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The Showdown is a short story by YellowYoshi398, based on Super Smash Bros. Melee.

The Story


Luigi's feeble body went flying through the air, or whatever eldritch counterpart to air this strange dimension possessed. Swirling technological symbols gyrated around his very eyes, pushing him to the brink of insanity and amplifying the pain constantly pulsating from his wounds. As he descended into the black, voidlike mist - concealing cloudy mountain ranges and starry skies within its supernatural murk - light began to appear from the sides of his blackening body until finally, with an ironic "ting!", he disappeared from the Final Destination in a flash of light. Somewhere, the ruler of this universe awarded the hero his final label: "Failure."

Giga Bowser gave a hearty roar as his cohorts smirked behind him.

"That's the twenty-fifth person to challenge us," Mewtwo hissed, "and as usual, he bent beneath our power."

"Don't get haughty," Ganondorf replied, walking towards his accomplice. "It certainly helps to have the King of Evil on your side."

Giga Bowser, his dark eyes bloodshot, gave a piercing shriek.

"And how could we forget our pet?" said Ganondorf, flashing a mischievous smile to Mewtwo. Neither villain knew how the bumbling Bowser, normally little more than an annoyance to them, had grown so mindless with awing power, but they weren't in the place to question their fortune.

"So," Ganon continued, "are our duties complete? Do any other fighters remain?"

"How should I know?!" Mewtwo said with a controlling glare. "The Master Hand sanctioned us this destination so that all warriors would get a final bout. It's been years since I've meleed - I don't know who else is down there."

"Well, let's not worry about it," Ganondorf affirmed. "Our records show we can beat any challenger who comes our way!"

Giga Bowser, looking towards the sky, let lose an animalistic roar.

"Here comes that challenger now," Mewtwo whispered as he observed the trophy descending from the air.

The unknown fighter was a muscled human dressed in blue with a yellow scarf hanging loosely around his neck. His eyes - sharp, piercing white triangles of anger - were concealed behind the black visor of his crimson helmet, adorned with the bronze image of a falcon. He wore boots and gloves of pure gold, slightly charred from constant pyromancy.

"This is our next opponent?!" Mewtwo yelled. "Why, he's even more of a clown than the last guy!"

"Don't you complain," Ganondorf admonished. "I've always enjoyed an easy victory." The diabolical king of the Gerudo motioned toward Giga Bowser, and the three villains prepared themselves for battle.

Soon the command rung out: "Ready? GO!" The terrible trio took no time to surround their new enemy, waiting to judge his strength. The mysterious figure, however, did little more than twitch his arms and occasionally swing his head forward. He never bothered to move from his starting position.

"What's this fool doing? He won't even attack!" Mewtwo screamed, charging up a Shadow Ball.

"Hold it," said Ganondorf, placing an abrasive hand on his ally's chest. "I'd like to see what this guy can do. Give him a chance." Giga Bowser gave a complacent roar.

Soon the challenger came to his senses, having lured his enemies right in front of him. A smirk ran across his heroic jawline as he bent onto his knees, growing red with energy. "Falcoooooonnneee..."

Mewtwo's eyes widened as his psychic brain was flooded with images of screaming victims punched before. This was no clown; this challenger meant business. The legendary Pokémon tugged at his cohort's soldier. "Ganon--"

"I told you, give the guy a chance!" Ganondorf said as he swatted the three-fingered paw away, unaware of the ultimate danger at hand.


Flames ignited around the challenger's golden fist, bursting into the distinctive shape of a falcon. The attack immediately connected with all three opponents, sending raw, unadulterated pain pulsing through their bodies. Before they could even think, they were being shot across the murky landscape and quickly exploded into the abyss. The challenger smiled.

Soon the KOed trio all regenerated. They quickly jumped off of their platforms and huddled together in fear, hoping with all their might that their flashing invincibility would last long enough for them to think up a new strategy.

"That move... That move!" Ganondorf gasped, falling to his knees in excruciating pain.

"I tried to tell you!" Mewtwo glared. "This man is some kind of legend!"

Ganondorf rose. "No... Didn't you see it? That was my move! My Warlock Punch!!"

"Then use it!" said Mewtwo. "Maybe it can counter him!"

Giga Bowser cautiously yelped. The villains' invincibility had run out, and the challenger was approaching at a leisurely pace. Ganondorf jumped into his path, charging up a punch of his own.

"GeeeeerrrrrrrrrAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" he screamed, conjuring otherwordly power into his fists. He was just about to release a dark purple explosion when--


The challenger's legs, traveling at the speed of sound, slashed across his chest, interrupting his attack and sending him flying back towards his allies. The sheer force of the kick was strong enough to knock them all over - even the supersized Giga Bowser.

"Well?" Mewtwo asked, climbing back onto his feet. "Was that one of your moves, too?"

"No..." Ganon gasped, defeated. "He mast have... invented some kind of ultimate martial art. Tell me, what's my damage level?"

"300%," Mewtwo replied, closing his eyes. "Perhaps we should let Giga Bowser take it from here."

"Good idea," Ganon responded, whistling for his bestial 'pet.' Giga Bowser confronted the challenger, shaking the metallic ground with every step.

For a brief second that seemed like an hour, the two stared each other down. Soon, however, Giga Bowser interrupted the silence with a devastating Koopa Klaw. The unknown challenger, however, was quick to evade the strike, leaping far into the air.

"What's he doing now?!" Mewtwo screeched. Giga Bowser only watched on in a daze as his foe propelled into the vast, black sky.

But the challenger was quick to descend, and as he did so he thrust his knee forward. The knee struck Giga Bowser with a painful thud, forcing him across the stage. Ganon and Mewtwo were caught up in his spiky shell, and the trio tumbled into the black void, exploding in light once more.

This time, as each regenerated with their last stock, they were beyond rational thought. They had experienced far too much pain and lost their will for victory. They, once great emperors of evil, were now simply grasping onto survival. They scrambled to the edge of the platform and cowered in fear.

The superpowered challenger saw his opportunity, but choose not to take it. He merely kept his position at the opposite end of the Final Destination, observing the trembling children before him. For years, perfectly good warriors had had their hopes and dreams dashed across this very ground, and by these very great tyrants now helpless before their punishment. Like the challenger himself, they had been chosen by the Master Hand, but they played dirty. Their desires were dark; none reflected this better than Bowser, who had become a horrible mutant after amassing unthinkable evil. The terrible trio showed no mercy, and they had ruthlessly defeated - nearly killed - all the other fighters. But at long last, justice had arrived.

The three villains raised their heads toward their opponent, their teary eyes wide with fear. Their ingenuine sympathy sickened the challenger, who at long last made his move. He stood tall, placing his left hand on his hip, and gave a sarcastic salute as his heroic mouth flapped open. His final incantation was a challenge, a mocking dare asking his opponents to unleash on him that legendary strength they had seemingly neglected for this crucial match. His words rung throughout the empty dimension.

"Show me ya moves!"

The earth around the challenger's feet quaked, flashing with light. The cold, steel ground of the Final Destination erupted with energy. Invisible waves of pain ran through the floor at lightning speed, quickly colliding with the three once-undefeated dictators. Pain throbbed through their bodies as they were launched across the playing field, disappearing into the dark mist with one last, victorious explosion of light.

And now, freedom finally reigned across This World. The three heartless kings whom none could defeat had met reality, and their forbidden techniques would never taint a melee again. In overcoming the unbeatable and reclaiming the Final Destination, Captain Falcon had done the impossible, and he couldn't have put his victory better himself:


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