This is the transcript for The Start Of Something, the debut episode of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side.


The episode picks up where Amy vs The Future ended. After the song finishes, Amy climbs on top of the drum set.
Amy: Alright! That was quite the performance. Uh... so this might be sudden, but me, Tayshaun and a few others are going through that portal that we opened up. But, that doesn't mean we aren't gonna have no heroes around here. I know this might be sudden but me, Tayshaun and Krystal chose a few people to protect Earth while we're away.
Amy clears her throat as Jerry packs his bass guitar.
Amy: Wait, Jerry! Don't go anywhere. You're one of the people.
Jerry looks confused, and stands near the drum set.
Amy: The other people we picked were Jess Pierce...
Jess: (in her mind) Happy or pissed? Happy or pissed? Happy or- (in person) FUCK!
Amy: ...Blaze Zednik...
Blaze: ...I could do this.
Amy: ...Nick Anderson...
Nick: Why though?
Amy: ...Aminu...
Aminu: Huh?
Amy: ...Nina Chevoski and Nikolai Popovic.
Nina: *curses in Russian*
Nikolai: (chuckling) You don't seem to big on it, do ya?
Amy: So, please try and keep this planet intact... (in her mind) I don't want to see people living on Mars again...

As the team gather up, they think about the role they were given.
Jerry: Saving the world. Sounds like a big job.
Blaze: Yup. We gotta get some jobs out at least, haven't we?
Nikolai: Uh... maybe a couple field agents, a couple people in the HQ, something like that?
Jerry: Seems good. The name should be something like... The Other Heroes maybe?
Blaze: Sounds good to me.
Nick and Aminu are seen in the next room.
Nick: Can't we just agree that we both equally love Krystal?
Aminu sighs.
Aminu: Y'know what, we should rock-paper-scissors for it.
Aminu plays a paper while Nick plays a scissor, and Aminu kicks him in the shin. Nina pulls Nikolai into another room.
Nina: How much do you wanna bet this goes wrong?
Nikolai: $5.
Nina: You're on.

Jess is seen freaking out.
Jess: For fuck's sake! Why did I have to be dragged into this fucking bullshit? Why was I even considered? Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?!
Jess goes down into the cellar to pick up a bottle of wine, and she starts to drink it. Her brain is then shown, with a few little versions of Jess at a control panel, revealed to be her emotions.
Jess Emotion #1: Ugh, not again! This happens almost every day...
They go down to Jess's heart, attempting to intervene her drinking by punching her heart, hoping she feels the pain and stops. After about a minute, Jess doesn't stop, so 3 of Jess's emotions go and kick her in her stomach, liver and a lung as hard as possible. The blow to her lung doesn't affect her, but her stomach churns and she spits out the wine.
Jess: Ugh, that didn't feel right...

Blaze walks into the room Jess is in, to see her on the ground, clenching her stomach.
Blaze: Are you alright?
Jess gives Blaze a glance, with a piercing look in her eyes. This intimidates Blaze, causing her to back away and take a walk. She comes across a Game Boy, triggering a memory in Blaze's brain of her playing something on a handheld gaming system. After her flashback ends, she continues to walk. On the way back, Skye Caballero, Amy's best friend, approaches Blaze.
Skye: Psst.
Blaze turns to see Skye.
Blaze: What?
Skye: Can I help you with the whole protecting Earth thing?
Blaze: How did you know I was one of the people picked...?
Skye: I have a sense.
Blaze: ...Fine.
Blaze and Skye walk back to the HQ and when they arrive, they have a bit of a chat. Jess overhears the conversation. When the duo walk through the door, Jess is right in their face.
Blaze: Oh. Uh... hi...
Jess still looks displeased, and seems to back Blaze into a corner. Blaze cowers in fear.
Skye: Uh oh.
The room temperature plummets as Jess's eyes turn a cyan colour, and she launches an ice shot at Blaze. Skye intercepts it with her own powers, and impresses Jess.
Blaze: A girl with superpowers called Skye. Now where have I seen that before...

Aminu is seen sitting on his own.
Aminu: (to himself) Might as well do something, time's not gonna fly by itself... Although knowing this town, anything could happen.
He heads out, and walks to Los Angeles. After quite a bit of walking, he arrives and sees a billboard saying:
Amy Jackson: Our Hero
Aminu sighs.
Aminu: Just another day for the RTAverse.
Aminu takes a look around the city's ruins and suddenly notices a group of journalists looking for answers to the events.
Aminu: Fuck! I just hope they didn't see me.
Aminu peeks over again and sees a crowd getting near him.
Aminu: Son of a bitch!
He then runs back to Anaheim, with the journalists following him.

Aminu continues to run, and reaches the HQ. Unfortunately the journalists were still behind him. He gets through the door and locks it.
Jerry: Why did you just lock us in here?
Aminu: See for yourself.
Jerry pulls the curtain back a bit, and sees the journalists. Blaze walks through, followed by Jess and Skye.
Blaze: What's going on?!
Jess gets a quick glance of the journalists and bursts through the door.
Jess: Piss off! We don't need your journalist shit here!
Nina and Nikolai spot the issue from the room they were in, and try to hold Jess back.
Nina: Jess, what the fuck are you doing?
Jess: Getting these dickheads away, that's what the fuck I'm doing!
Nikolai: Calm the fuck down!
Jess elbows both Nina and Nikolai, making them lose their grip on her, but Blaze, Jerry and Skye get to her before she starts to attack people.
Nick: Classic.
Nina punches Nick in the arm, and the episode ends.

In the stinger, Nikolai is holding 5 dollar bills.
Nikolai: So, what do we do with these? Nothing went wrong, but at the same time, something did.
Nina: Well something did go wrong, so... I think that's 1-0 to Belarus.
Nikolai sighs and gives Nina the money.


  • "I don't want to see people living on Mars again..." - Reference to the future in the RTAverse being on Mars
  • "A girl with superpowers called Skye. Now where have I seen that before..." - Reference to Skye Johnson from Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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