The Start Of Something is the debut episode of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side. It first aired in December 2015.


The episode transcript can be found here.

The story for this episode starts off from where the credits for Amy vs The Future began. It has Jerry Sankovic, Brendan Palmer, Eddie Johnson and Quentin Pérez performing the song performed during the credits. After the song, Amy announces that she is going to explore the portal looming over them, alongside a few others. She leaves the role of protecting Earth to a select few, including Jerry. Confused, Jerry teams up with the other "protectors", of whom are Blaze Zednik, Jess Pierce, and a few others.

Jerry then decides to form the group, going by the name of "The Other Heroes". The other characters in the group decide to go with this name, and they begin to protect Earth, hopefully without failure. Nick and Aminu, however, get into a disagreement over who is more in love with Krystal. Nick edges Aminu out, which he does not take lightly, kicking Nick in the shin. Nina and Nikolai both put a bet on how fast their efforts are going to be worth nothing, after seeing the events of Amy vs The Future.

Nina and Nikolai start raising questions as to why they were picked. They try and find any reason, but fail. Nikolai simply sighs, and Nina watches as the portal to the Fantendoverse looms over Earth, and she begins to think about plans of climbing Everest, which was a plan she had for 5 years, but never followed through on.

Angry and confused, Jess starts questioning the sanity of the town. She grabs a bottle of wine and starts drinking it, which causes a cutaway in her brain, with Inside Out-esque characters at a control panel. They sight about Jess deciding to get drunk "again", implying it wasn't the first time she's done this. Jess's anger emotion decides to climb down Jess's spine and punch her in the heart, which she ignores. The anger emotion punches her heart a few more times before kicking her as hard as possible in the stomach, which causes Jess to spit out the wine in her mouth. She gives Blaze a glare when she tries to lighten the mood, of whom just walks out. While Blaze is walking, she finds a Game Boy on the floor. As she inspects it, she gets a flashback to her childhood, where she is seen playing a role-playing game. After the flashback, both of her hearts start to beat simultaneously, from the warm feeling she got. As she walks back into the HQ of sorts, Skye, Amy's best friend, approaches her and asks her if she can help.

Jess, still venting, overhears the conversation. Somewhat displeased, she stands at the door, waiting for Blaze. Blaze recruits Skye to the team, only to be met with an extremely mad Jess. She gives her another death glare, with her eyes going an icy blue. Blaze, feeling like she knows what's coming next, cowers, and shivers, feeling a huge drop in temperature, as Jess fires an ice shot. Skye manages to intercept the ice bullet, which impresses Jess, who invites Skye into the group of heroes.

Aminu decides to take a walk. During his walk, he decides to walk to the site of the final event of Amy vs The Future. Getting there was enough of a struggle, with how crowded the city was. When he did reach the site, he was astounded by the amount of damage the city took. Looking around the ruined city, he notices a billboard saying "Amy Jackson: Our Hero". Aminu reminds himself of Amy's heroics, then carries on. He comes across someone who he finds suspicious. He claims to be a CEO of a corrupt business and tries luring Aminu into a trap, but fails. As Aminu walks on, he is randomly crowded by journalists. Confused, he asks why he's being crowded up on all of a sudden. He manages to jostle through back to the HQ, but is followed by the journalists.

Upon arriving back, Aminu is questioned by Blaze as to why there are a lot of people stood outside the HQ window. Aminu then replies by saying he was followed for no reason. Jess, once again enraged, kicks the door open and tells the journalists to "piss off", before cutting to drastic measures, preparing to attack with her powers, but is constrained by Skye, Jerry and Blaze. Nick, Nina and Nikolai stare, looking slightly uneasy about the events going on. The episode ends with Nick making a joke about the situation, and Nina punching him in the arm.

In the stinger of the episode, Nina and Nikolai are discussing what they're going to do with the money they bet, with neither of them getting the bet right. Nikolai flips a coin and Nina steals the money when he isn't looking.







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