The Start of the 75 is the debut episode of the Not-So-Wonderful 75 TV show. It was written by RTA fan (tbc) and the episode first aired in June 2016.


75 people from all around the globe gather to protect the universe they live in.


The episode starts with a man, revealed to be Sammy Johnson, letting a balloon go.

Sammy: Hopefully, that thing gets people willing to save the world.

Sammy looks up as the balloon goes into orbit.

Cologne, Germany...

A piece of paper drops down from the sky into a back yard, landing next to a girl in red combat boots. The girl, revealed to be Alex Schmidt, picks the piece of paper up and reads it.

Alex: Agency... saving the world... you are invited.

Alex's eyes go wide as she dashes indoors and goes to her mother.

Alex: (in German, subtitled) Mom!
Alex's mother: (in German, subtitled) What is it?
Alex: (in German, subtitled) I'm gonna go to California.
Alex's mother: (in German, subtitled) ...Okay. Good luck.

Alex runs out of the house and tries to find a way to California.

Oxford, Mississippi...

A piece of paper is seen flying through a breeze as it goes into a mailbox. Jennifer Oaklyn is seen walking through the house the mailbox it went through and reads it.

Jennifer: Ooh, a chance to save the world...

She looks around.

Jennifer: Hey, mom, you're gonna be out of a car for a while, I'm going to L.A.!

Jennifer walks out of the door as her mother runs down the stairs.

Jennifer's mother: Wait, Jenni-

Jennifer's mother tries to stop Jennifer from going but notices her car is gone, and sighs.

Jennifer: How does she move so fast?

Fakakakai, Tonga...

A young woman, revealed to be Shauna Thomas, is seen walking out of her house and stretching.

Shauna: Just another day in Tonga...

She rubs her head as she sees some paper floating down and landing at her feet.

Shauna: Huh?

She scoops it up and reads it.

Shauna: Holy crap. Mom! What's the quickest way to California?

Wheeling, West Virginia...

A young girl, revealed to be Robyn Palmer, is shown picking up an invitation.

Robyn: Hmm... This'll give me a chance to get away from this hellhole.

Robyn looks around and thinks to herself about something.

Robyn: (in her head) Come on, Palmer! It'll be a great chance to use your powers.

Robyn snaps her fingers at this thought, runs to an old car and drives off towards California.

About a week later, Sammy is seen with his cousin Beth Johnson in a room.

Sammy: Wow, those letters really spread. Germany, Thailand, Vanuatu...
Beth: Uh-huh. By my count, 68 people responded.

A bird flies in and drops a note. Sammy picks it up to show it's another acceptance note.

Beth: Make that 69.
Sammy: We should get transport for them.

Beth nods as they hear a knock on the door. They go to the door and answer, as Jennifer is shown on the other side.

Jennifer: Hello, mister...

Jennifer looks at the note.

Jennifer: ...Johnson.
Sammy: And you are...?
Jennifer: Jennifer Oaklyn. I got some note telling me to come here. I drove nearly nonstop from Oxford to get here.
Beth: How do you drive across the Atlantic?
Jennifer: Oh, not that Oxford. The one in Mississippi.
Beth: Oh. I thought-
Jennifer: Don't worry, ma'am, you aren't the first to make that mistake. Anyway, I have this.

She holds up a note about the agency.

Sammy: Oh. Uh, welcome, I guess.

Jennifer beams as she enters the house.

Alex is seen in a plane, with a parachute on, with her father in front.

Alex's father: (in German, subtitled) Is this the place?

He points down to Sammy's house.

Alex: (in German, subtitled) I think so!
Alex's father: (in German, subtitled) Alright. Good luck!
Alex: (in German, subtitled) Thanks, dad.

She jumps out and deploys her parachute, eventually landing in Sammy's back yard as Sammy is seen with Beth and Jennifer.

Sammy: Did you hear that?
Beth: Yeah, hold on.

Beth goes to the kitchen to see Alex bundling the parachute up as Beth goes out to her.

Beth: What're you doing here?
Alex: I got some thing telling me to come here.

Alex holds up an invitation.

Beth: Oh. Sam, we have another recruit!

Beth and Alex walk in as a knock is heard on the door as Beth answers the door as well to see Robyn.

Robyn: Is this the house of Sam Johnson?
Beth: Yes. I presume you're here from his invitation.

Robyn nods as Beth lets her in and they all go through to the living room to see Sammy and Jennifer.

Beth: Two new agents.
Sammy: Nice. We just need to get transport for the others now.

Sammy and Beth look through the responses as Robyn, Jennifer and Alex look at each other.

Jennifer: Jennifer Oaklyn.
Robyn: Robyn Palmer.
Alex: Alex Schmidt.

The three shake hands.

Sammy: Where the hell is Fakakakai?!
Beth: Tonga, last I checked.

Another couple of days pass as a large group of people are seen outside a skyscraper.

Beth: Looks like this is everyone.
Sammy: Yup. You and me included, this agency's got 75 people.
Beth: Damn. A lot of people.
Sammy: Yup.

Jennifer is seen with Aphrodite Diamantopolous.

Jennifer: Are there any Taco Bells in L.A.?
Aphrodite: I don't know, this is my first time hearing of Taco Bell.
Jennifer: Really? Where have you been to not hear of it?
Aphrodite: Hellas.

Jennifer looks at Aphrodite, confused.

Aphrodite: ...Greece.
Jennifer: Oh.

Alex is seen with Link Perez.

Alex: This agency's too big.
Link: Amen to that.
Alex: I just hope this doesn't fail. I don't wanna bother my dad for a flight back to Cologne...

Sammy walks up to a stand as he looks to the crowd.

Sammy: Alright. Hello, my name is Sammy Johnson and I'm the guy who sent you those invites.

A few murmurs are heard.

Sammy: Anyway, I decided to make this agency because... well, I was just wanting to save the world and I was gonna do it with you guys.

A couple of murmurs are heard again.

Sammy: Anyway, I'm crap at this speech stuff so let's get this started!

The team cheers as they go in.

Two years later...

A pair of combat boots are seen walking down a hallway. The camera pans up to show it is Alex. She walks further down the hallway to go into a room where Anna Edmondson is and passes her some paper.

Alex: Here's that stuff you were looking for, Anna.
Anna: Thanks.

Anna looks at the paper, studying it.

Anna: Oh no...
Alex: What?
Anna: I found some weird ships in a satellite image the other day, thought they were alien ships and...
Alex: Lemme guess, they are?

Anna nods.

Alex: Shit.
Anna: I'll pass this onto Johnson. You tell the others to prepare.

Alex nods as Anna walks in one direction and Alex in the other.

Alex is seen walking into a very large room with a good amount of the agency in it. She walks over over to Jennifer, who's asleep and has a burrito at her desk.

Alex: Oaklyn!

Jennifer jumps up, as she sleepily takes a bite out of the burrito.

Jennifer: What is it?
Alex: I need you to watch the skies.
Jennifer: Okay.

Jennifer turns her computer on as Alex walks over to Rodrigo Hernandez.

Alex: Hernandez, I need you to get everyone prepared for battle.
Rodrigo: Alright.

Rodrigo goes off as Anna walks to a room and enters, where Sammy is.

Anna: Sir, we have a situation.
Sammy: What is it?

Anna passes the paper to Sammy, who examines it.

Sammy: Oh no.
Anna: This is our chance to finally save the world.
Sammy: ...Let's do this.

Anna runs down the hall into the room where Alex is.

Anna: We're striking.

Alex smirks as she withdraws her swords and walks out of the room, presumably to fight.






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