Seventy Four Saga

The Seventy Four saga is a three-part chapter in the Voidverse series of fan-fictions by Dk64rules. This one is a prequel to all Voidverse chapters, including the first one about Sixty Four, the most-known Voidverse character.

Part 1: The Void's Beginning

Peace Key City . . . Released ???

The New World Plan . . . Released ???

Born Upon Us . . . Released ???

It is Documented . . . Released ???

Teaming Up . . . Released ???

Part 2: The Void's Wrath

The God of Light . . . Released ???

Light and its Limits . . . Released ???

The Demons in the Dark . . . Released ???

Meeting Rukalor . . . Released ???

That Connected Ending . . . Released ???


See Fantendo:Resources/Voidverse.


  • It is revealed that the true last name of the Fours is actually Altmanti, explaining the name change for Keyan in VI and VII.
  • This is the first saga in the Voidverse series where the main character and the female lead team up to take down evil. Technically, Amy helped in the original Dk64rules (series) II, but that version is not canon anymore, being taken over by The Sixty Four Books: Book 2.


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