The Sixty Four Saga: Chapter 1 . . . Written by Dk64rules (tbc)

"Ha! Take that, King Koopa!" Sixty said, excitedly. Sixty Four has just beaten the final boss of Super Mario 64! Is that not a cause to be excited?

"Hmm…what shall I play next…oh yeah! Donkey Kong 64! My favorite!"

“Time for dinner, Sixty!” his mom called, just as he was about to get playing.

"Aw, man! I’ll deal with you later DK64! You will not stay unnoticed for long!" Sixty Four shouted to the game cartridge.

As Sixty runs upstairs, there was a knock on the door.

"Can you get that?" his mom asked him. Being the obedient child he is, he quickly answered, "Yeah."

Sixty opens the door and is surprised to see his friend and somewhat of a rival Eight Bit at the doorstep.

"Hey, Sixty. Am I interrupting?" Eight Bit asked. In spite of his elegant, wealthy appearance, he was actually quite down to earth. "I just wanted to tell you that Amy-"

"Please, please don’t mention Amy around my mom." Sixty said in a hushed tone. “I have managed to keep my crush a secret for a while now."

"Oh, well, sorry for…interrupting. I’ll just go then." Eight Bit said in an overly dramatic reply. Sixty closed the door as he left.

“Did you send him away? I told you to be nice to people." Sixty’s mom repremanded her son.

"No, I didn’t. Can I go back to my games now?" Sixty asked in reply.

"But, you haven’t eaten yet." His mom pointed out.

"It’s okay, I’ll take my plate downstairs." Sixty said back.

Sixty took his plate and walked back downstairs to resume playing his games, but he met with a surprising find!

Eight Bit snuck in!

"You’re pretty fond of this old thing, aren’t you?" Eight asked Sixty, Nintendo 64 in hand.

"Hands off, Eight!" Sixty replied, angered.

"Oh, no, I’m not taking my hands off this. I’m going to use it for the game store's contest next week…

Unless, of course, you want to join." Eight finished.

"Well, I am pretty good…I’ll do it! Where do I sign up?" Sixty said confidently.

Setting the Nintendo 64 down, Eight answered. "Oh, you have to sign up at the store by 6:00pm today."

"But, that means I only have 6 minutes!" Sixty replied, afraid he might be too late!

"Well…get going!" Eight said, reminding Sixty that he must use what little time that is left wisely.

"Oh, right!" Sixty said as he sped off, out the attached garage’s door.

"Yes, Sixty…go!" Eight said evilly.

Sixty looked confident as he signed the sheet for the contest. When he was finished, he handed it to the store manager.

"Thanks, kid. The contest’s on Saturday." The manager informed Sixty.

He thought to himself about Amy as he walked home. "Hmm…I’ll win the contest, get a nice shiny trophy, present my excellence to Amy, go on a date, become boyfriend and girlfriend, or wait does that come before date? Whatever. Go on more dates, and I won't even begin to think about what might come after that...hey, I’m home!"

Sixty ran in and saw a devastating sight.

"My games! My ’64! They’re gone!" Sixty exclaimed, looking around on the table where all the games were kept.

Left over, on the table, was a note:

"Well, my dearest friend, notice anything? Yeah, I’ve taken your stuff to my house so I can practice. You are the masterfully skilled player, so I thought, you know, why not train on the best’s stuff? Ha ha! Got to impress Amy in the contest, y’know!"

Best regards,


"Urgh!! Eight Bit, you make me so mad!" Sixty said, very angry.

Sixty ran back out, trying to figure out the tracks of his rival’s steps home. They went down the road, to the left. Based on that, Sixty figured out that the tracks led to…Ludgrove Livings, the wealthiest community in Peace Key City.

"Figures he’s some rich snob kid. I wonder why I never knew that." Sixty thought to himself. He couldn’t get into the community because of security, but he thought, just maybe, he could take the tall ladder from Amy's house and use it to scale the community walls!

And with that, he set off to Amy Cerato’s house, a much more modest-looking home than Eight Bit’s mansion in Ludgrove Livings. Sixty thought of how exactly he was to sneak into Amy’s garage to take the ladder. "If I go through the side door, it’ll put me right inside her garage! Then I’ll sneak the ladder out!" He said with confidence.

And so he sneaked around the side of the house, being extra-quiet, when…

"Ow! What bumped into- Sixty Four?"

Yes, Sixty had been caught by Amy. He got up, not actually knowing who he bumped into, but then he turned around.

"Amy?! Uh, I’m sorry for uh…" Sixty was at a loss for words.

"What are you doing here?" Amy asked, confused.

"Uh, hey, want to…go out sometime?" Sixty said, regretting the words right after he said them. He was about to be rejected beyond imagination.

"Well, I don’t know if you knew, but I actually do like you…so yeah, sure." Amy answered. Almost on cue, Sixty suddenly passed out.

Sixty dreams…

Sixty descends toward a massive light pool, unable to move. He splashes through and is covered in shining gold water. He then falls through a living shadow of Amy, and the shadow blocks out the light. He finally lands, and sees a more demonic-looking Eight stab Amy through the heart. Sixty screams "No!" as Eight comes at him…

Then, Sixty woke up.

"What the hell happened?" Sixty said as he came to his senses.

"You fainted because I said I like you…I think that’s why." Amy replied.

"So…you like him…" Eight said, crossing the street.

"Eight?!" said both Sixty and Amy.

"You took my games and Nintendo 64. Give them back." Sixty said seriously, edging closer to his bigger and taller rival.

"Oh…so it’s her AND the games you want, is it?! Well, it doesn’t matter, because you’re about to DIE!" Eight yelled as he pulled open a void in the air. It sucked Sixty, Amy, and Eight inside quickly, but not before Sixty saw something strapped to Eight’s belt.

It was a sword holder containing…the sword from the dream.


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