The Starcrashers
Developer(s) Nixus
Publisher(s) Nixus
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U, Nixus' upcoming console
Release Date(s)
Worldwide, Sept 14 2018
Single Player, Multiplayer
Genre(s) Action, Adventure, 3D/2D platformer, Beat 'em up
Series Starcrashers Series

The Starcrashers is a game developed and published by Nixus for the Nintendo Wii U and Nixus' upcoming console. This game is about Sagaz and his gang, The Starcrashers, trying to conquer their home world and defeat their rival gang, the andarislashers.


One night, Sagaz assembled all of the starcrashers for a meeting. Sagaz gives the starcrashers their instructions: conquering the planet. Sagaz splits up the starcrashers and tells them what part of the world they will be conquering.

Sagaz' Story

After the meeting, Sagaz heads to the part of the world he will be conquering, the Industrial Zone. Sagaz gets through the first stage of the Zone, and is met with an unhappy greeting, an Andarislasher member, Clowntop. Clowntop then challenges Sagaz to a dual. Sagaz accepts, and the two of them square off. Sagaz defeats Clowntop, who floats away using his balloons. Sagaz then finishes the next stage and is met by a giant robot built out of all the materials of the city. Sagaz defeats the robot and moves on to the next stage. A cutscene is then played and it shows Andarious taunting Sagaz. Sagaz then goes to punch Andarious, but he dodges it. Andarious then takes off, and Sagaz goes after him. Sagaz caught up to Andarious and brutally wounded him. TBA

Twilit's Story

After the meeting, Twilit heads to the part of the world he will be conquering, the Techno Zone. TBA

Scourge's Story

After the meeting, Scourge heads to the part of the world he will be conquering, the Hood Zone. TBA

Krown's Story

After the meeting, Krown heads to the part of the world he will be conquering, the Royal Zone. TBA

Starlit's Story

After the meeting, Starlit heads to the part of the world he will be conquering, the Jail Zone. TBA

Blacklight's Story

After the meeting, Blacklight heads to the part of the world he will be conquering, the Cavern Zone. TBA

Anonymous' Story

After the meeting, Anonymous heads to the part of the world he will be conquering, the Tidal Zone. TBA

Eclipse's Story

After the meeting, Eclipse heads to the part of the world he will be conquering, the Acadia. TBA

Together Story

After all the world is conquered, the starcrashers head to the Andarislasher's secret base. TBA

DLC Stories

Nights the Twilitibat's Story

After the Andarislashers had been taken care of, Nights the Twilitibat reluctantly joined the Starcrashers. Nights the Twilitibat heads out of the world to scout out other worlds. TBA

Anarchy the Twilitibat's Story

Anarchy the Twilitibat was caught flying around the Starcrashers' world, and was caught by Nights the Twilitibat. Anarchy the Twilitibat heads out to one of the many worlds Nights the Twilitibat found. TBA

Moonlight's Story

Moonlight crash-landed on The Starcrashers' planet, and once he found out about the gang, he really wanted to join. Moonlight heads out to another planet Nights the Twilitibat found. TBA


The Starcrashers has gameplay like never seen before! In the Starcrashers, the player can use one character at a time during their part, but when they are all gathered, the player can swap between all the playable characters. The player must use all of the character's abilities to his/her advantage. The gameplay is also like Hyrule Warriors, in which characters fight large armies of enemies and generals on a battlefield, but instead uses the setting and characters from The Starcrashers. In each 'world', there are seven stages, each stage with their own boss. On the seventh stage, there is always a giant boss battle, except for the DLC stages. During each stage, the player must kill as much enemies and do as much 'property damage' as possible while getting to the end of the stage. Sometimes, there are specific objectives like "Chase after Andarious, or steal the gem from the Acadia Guards".


Wii U

A - Jump, push A twice to do an extra jump in the air

A + B - Air Combo

A + X - Special #1

B - Punch

Repeatedly tap B - Punch Combo

B + Y - Special #2

B + Y + A = Special #3

X - Special #4

X + Y - Special Combo

X + Y + A + B - Extreme Special (Charge up meter by defeating enemies to unleash attack)

Y - Special #5

Y + X + B - Combo



Image Character(s) Abilities Description
Sagaz Sagaz Lightning Powers, Magic Powers, Hidden Transformation The leader of The Starcrashers, Sagaz, is conquering the Industrial Zone. With lightning powers and an unseen transformation, Sagaz is a force to be reckoned with.
Twilit by Proto Boshi Twilit Technomagic, Magic Powers, Sufficate TBA
Scourge by Proto Boshi Scourge Multiple Weapons TBA
Krown by Proto Boshi Krown Crystaline, Gemstones TBA
Starlit by Proto Boshi Starilt Immense Strength, Chomp TBA
Blacklight by Proto Boshi Blacklight Extreme Magic, Whip, Mind Control TBA
Anonymous Cloaked Anonymous Scientific Knowlage, Explosives TBA
Eclipse by Proto Boshi Eclipse Tentacles, Stinger Tail, Pincers, Spines, Flaming Breath, Immense Strength TBA

DLC Characters

Image Character(s) Abilities Description
Nights the Twilitibat Nights the Twilitibat Flight, Sharp Wings, Claws TBA
Anarchy the Twilitibat Anarchy the Twilitibat Flight, Wind Blast, Claws TBA
Moonlight Moonlight Lightning Sword, Seperate TBA
Night Night (One of the Starcrashers Moonlight can morph into) Beastly Howl, Immense Strength TBA
Starcrashers Vision Vision (One of the Starcrashers Moonlight can morph into) Lightning Whip, Scouter Gun TBA



Image Character(s) Abilities Description
Andarious Andarious Plasma Powers, Magic, Hidden Transformation TBA
Slakarious Slakarious Flight, Spines, Spiked Club Tail, Pincers, Immense Strength, Flaming Breath TBA
Elecnode Elecnode Music Beam, Chomp TBA
Starlight Starlight Spines, Stealthiness/Color Change, Frost Breath TBA
Chronus Chronus Spines, Helicopter Spin TBA
Troy Troy Lightning Powers, Magic, Mimic TBA
Prof. Moon Professor Moon Scientific Knowlage, Explosives TBA
Frasier Frasier Immense Strength, Spines, Chomp TBA
Venom (Andarislasher) Venom Poisonous Bite, Claw, Flaming Breath TBA
Toxin Toxin Poisonous Bite, Claw, Frost Breath TBA
Sligoo Sligoo Pincers, Goop (Dodges attacks because it's made out of goo), Eat TBA
Clowntop Clowntop Flight, Scare, Multiple Bombs (Smoke Bombs, Cherry Bombs, Regular Bombs, Sleeping Bombs, Frost Bombs, Flaming Bombs) TBA

Character Movesets


Air Combo - Jumps, then whips enemies with his tail until he touches the ground

Special #1 - Charges up a ball of lightning, then shoots a beam of lightning at enemies

Punch Combo - Unleashes a flurry of punches, then ends the combo by punching the enemy with an electrically charged fist

Special #2 - Uses his magic powers to hold the enemy still while he shoots a ball of lightning at it

Special #3 - Casts lightning at all enemies on screen

Special #4 - Uses his magic powers to make everything but him conduct electricity, and he then he unleashes a spark, which electrocutes all enemies

Special Combo - Unleashes three electrified punches, then spins around and knocks all enemies away

Extreme Special - Transforms into his, uh, hidden transformation and destroys all enemies on screen, and most of the enemies off screen

Special #5 - Unleashes a lightning barrier around himself

Combo - Punches seven times, then flings the enemy away


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