The Sequel to the Sequel is the fourth episode of Series 3 of Super Mario. It was aired on 23rd October, 2015.



Wario keeps getting on Mario and Police Guy's nerves. One day, he finds a Keyzer, that opens up a locked shed, with a one-way portal ending here. This dissapoints Wario, but he can't unlock the door, so he closes it, leaving it unlocked.

Suddenly, Captain Syrup finds her way into the Mushroom Kingdom via the one-way portal. She is then spotted by Bowser. After the two spend time talking, Bowser promises to pay Captain Syrup if she helps him take over the Mushroom Kingdom. In the end, the two decide to team up.

Wario, meanwhile, bumps into Toadette. She tells him that the Mushroom Bank has a lot of coins in it at the moment, and tells him that they should rob it. Princess Peach sees the two getting in Wario's car, driving to the Mushroom Bank, causing her to get suspicious. She asks Police Guy to follow the two to make sure they don't get up to mischief.

As Wario and Toadette approach the Mushroom Bank, they see everybody running away. The duo then see Bowser and Captain Syrup on jetpacks, taking the money bags away. Wario is shocked to see Captain Syrup working with Bowser. Toadette tells Wario to follow them to the castle so they can take the money for themselves.

Suddenly, Bowser and Captain Syrup start attacking the Mushroom Kingdom. Berinda and Larry watch it on TV, with Larry denying knowing about these plans.

Meanwhile, Toad, Rievoah, Brighton and Yoshi notice the attack that Bowser and Captain Syrup are doing. They are eventually Bowser Jr., Lemmy, Ludwig and Iago. Yoshi puts Bowser Jr. in his mouth, and Chain Chomp comes to rescue them, by knocking away the other three. Yoshi spits out Bowser Jr., who is now covered in saliva, and others the other four a ride to Bowser and Captain Syrup.

Wario and Toadette, meanwhile, have an arguement over who's fault this is, causing Toadette to run off. Yoshi, meanwhile, arrives to Wario with Rievoah, Toad, Brighton and Chain Chomp. Brighton shows them all a golden mirror, which can shine at anyone to take them out.

Mario, Peach and Police Guy, meanwhile, arrive to the area that Bowser and Captain Syrup are attacking. It is also revealed, however, that Bowser and Captain Syrup have kidnapped Toadette. Toadokay appears with Toadokay demanding to let her go, but Bowser refuses, though Wario comes with the golden mirror and shines it at Bowser and Captain Syrup's face. Bowser drops Toadette and the duo retreat, but drop the coin bags in the process.

For saving the Mushroom Kingdom, Wario and Toadette are given a big bunch of money bags, with everybody congratulating them.


  • When Wario bumps into Toadette, her clothes are coloured red by accident.
  • Toadette get a hug from two adult Toads that she is with in Crowning of the Kingdom, although it is not confirmed, this may be Toad and Toadette's parents.

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