The Stories from Lightland is a game created by New super sonic kirby X, exclusive for Nintendo 3DS.

The Stories from Lightland
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) New super sonic kirby X
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG, Platforms
Series The Stories from Lightland
Predecessor N/A
Successor The Stories of Lightland: Episode II



In the year 2034, once upon a time a city called Lightland, a city with progress in the magic and the technology. Once day, a wizard called Mr. Light, was the victym of an accident when he was attacked by a dark shadow called Hollow. Mr. Light awakened in his house one day after the sucess, he got bionic legs and one bionic eye because the consequences of the accident. His grandfather, before his dead, gives Mr. Light a bionic sword created by himself to protect Lightland from the evil Hollows.


In this game, the levels makes a platform gameplay like Super Mario 3D Land, like in the games of LEGO, you can explore the area, but in RPG style before of play a level.


Playable Characters

Image of the character Name Description Weapons Class
Mr. Light Mr. Light got bionic legs and one bionic

eye before an accident, and is destinied

to protect Lightland from Hollows

Bionic Sword

Bionic Gun

Light Boy Light Boy is the apprentice of Mr. Light destinied to be his sucessor when he will die. He is fast, but not very strong Plant Sword Swordsman
Peter the Thief Peter is a thief who was captured by a Hollow and trained in

the Kung Fu art, but joined to Mr. Light when the Hollows got





Help Characters

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