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The Smash Show is a fanmade show about the Smash Bros. characters.

Main Characters


Mario can be considered the main character.He is a friendly and loyal italian man who loves pizza and spaghetti.He has a robot jetpack thingy named F.L.U.D.D.


Link is a self centered person who thinks he is the coolest.He loves to make a scene.


Kirby is an absolute sucker.He always has bad luck.Yet he always wins when fighting Meta Knight.

Mr.Game & Watch

Considered to be the wierdest,Mr. Game and Watch is a mute,yet hard-working citizen of Flat Zone who likes tag-teaming with R.O.B.He is also a proffessional chef.


Peach is a sweet and royal person, and Mario's love life.She enjoys cooking,but always fails at it,so she gets advice from Mr.G&W.She can be creative too.


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