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The Smash Bros. Club, Known in Japan as Dairanto Smash Bros UrutoraShisutemu! is a Super Smash Bros. Spin-off game for the Wii U and the New Nintendo 3DS, created by Lake Erikson Games Inc. The game is set somewhere in fall 2025.

Logo to Smash Bros. Club

The logo for the videogame.


Game Modes

Groupal Mode

Smash: Up to 12 players can participate in the club, you can choose your character, the time, the stock, the coins and the new Black Grounding, where all the characters are white and battle to be Black. When you're black, you're overpowered to smash your opponents. There are 6 types of stages: Normal (Stages in their form) 3D (Stages in 3D style with some adjustments) Omega (Stages in Final Destination Mode) Alpha (Stages in Battlefield Mode) Gamma (Stages with more walls) and Uber (Stages with less walls).

Special Smash: This is like the Regular Smash, but with more rules: You can pick a costume for your player, the size, the stamina, etc. 

Tournament: Up to 50 players can participate, but only on 4 player smash you can play. Only one stage and one character are banned from the game, and always banned.

Labyrinth Smash-Out: This is like Smash Run, but with adjustments. First, you equip your characters. You can team out to 4 players, and there are only 30 labyrinths you can choose in the Labyrinth Smash-Out Part 1.There is only 10 minutes to complete the labyrinth But watch out for the crossover enemies, they can hurt you! Next, in Labyrinth Smash-Out Part 2, you can select the stage you want, but you still play it as the character you picked, and you have to beat 30 Miis. In Labyrinth Smash-Out Part 3, you have to defeat 50 random characters in Final Destination, and once you defeated them, you have to defeat Master Hand. Once you defeated them, you get 40 or more prizes. The boosts are: Defense, Speed, Attack, Arms, Jump, Special and 2 new: Charge (Characters with Gun only) and Final Smash.

Solo & Multiplayer Mode

Classic Mode: Master Core's Revenge: This is similar to the SSB4 version for the Wii U, but instead of trophies, the player chooses which player they want to choose (Just like Master/Crazy Orders) Clearing 13 rounds, the player will fight with 30 Miis. After clearing that, the player has to face Master Hand (Crazy Hand at 3.0 intensity and Master Core at 5.5 intensity).

Events: The player has to complete an event. Some events you have to unlock them amongst unlocking the indicated character.

All-Stars Mode: You have to fight from the most newest to most oldest characters in custom stages, and when you're done with all characters, you have to fight Sheriff and his 7 clones, with 8 lives each Sheriff!

Adventure Mode: Somewhere Is Behind Me: The Adventure Mode is back from Brawl. In this mode, you have to battle several characters with your own characters, and there is 50+ levels you can unlock. There is 5 bosses: Master Core, Giga Bowser, Ridley, Tabuu and Lurium.You need to unlock some characters after you complete this mode, and  you get 108 trophies or more, depending of what time you completed it. In the Great Abandoned Caverns, you need to find the doors of the unlockable characters.

Smashing Orders: Is the mode that can you choose a ticket to fight with random characters. There are two modes: Master Orders and Crazy Orders. You earn stuff once you completed an order

-Master Orders: You pick an ticket Master Hand gives to you and you start to fight. Once you completed it, you earn 1 random thing.

-Crazy Orders: Same as Master Orders, but you have time limit, and the orders are so much hard. When the time is out, you will battle Crazy Hand (and Master Hand if you have 20 turns or more)

-Core Orders: The Orders are more difficulter than both orders, so instead of 3 tickets to choose, you choose 10 tickets. You have 30 minutes to complete and when the time is out, you will battle Master Hand and Crazy Hand and then Master Edge and a copy of your player. (All forms of Master Core if you have 35 turns or more)

Major League Sandbag Soccer: Back from Super Smash Flash 2, MLSS comes to burn! You choose either Tournament or Single Match. There are 20 stages to choose, and you choose the score limit! Up to 8 players can participate in the MLSS match. The first to get to the score limit wins!

Home Run Bomb: This is like Home Run Contest, but instead of a sandbag, you have to throw a bomb with a home run bat. When the bomb gets to the ground, it gets another with the same feet as the another bomb! But the bomb limit is 3 bombs. Make sure you're lucky in this game!

Break the Targets!!: A minigame where you hit all the targets as fast as you can. And the most important thing of all, the stages are character-specific! (Example: Mario - Mushroom Kingdom stage)

Target Blast: A minigame similar to Break the targets, but instead of breaking the targets with your hands, you launch the bomb to hit the targets.

Multi-Man Stadium: You have to fight your own characters (and Miis and random characters too) and there are variations:

-10-man Stadium: You have to fight 10 smashers, it takes from 10 and 20 seconds to beat.

-100-man Stadium: This is not the longest stadium, You have to fight 100 smashers, it requires a few minutes to beat them before you get knocked out.

-3-minute Stadium: You have to fight many smashers as possible, in 3 minutes

-9-minute Stadium: A new minigame comes to Smash Bros. Club, but you have to defeat many smashers as you do in 9 minutes!

-15-minute Stadium: You have to fight many smashers as possible, in 15 minutes

-Endless Stadium: You have to defeat many smashers as possible, without time or knock out limit! It'll end in the end of life, if you keep playing it for hours!

-Cruel Stadium: You have to defeat many smashers as possible, without time or knock out limit! But watch out, the players are impossible to defeat, so be careful!

Get to the Top Although There is No Top!: The player must stand in many platforms as possible. The more the players stomps in platforms, the more prizes the player gets. (Similar to GTTTATINT 2 from Htwins)


In the vault, you can see all the trophies you've earned, All the music and voices you want to hear, all replays, all records, You can also create your own characters and stages, play masterpieces, hear tips, and since player will love this game more than others, there's 3 types of Trophy Rush!

Custom Character Maker: Select your species (Human, Pokemon, Mii, Plumber, Hedgehog,Fox,etc.) and create your own character, When it's done, you can modelize your attacks, special moves, smash attacks and most important, the FINAL SMASH. These characters are playable only on Training and Smash Mode.

Trophies: See all the trophies you earned, buy them, collect them and play Trophy Rush, Trophy Tower and Trophy Pinball.

-Trophy Rush: A minigame where you destroy blocks as fast as you can, but with limited time. If the line at the top is red, that means the platform is going to dissapear.

-Trophy Pinball: You will get to launch the ball to the Pinball machine and get the highest score ever! The more you highscore, the more trophies you get!

-Trophy Tower: A trophy minigame with no time limit, similar to Labyrinth Smash-Out, but with character-specific stages, just like Break the Targets!!. You will fight the stage-specific enemies (Fighting Barrels if you choose Donkey Kong stage) If you're fast, you get more trophies (not by fighting all enemies, just the time you've completed it, no trophies if the time you've completed is 30:00)

-Shop: Buy your favorite trophies! Search one of the 50 avaibable trophies per day, and choose one or more of them, and if you want, ALL OF THEM!

Amiibo: Take your amiibo, and he'll be your player when you summon him! Also, there's an amiibo roster, that has never been in Super Smash Bros.

Tips: Okay class, it's time to learn some cool tips from the Smash Bros. Club. Look at the tips and you will learn more about this game.

Records: All the characters in stats order, of how many times you played it, KO's earned, etc.

Soundtrack: Listen to all the soundtrack from The Smash Bros. Club. You can hear object noises, character sounds, Narrator speaking, Music playing, etc.

Replays: Replay your smashes so you can record it and show them to Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and another video websites!

Smashlbum: Click! See your screenshots and post them to Deviantart or Photobucket!

Masterpieces: Play games from the past, so you can get the future of games... maybe.

List of Masterpieces: TBA


Can you beat all 2017 challenges? We don't know, but they're so hard!





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