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The Secret Life of Dr. Sakerine is the 25th Episode of the Skip and Sqak Anime Series. It aired on March 8, 1997. This episode reveals Dr. Sakerine's origins.



The show begins with King Drogo having a cup of tea by himself in his room. Suddenly, a mysterious character hiding behind the sofa hits Drogo with a hammer, knocking him out. Meanwhile, King Cheatsy and his Smiley Cheatsy crew Skip, Sqak, Croco, Imp, Tubby and Dib drive around in their Hover Car playing horrible music which wakes up everyone they drive by. The villagers form into an angry mob but Cheatsy thought they are lining up for food.

Sqak quickly knows the crowd is actually angry and drives away from them. The gang actually drove through a work building as the smash though walls all the way up and the Car was flying in the air until they crashed into the Blue Ant Palace, where they find an upset Kaida and Roshan who tell them Drogo is missing. The gang go around to search for clues, until Imp finds a note saying it was Dr. Sakerine who took Drogo to his Labratory Castle. The gang and Kaida go there to save Drogo.

At the Labratory Castle, Drogo is locked on an operating table where the gang confront Sakerine. To everyone's shock and Drogo's confusion, Sakerine says that "Will he ever hurt his own FATHER?!". Sakerine also explains that he isn't like the other SSSSS Members who have been created by X2.

Dr. Sakerine was once King Drogo's pet flea, known as "Fluffy" until an experimental incident caused him to mutate into a monster and giving him the ability to speak. When Drogo fell in love with Kaida, he spent so much time on her then Fluffy. Angered, Fluffy ran away from home only to bump into Red Ant Soilders, who are impressed with his intellegence. He quickly became a Red Ant Scientist and changed his name to "Dr. Sakerine".

Back in reality, Kaida asks Drogo if the story is true, but he said he didn't remember much since she came to his world. When Drogo apolagizes to Sakerine for ignoring him and asks if there is anything to make it up, Sakerine wants to have Iku Powers like Skip and Sqak and their friends. The gang all refuse, even Cheatsy, but Drogo lets him, much to their shock.

Dr. Sakerine and Drogo build a machine that sends the gang's powers into Sakerine. The machine was a success, but the gang realize Sakerine wants to destroy the world with his new powers and attack him. After a big battle, Sakerine defeats the gang and begins destroying his own lab, knowing that it's useless for his new plan. As Sakerine destroys everything in his path, Drogo remembers that Sakerine was a terrible pet as he breaks anything he touches.

Not only did he remembered who Sakerine was, but he also remembered Sakerine also saved the SSFF from getting destroyed by the Dark Iku Portal that brought them to the future while messing with one of Drogo's machines.. Shocked, Sakerine couldn't believe it was actually him that brought the gang to the future and can barley stay on track. Then Skip and Sqak put him back into the machine that wasted his powers, and the gang and Drogo go home, leaving a traumatized Sakerine behind.


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