and uses goasts of wind to attack.*

Ettokor - A giant skeletonal undead eagle who is Ego's personal bodyguard. It can uses it's psychic powers to rise up some rotten bones to kill it's preys.*

Galithao MK1 - The robotic combination of Jail, Madoma, MVK, and Enijo, and part of Ego's last resorts. It have powers from the robotic parts of the monsters' DNAs, and uses thunder-based and psychic-based powers.*

Devial - Ego's advisor and most trusted and dangerous minion, and the one who helping Ego on his space conquest. He looks almost similar to Migi, and leads a bunch of enemy spaceships and generals to harm Ejoroka.*

Ego - The big bad corrupted space emperor himself and the main villain of the game. He is the last boss to face and have a hatred to his brother, King Benare. He using everything he got and seizing the planet of Ejoroka, and planning to take over Earth and every other planets too. He likes to uses his full power to ones who he considered the greater threat to him, and want the S.O.S. crystal for his conquest. He also apparently have a secret second form in the new game plus of the game at the end*

Kyo's story:



Image: Name: Description  Users: Notes:
Lightsword Light Sword It was one of Ujori's beggining weapon, and can slash enemy aliens and etc.
  • Ujori Kasami
  • Princess Jeila
  • Kyo Nashima
Katana Katana The Japanese Sword that can be passed down to many samurais
  • Ujori Kasami
  • Kyo Nashima
  • Tekken
Steel sword detail old Training Sword Ujori used this sword while he was training with a ejorokin after discovering the green ring.
  • Ujori Kasami
  • Tekken
N/A Monster Blade It was unknown to the sword, but it does take the strength of the altered monster.
  • Daze
  • Tekken
  • Kames

It will have a monster spirit that represents what they based on.

  • Daze: Cat
  • Tekken: Dragon
  • Kames: Wolf
MCI-2876 Gear Sword The powerful sword made of gear that do twice as much damage as the Light Sword did.
  • Ujori Kasami
  • Kyo Nashima
  • Tekken
  • Kames
It can also have a abitilty to shoots lasers.


Image: Name: Description  Users: Notes:
Laser1 Laser Gun It was one of Ujori's beggining weapon, and can use it ranged lasers to shoot enemy aliens and etc.
  • Ujori Kasami
  • Kyo Nashima
  • Princess Jeila
250px-RayGunBrawl Ray Gun This ray gun is used by Ejorokins in battles to get the better advantage.
  • Ujori Kasami
  • Kyo Nashima
  • Princess Jeila
It was the same as the Laser Gun, but have a longer range.
RPGGunmen Rocket Launcher It was use to blow up multpie enemies that is close to the missle.
  • Tekken
  • Kyo Nashima
It can shoot missles to enemies with a massive damage.
FlamethrowerGunmen Flame Thrower It can burns thing. Nuff said.
  • Daze
  • Tekken
  • Kames
As the name suggested, It can use fire element to burn out enemies.
E-13 Laser RifleGunmen Alpha Night-Laser Hmm... That was a one tough gun. It was more advanced version of the old laser gun.
  • Ujori Kasami
  • Kyo Nashima
  • Tekken
  • Kames
It was the advanced and better version of the Laser Gun.



  • If you enter the Konami Code in the title screen, It will said "KONAMI!" as you press start.The code will unlocked a "Konami Man" Costume for Ujori, a Vampire Killer Whip, and A Konami City Stage in Battle Mode. It will also unlocked a alternate ending credit where the super deformed version of Ujori, Jeila, Daze, Tekken, Miku, Kames, Kyo, and Jak dancing during the credit.
    • In the Wii, 3DS, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 Version(remake) of the game, it works the same way, and this time it also unlock a achivement: "A Konami Fan".

Differences from the Anime Movie

  • At some point in the beginnning of the anime movie, sometime after school, Ujori try to find where his sister Miku is, only to find out and shocked that the mysterious alien, who is Migi is kidnapping Miku and holding her hostage and try to go after him until he hold Ujori off and enter into his own spaceship, making Ujori determined to find the alien who captured Miku. In the game, Ujori, while still noticing that Miku is missing, don't know that other, unitl he reach Maxima.
  • Ujori finds Daze at the prison at the Jo-Tower, and get him out. But in the game, he find Daze while escaping the Jo-Tower into the roof.


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