Walt Disney

The Teaser Poster for the game.

The Start
Developer(s) Dino Bino Inc., Disney, and Nintendo
Publisher(s) Meme911
Release Date(s)
May 10th, 2013
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action/Platformer
Media Included Toys, sequels.
" The Start," is a video game made for the Wii U by Dino Bino Inc.. It is an action platformer game that stars Mickey Mouse and his friends trying to save the world from a new threat.


Mickey Mouse is in Walt Disney's old office with his dog, Pluto. Wishing that Walt was still there, Mickey notices two big black rabbit-like ears in the background. Thinkinh he's seen them before, he just puts the photograph back down.

Meanwhile, outside the window, a mysterious black figure is watching Mickey, and cackles.

COming soon!