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The Storybookverse is an Alternate Fantendoverse that cannot be accessed from other universes, it exists solely in the Universal Tomes and was written by Unten as part of a dare he lost, the Storybookverse is a strange but incredibly light-toned universe which seems to only exist of one planet where everything takes place, Zearth. The characters of the Storybookverse are seemingly all younger and/or lighter tone versions of characters in the Fantendoverse, some are not alive such as Storybook Zerita who is a plush toy.

The events of the Storybookverse have no implications on any other Fantendoverse and the book the universe was written in is kept in safe location that Unten is likely the only one to know the location of. Aside from Unten the only other people who know of its existence are the individuals who dared him in the first place. The Storybookverse has no flow of time, thus characters do not age.


If you would like a character or characters to be included in the Storybookverse please add them to this section and I will put them into consideration, please note the following rules in regards to character submissions as it would would help reduce the amount of time I need to spend between reviewing characters and adding them. In addition please write a short description (no more than one or two lines preferrably) explaining how this version of them shoudl be interpreted.

  1. No Deities, of any regard, this means characters like The Fan, The Threat, Palutena, White Goddess, etc. will not be considered at all
  2. Superpowers including Magic and what not are to be toned down to an absolute minimum, an example of what I mean is this, Aurora who in the Mainverse can use Colour Magic in the Storybookverse is good at Painting
  3. Theme of Character's origin, some characters just will not be accepted based on the theme of their mainverse counterparts, this includes characters like Arial & Kra;Gul who are demonic creatures (regardless of how innocent they appear) and characters like Hein & Umbra Shader who have generally dark themes that cannot be translated over.
  4. The Characters age, while the Mainverse Character's age isn't really important it should be noted that most if not all characters will be children, the only real exception I'm willing to make is if they become an animal and even then that's not a guarantee so please consider that when choosing characters.

A reminder that particular species like Sparklings are translated into something other than characters and anything from the Zaxinian Lifts bar Fandraxono & Mallory without a good reason will be put into a TV Show instead.

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  • Evi- Definitely more cheery than the brooding woman found in the main universe, Evi is a simple happy child who tends to stick to herself more often than not. Her father is often trying to get her to make new friends, though she has issues with it and prefers to be with her mom more often than not.
  • Dyana- Evi's older sister is a prim and proper schoolgirl who draws and writes in her spare time, causing her hands and clothes to typically be covered in ink and paint. She's a bit stuck-up and snarky towards her little sister but ultimately does want to make friends.

Notable Characters


A large number of the Beorns exist in the Storybookverse as child versions of themselves, their personalities seem to be toned back and are generally more simplistic.

  • Unten - The main protagonist of the Storybookverse, unsurprisingly. Storybook Unten is a friendly and heroic character who is significantly more courageous than the real Unten, he is implied to never give up when trying to complete something and is often the leader of the group.
  • Netnu - Unten's neighbour and the quote, unquote "cool guy", Netnu is often rather full of himself and professes his coolness to the other Beorns, Netnu is implied to be a rival to Unten in this universe as well although he does help Unten when the situation demands it.
  • Xerra - A Beorn who live on the opposite side of the street to Unten, Unten and her don't have the best relationship since Unten accidentally broke one of the windows in Xerra's Family's house. Xerra often goes off adventuring on her own although does occasionally play with the others, she is a problem solver and seems to always have something useful in her bag.
  • Hugo - A tough, brute-ish sort of fellow, Hugo is sometimes regarded as a bully to Unten although Hugo also seems to be a bit of an anchor for the absurdity the others come up with, Hugo is incredibly intelligent and usually only resorts to using his strength when being threatened or annoyed.
  • Fenne - A clever Beorn from the nearby town of Terra. Fenne only visits on occasion due to the distance, she rarely talks and often goes out exploring or to retrieve items for others plans, the crystal around her waist and project light from it helping her see in dark environments.
  • Acriss - Acriss lives at the end of the street in a big, scary house. Acriss watches a lot of monster movies and comes up with stories based around them, he also tends to play the villain when they're playing together, the others let it slide since he has a pretty good evil laugh.
  • Mächtig - Mächtig is a Beorn who lives in the city, he is considered a bit of a roughouse by Unten although he's fairly sure Hugo could take him on. Mächtig often likes to come up with very strange games usually involving spaceships and alien planets.
  • Untina - Unten's younger sister, Untina often tries to boss Unten around and sometimes mimicks his actions to mock him. Unten is very protective of Untina who seems completely unaware of Unten's dedication, she very much acts on her own accord and rarely listens to Unten in any capacity.
  • Caoimhe - No one really knows where Caoimhe lives, she just visits the rest of the children when they're playing, she seems to know the parklands where they play extremely well and often uses nature around her when she is playing, she carries around a stick most of the time and says she uses it for fishing.
  • Reten - Reten seems to be the sort of third guy in terms of Unten, Netnu and Reten, he is a bit of a clutz but a lot of the other Beorns find him kind of funny because of that. Reten doesn't always show up though since he often gets grounded for misbehaving.
  • Origin - A bit of a coward, Origin often carries around his blanket and wears it like a robe, he's rather good at pretending to be characters from stories although is a bit stubborn when it comes to following Unten's stories. Origin also tends to be a heavy sleeper and will randomly fall asleep during their play.
  • Destiny - Destiny, living right next door to Origin is his best friend and also a toughie, Destiny protects Origin who is often made the victim of Acriss' stories, although Destiny can hold up her own in a fight she usually just carries Origin and runs to avoid fighting.
  • Calea - Calea is another Beorn from the city, Calea has real sweetooth and often brings along candy when she vists. She is easily excitable although is also a bit of a crybaby as she often feels attacked by the others when she doesn't get her way.
  • Pageli - Pageli is a bit of a bookworm and loves reading, a lot of his stories end up being mish-mashes of the books he had been reading most recently. He also has a tendency to collect insects, he says they're for his older brother who the other Beorns aren't even sure exists.
  • Etanor - Although it took them a while to get Etanor to play with them, the other Beorns often praise Etanor because she is usually the one to come up with the best stories as well. Etanor's is fascinated with machines and often brings along toy cars with her, she is also a bit of a musician and plays the French Horn.
  • Cheskiy - Cheskiy is a very simple Beorn, he doesn't tend to think about things too much and has rarely come up with any stories, he lives on a farm on the street and the other Beorns tend to go there to play when they aren't allowed to go to the Parklands, the farm is very big although Cheskiy knows it like the back of his hand although he's very serious about keeping the other Beorns away from the Barn.
  • Ivan - A bit of a follower, Ivan is often mistaken for being friends with Hugo although in reality Ivan just likes being everyone's friend, he tends to stick with Hugo a fair bit because the others tend to avoid Hugo who Ivan believes is just misunderstood.
  • Mynis - A complete oddity, Mynis seems to just show up periodically, he plays with the others quite often but he's never one to host sleepovers. He has a fascination with belts and wears a different one every day, he reckons Fenne looks up to him since she wears a belt as well.


Humans appear along with Beorns and other species in the Storybookverse, like Beorns most human characters are child equivalents of their Main Fantendoverse counterparts.

  • Fera - Unten's other neighbour, Fera often likes to make up Medieval stories that often fascinate the others, she and Aurora get along incredibly well and when they make up a story together it can go on for days, Fera likes to play heroic roles although is just as happy to be a footsoldier and follows Unten's stories quite well. 
  • Aurora - Aurora lives in the Catalyst Apartment Block in the street, she is a surprisingly good painter for her age and likes to paint backdrops for some of the stories the others come up with, especially Fera's. She has a small plant she brings with her usually that seems to be some sort of grass, she says one day it'll become an impressive sword.
  • Reese - Another individual living in the Catalyst Apartment Block, Reese is a bit of a goof and often tries to please everyone when they're playing and often has to be told which side to take in their stories since he can never decide for himself, he is extremely outgoing however and always puts in all the effort he can.
  • Rhyse - Reese's younger sister, Rhyse is very shy and usually requires encouragement from Reese to play with the others, she doesn't usually come up with stories like her brother although the few she has tend to focus around visiting strange but Zearthly locations, she hates it when the others suggest her to play the antagonist of a story and will refuse to play until they cave in to her demands.
  • Leah - Leah lives with her family who are all part of the medical profession, this has rubbed off on her and when she plays with the others she often insists on playing doctor, she has a crush on X-Ray and seems to make up stories to play specifically with X-Ray, she carries around a case with fake medical equipment and has a fort in her backyard called the "Twisty Cross Hospital" which her parents had built for her when she was younger.
  • Sakeena - Sakeena is a very friendly and excitable young girl who lives on the street, although she doesn't always play with the others she is often off exploring for rocks, she has a fascination with metals and has a collection of crystals she's found in her life. Sakeena helped Unten find Imperium and says that she was surprised to see Unten so happy over the rock when he'd never shown much interest before.
  • Epica - A very young girl who lives in the town of Terra, she along with her sister, Sarona and Step-Sister, Rachel all visit Unten and the others on their bikes, Epica is a year older than Sarona and is very outgoing, she was the first of the trio to talk to the other kids and often tries to copy Rachel.
  • Sarona - Epica's younger sister, Sarona is rather timid although this is likely due to her being so young, like her sister and step-sister she likes to ride around on bikes a lot, she doesn't talk much and often mistakes the Beorns for teddy bears, she and Untina often play by themselves when visiting if they don't want to be part of the stories.
  • X-Ray - Leah's best friend and also has a secret crush on her, X-Ray adores Leah and the two love to play together, X-Ray wears a special Ruby that Leah found for her with the help of Sakeena, X-Ray wears it all the time to remind her of Leah although Leah insists she rotate it so it's shaped like an X as part of her name. X-Ray doesn't tell anyone that her real name is Monica although Leah might know.
  • Rachel - Epica & Sarona's Step-Sister, Rachel is an extremely brave and friendly girl who loves riding bikes, she and Unten are very close and Unten seems to have a slight crush on her which she seems for the most part unaware of, she will protect her step-sisters with everything she has.
  • Five - A young boy who along with his sister, Eight live near the zoo which their parents run, as such Five likes to bring the other children on walks through the zoo to show them any new animals the zoo has gotten, Five is rather outgoing and fairly friendly although likes to show off and usually seeks approval from others.
  • Eight - Five's younger sister, Eight loves animals and has several pets, she is a bit meek although is very friendly to those that get to know her, she has a tendency to bite things and has an eightball fracture in her right eye.


Catoneans in the Storybookverse are a line of plush toys some of the Beorns own, they looks like cat-like creatures and come in many colours, Unten and the other Beorns who own Catonean Toys imprint personalities on them.

  • Zerita - Unten's Catonean Toy, he says that Zerita is an elegant princess of the Catonean people but is also a tough warrior, he accidentally broke the stiching on her arm and had to get it replaced with a new arm, Unten likes to pretend that her new arm can shoot lasers.
  • Rip - One of Hugo's Catonean Toy, Hugo says that Rip is a bad guy and when they play Cops and Robbers Rip is the leader of a group of robbers called the "Wrath". Rip is described as being a silent antagonist and often is so quiet that he doesn't even reveal his plans to his sub-ordinates, some reckon this is just Hugo unable to make up a good story though.
  • Sadisilea - Hugo's other Catonean Toy, Hugo rarely brings Sadisilea with him and says that Sadisilea is even more bad than Rip. Hugo accidentally tore Sadisilea's head stiching but unlike Zerita who had her's replaced, Hugo glued a Mighty Morphin' Terran Ranger head onto the toy instead.
  • Sudanima - Reten's Catonean Toy, Reten says that Sudanima is a super smart Catonean who he pretends is the general of his army when they're playing War. Reten usually has Sudanima ride around in a toy tank which he was given by Etanor.


  • Imperium - Imperium is the name of Unten's pet rock, according to him it's a meteor fragment from outer space, according to Fenne it's just a rock he found. Unten likes to imagine that Imperium can talk to him through telepathy and can act as a scout to see where the others are when they're playing games, Imperium is slightly magnetic which Unten claims is its magic powers. Unten glued some googly eyes on it and painted a blue lightning bolt for flair.
  • Quetz - Fera's pet bird, Quetz can't fly so Fera doesn't have an issue with bringing her out to play, Quetz is a bit of a glutton and won't stop chirping until she's been fed although Fera always keeps a supply of bird seed with her at all times so it's rarely an issue when they're playing, Unten thinks Quetz is very cute although its talons are incredibly sharp.
  • Seven - Eight's pet bird, Seven is a bit of a coward and has a crush on Quetz, he isn't very good at showing his affection however and will try to peck Quetz's feathers to get her attention although this often results in her lashing out at him with a barrage of scratches. Seven does know one thing and that is that Quetz is happy when the two of them bundle up together to keep warm.
  • Four - Eight's pet snake, Four is a baby constrictor that Eight doesn't usually bring with her when she goes out to play, the others are aware of Four and have seen her on occasion however because Four is so small and fragile Eight usually leaves her at home, Four is an adventerous little critter and has a surprisingly large habitat allowing her to explore when Eight is away.
  • Six - Eight's pet Beetle, Six is a surprisingly aggressive little creature although due to its small size it can't harm anyone, it constantly raises its head in a way to try and challenge anyone although it is also quite the coward and will fly away once it realizes it can't take on a larger foe.
  • One - Eight's pet Butterfly, One is described as a very pretty creature by Unten and believes its wings are able to hypnotize people, in reality One's wings are just very colourful and the other children pretend to be hypnotized as part of their stories, Eight always keeps one in a container and even has the containers locked with a key only she carries.

Other Entities

The Doomuli

The Doomuli in the Storybookverse are a brand of Farming Equipment that Cheskiy's parents own, Cheskiy finds the Doomuli equipment scary and tries his absolute most to keep the other Beorns from seeing it. There are several Doomuli equipment in Cheskiy's Family's Barn they are;

  • Grime - A Lawnmower
  • Rise - A Whippersnipper
  • Thai - A Leafblower


Sparklings in the Storybookverse are the creators of Etanor's Toy Vehicles, the vehicles models are named after different Sparklings.

  • Volt - A race car that has a flag on its bonnet
  • Ibism - Another race car that has a diamond pattern covering the exterior

TV Show Characters

Several Characters appear not as entities or living beings but rather as characters on the TV Shows the actual characters watch, the TV Shows are listed below.

  • Bowie Goes West - A TV Show starring Bowie the Teddy Bear, it is performed primarily with puppets and stars Bowie, the Sherriff of Westfor Town fighting Bandits, the show takes place during the Zaxinian Hour.
  • Mighty Morphin' Terran Rangers - A TV Show brought over from Japanifornia starring the Terran Rangers, although the budget for the show is kept small it's one of the longest running TV Shows aired, it's also Fera's favourite TV Show and stars the masked and mysterious Terran Rangers who several of the children pretend to be.
  • The Wonderful Syicrow - A TV Show starring Syi the Scarecrow, it seems to be an educational programand uses a combination of Puppets and Animal Costumes, the show takes place during the Zaxinian Hour.
  • Rosymon - A Japanifornia Anime starring Crimson the Roserade, it was created after the success of a series of games by the same name, it tends to teach fairly simplistic moral lessons while also exploring the same world the games are set in, the show takes place during the Zaxinian Hour.
  • General's News - A TV Show that seems to be a children's orientated parody of the news, it features high amounts of slapstic comedy and often has its news anchors; Scotch & Snickers break out into comical fights while the other reporters tend to get involved in various antics, the show is the main show in the Zaxinian Hour and frequently references the others.
  • Fandro Reviews - A TV Show featuring Fandro & Bob a pair of blobs who review Video Games and Toys, their show also tends to be the main marketing ploy for said things, the show takes place during the Zaxinian Hour.


  • Storybookverse Three is a small plant owned by Five, it is said to have come from another country and has sweet smelling leaves, it is very small although this seems intentional as Five likes carrying it around.


Eon Street

The home of most of the Beorns, the street is fairly large and is parallel to the Parklands, the street starts with Cheskiy's Family's Farm and ends with Acriss' Family's House.


The place where the Beorns most often go to play, the parklands are filled with various pieces of playground equipment and has a small lake near the center, massive trees cover the edges of the parklands making it feel completely different to the area surrounding it.

The City

A bustling city located to the West of Unten's home, there are a few places in the city to visit such as the Movie Theater, the Cafe, Mächtig's House and Calea's House.