The Silent One
The Silent One, guardian of the Underground.
Full Name The Silent One
Gender Female
Species Terran Beorn
Location Underground (Earth)
Align Neutral
Current Status Dead, possibly ascended into another state of being
Class Hunter/Guardian
The Underground
Family and Relations
The Spewage Beast (rival)

Lamile (former student)
Unten (successor)

Knowledge, Imperium
Oober Nightmarecoat, The Spewage Beast
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies Able to express knowledge to others in a dream-like state
Vulnerable To Dying within dream-like state
Height 7'01
Weight Classified
First Appearance Beorn Hallow
Latest Appearance Beorn Hallow

The Silent One is a Terran Beorn that appears in Beorn Hallow. She is revealed in Issue 7 as Unten heads to get answers about the Spewage and the underground. True to her name, she doesn't technically utter a word in the entire series, instead feeding knowledge to Unten in a comprehensible way during a dream-like state. She is one of the larger characters in the series, only outclassed by The Spewage Beast and Tweeky's mutated form.


A tall blue Beorn who lacks a real right arm, instead being made of Spewage. Her face is extremely deformed, only having a mouth that's stitched up with two scars over it. These are on the opposite side of the face that Unten's Shattered look had, possibly mirroring that appearance. She has a scar on her chest. She wears a coat of sorts that acts kind of like a poncho.


While mute, The Silent One is incredibly wise, to the point where her knowledge speaks for her. She seems fairly strong in her own right and deals with no nonsense.



Powers and Abilities

The Silent One is able to communicate within a dream-like realm where her knowledge is communicated in a manner that will allow them to understand it best. She doesn't seem to have any other real abilities herself beyond regeneration thanks to the Spewage, but this did not save her when she was killed by Oober Nightmarecoat. She was able to ascend to another state of being after being killed, existing in Unten's mind.


Beorn Hallow




The Silent One met him in the Spewage hide hole in Radux's arena. She communicates to him in a dream-like state but is killed by Oober Nightmarecoat, who Unten had likely accidentally dragged in. She now exists in a state similar to Tennu; only being able to communicate in dreams. Unten takes her coat and Imperium and would use them later on in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.


  • The character and many of the other Beorn Hallow characters were inspired by past attempts to introduce new Beorns, albeit with a dark twist.
  • Her design seems to resemble Unten's Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered look but with the scars on the opposite side of the face.
  • She is the tallest "Beorn" if one does not factor in The Spewage Beast and Tweeky's mutated form (as the two are technically Beorns but mutated to a state that they are no longer recognizably Beorns)

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