The Star of Subcon

The Star of Subcon The official North American cover.</nowiki>
North American Cover
Developer(s) BlooP-OW
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U/Nintendo 3DS/Windows 7/Windows 10
Release Date(s)
1 Player
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating
Genre(s) Adventure
 This is the first fully SMB2 styled project! I planned this
and I made the first level a lot of time ago (maybe in february).

Anyway, let's start.


Wart is trying to conquer Subcon another time, but this time he wants to get also the star of Subcon, which is basically a star that gives power to Subcon. So, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad will have to go to Subcon another time to stop Wart from doing this evil thing.


I will try to emulate a bit the design of SMB2, but I'll also introduce new enemies, power-ups and etcetera. The design will be kept simple, with usually no particular gimmick, and it'll try to be fun as possible. The playable characters are Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad, like in the original SMB2.


Playable Characters

When you unlock a character, the game works like Super Mario 3D World, where you can choose the characters freely.

Image Name Advantage Disdvantage Unlocking Criteria
Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Mario All-around Playable from the start
Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Luigi Can jump higher. Low traction. Playable from the start
Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Princess Peach Can hover in midair for a short time. Runs slower. Playable from the Start
Toad Toad Can run faster. Falls faster.

Playable from the Start

== Worlds ==

World 1 - Flowery Grassland4/4 levels - 100% completed ===

World 2 - Cacty Desert3/5 levels - 60% completed

World 3 - (idk about the name)1/5 levels - 20% completed 

World 4 - (idk about the name)0/5 levels - 0% completed

World 5 - Snowy Lands1/5 levels - 20% completed

===World 6 - Jungle Forest0/5 levels - 8% completed

World 7 - High Mountain1/5 levels - 20% completed===

World 8 - Dangerous Cloudy Sky0/5 levels - 0% completed

World S - Special (lava themed)0/5 levels - 0% completed



Main Article: Sprites/Gallery


Image Name Description
Shy Guy
Para Guy
Para Guy
Big Shy Guy
[[File:|150px]] Green Cobra
Big Purple Cobra
Grey Cobra
Pidgit Bill
Stilt Guy


Image Description

[1][2] [3][4]

Birdo is a recurring boss, although it is not a true boss. Birdo comes in three varieties. The pink one shoots simply eggs, which can be picked up and thrown at it. The red one shoots randomly eggs or fireballs (which harms players if they touch them). The green one, finally, shoots only fireballs; this Birdo must be defeated with Mushroom Blocks.


Mouser is the first true boss players encounter. He attacks by throwing bombs. The bombs sit for a while before they explode, enabling players to pick them up and throw them at Mouser. If the bomb explodes on Mouser, he takes damage.


Tryclyde shoots a series of fireballs that harms the player if the player touches them. Players must throw several Mushroom Blocks at Tryclyde to defeat him.


Fryguy shoots fireballs at players. Players must throw Mushroom Blocks at him to damage him. Once he takes enough damage, he bursts into Small Fry Guys. These take one hit from a Mushroom Block to be defeated, and destroying these enemies clears the level.


Clawgrip throws rocks at players. These rocks can be picked up and tossed at Clawgrip, inflicting damage on him. Once he is hit five times, he is defeated.
Mask Gate


Although most Mask Gates are harmless and allow completion to the level, the Mask Gate within the dream factory is aggressive, attacking the players by flying into them. Players must attack it with Mushroom Blocks to stun it for a short period. Once it is stunned, it allows entry into Wart's room.


Wart is the final boss of the game. He moves back and forth and shoots harmful bubbles at the player. A machine nearby spawns vegetables. To defeat Wart, players must throw these vegetables at Wart when Wart's mouth is open. Wart takes six hits to defeat.


Image Description
1-Up Mushroom


When players collect this item, they receive an extra life.


Pink and red variants of Birdo spit out eggs. Players can pick these up and throw them at Birdo to inflict damage on it.


Bombs can be found normally, from plucking vegetables, or from Mouser. They eventually explode, destroying breakable blocks as well as harming nearby enemies and players.


Found scattered throughout levels, cherries can be collected. If players collect five, a Starman appears.


Coins are found only in the Subspace world. When players pluck vegetables, they receive coins. Coins are used in the Bonus Game at the end of a level for extra lives.
Crystal Ball


Found at the end of the level or by defeating Birdo, Crystal Balls enable the Mask Gate to open so players can complete the level.


Keys open locked doors, granting access to another part of the level. Phantos guard it, however.
Magic Carpet


After Pidgits are defeated, players can ride and control the Magic Carpet for a short time.
Magic Potion


Found after being plucked, Magic Potions creates a door depending where the players toss them. This door leads to theSubspace world.


Found only in certain spots of the Subspace World, Mushrooms give an extra vitality point once they are picked up. This vitality remains for the rest of the level. The Mushroom also restores any lost health.
Mushroom Block


Mushroom Blocks are simple throwing items. They can be used as weapons or get stacked so players can reach higher places. Mushroom Block designs vary from world to world.
POW Block


POW Blocks can be thrown to create a powerful quake. This quake defeats most enemies in the screen.


Rockets are found in grass. If a rocket is found, it automatically transports players to the next part of the level.
Small Heart


Found from plucking grass, Small Hearts restore any HP a player has lost. If the player is in small form, the heart grows the player to Super form.


A Starman appears after players collect five cherries. Once players have collected a Starman, they become invincible for a short amount of time, enabling them to defeat most enemies they touch.
Stop Watch


Found from plucking grass, the Stop Watch stops all enemy movements for a brief time.
Turtle Shell


Turtle shells are found in grass. Once they are thrown, they slide across the ground, defeating any enemy it touches. Once it hits a wall, it is destroyed. If players attempt to land on the shell, they can ride on it.


Vases, as with Warp Pipes, can be entered by having the player duck. Vases contain usually some items, including POW Blocks, Turtle Shells, and Keys. Vases also contain some enemies, such as Shy Guys.


The basic weapon in the game, vegetables are plucked from grasses and can be thrown at enemies to defeat them. Vegetables bounce after they hit an enemy, which can lead to consecutive hits on enemies. If one vegetable defeats enough enemies, extra lives may be rewarded.

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