The Six Gems
Developer(s) Lime Serenity
Publisher(s) Square Enix
Platform(s) Xbox One, Wii U, PC
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure
Series ScaryGirl
Predecessor ScaryGirl (2012)?
Successor N/A

This is a game where you have to collect six gems from six temples.


After Scarygirl did the rescue mission, a earthquake started and thought. "Was it far away?" She was told that the earthquake was six temples rising up. She was given the "Scarlet Blades", two swords with chains attached to blades. She then headed to where the temples were. She went to the Dark Temple, and she saw that they stole the leaves from the Tree of Life.

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1: Dark Temple

2: Water Temple

3: Steel Temple

4: Flame Temple

5: Ice Temple

6: Jungle Temple

They are done in order, the next temple unlocks when you complete the previous one.

7: Lord Calthax's Castle

8: Silver Caves

9: Skyland

10: Golden Pyramid

11: Underworld

12: Somewhere

13: Crystal Throne

14: Space Chroma

15: The Volcanoga


Each time you defeat a boss, you get a new weapon. With the exception of Lord Calthax's Castle, Silver Caves, Golden Pyramid, and Somewhere.

Scarlet Blades

Attack: *

Range: ****

Speed: **

Note: Starting weapon, it has chains attached to the blade.

Dark Wand

Attack: ***

Range: ***

Speed: *

Note: The spells cost mana.

Sapphire Bow

Attack: **

Range: *****

Speed: **

Note: Arrows cost mana.

Steel Claw

Attack: **

Range: *

Speed: ***

Flame Cross

Attack: **

Range: ***

Speed: *

Note: Is a heavy cross.

Blade of Diamond

Attack: ***

Range: **

Speed: **

Note: You can cast ice waves if you want.

Emerald Blades

Attack: **

Range: ****

Speed: **

Note: Replaces the Scarlet Blades.


Attack: ****

Range: ****

Speed: **

Note: The final upgrade to the Emerald Blades, starts with Moon Rune, you can put other magic runes in it. Found from beating the Starflower from Underworld.

Other Treasures

Power Rune: Permanent damage upgrade by 1 star for every other weapon except the Scarlet Blade line.

Poison Rune: Let's you cast poison on the Lunablades.

Fire Rune: Let's you cast fire on the Lunablades.

Ice Rune: Lets you cast ice on the Lunablades.

Moon Rune: Starts it with the Lunablades, You can summon homing stars.

Gravity Suit: Replaces Scarygirl's appearance with a purple chrome armor jumpsuit. It reduces damage taken by enemies, and let's you go underlava.

Hook Shot: Scarygirl's stolen hook glove, it can latch switches. and pull dials.


Scarygirl's appearance changed. She now wears a dress, and her missing right arm is now her normal right arm. Also, she has no cone hat, her right eye is seen now.

Also known as Scarygirl 3.

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