The Spectacular Super Mario is a 3D Super Mario platform game for the Wii U, released on December 8, 2013. The game puts emphasis on exploration along with the platforming elements that Mario is all about.


Mario, Luigi, Peach and Rosalina are touring across the cosmos of a new galaxy, and Mario gets to explore for a while in a stream of rainbow walkways. During his stroll, Mario sees a flying pirate ship, and it doesn't look friendly, as it's heading for Rosalina's space cruiser. Mario marches back to check on his allies, and the space cruiser and pirate ship have already engaged in battle. The one piloting the ship is suspected to be Bowser, up to no good once again. Mario jumps into one of Rosalina's space cruiser cannons and launches away to inspect the pirate ship. Once on board, Mario tackles all the obstacles in his way, including a bunch of Goombas and Koopa Troopas, until he meets the captain. The captain is a muscular, dark figure with mech-suit around his body. Before Mario can approach, a trap door opens up, bringing Mario down to a pit where he comes face-to-face with the captain's pet, a big turtle creature with a detonator for a shell. Upon vanquishing the beast and obtaining the golden object it was carrying, the captain unleashes his ship's trump card, a gigantic, robotic fist, which punches through Rosalina's ship and sends into plummeting into a nearby planet. Mario quickly escapes the pit and launches out of one of the pirate ship's cannons to rejoin his brother and friends. They survive the crash landing and find themselves on the planet dubbed "Emper" by Rosalina. They set out to scale the planet and look for the pirate ship's captain while collecting these new golden objects, called "Sovereign Moons", again, by Rosalina. Their doorways to the planet's worlds are celestial gateways that'll take them to previously undiscovered civilizations, and they'll need to collect all the Sovereign Moons they can get their hands on to reach the captain and take down his army.


The game plays very much like Super Mario 64, but with significant updates. Mario's moveset has been improved, additional characters with slight differences are added (Luigi, Peach and Rosalina), the player can choose whether to go to the next mission or return to the hub world after collecting a Sovereign Moon, power-ups old (Fire Flower, Super Leaf, Frog Suit, Ice Flower, Mega Mushroom, etc.) and new (such as the newly added Electric Flower and Walloping Gloves) are added, co-operative play for up to four players is available, and there's a list of challenges that the player unlocks throughout the game. Every world in the game is accessed through cosmic portals that are found around the massive hub world, and most of them are unlocked by collecting a certain amount of Sovereign Moons, much like how collecting a certain amount of Power Stars/Shine Sprites has unlocked worlds in previous 3D Mario games.