The Second
Full Name The Second
Current Age Technically 9 but not mentally
Zodiac Sign Aries
Gender Genderless; uses male pronouns
Species Unknown if any
Align Neutral
Ability/ies Curse
Height Variable
Weight 0
The First
The Second, also occasionally referred to as The First due to wacky translation errors, is a mysterious character shrouded in a gold light. He is completely two-dimensional and very nimble, and uses both of these attributes to his advantage.

Despite having godlike powers, The Second is also cursed to be very bashful and awkward. His most well-known move is passing this curse onto other beings, subjecting them to a life of loneliness from which they can never return. To date, the curse has been used on a total of at least 70112 beings, and those are just the ones there are records of.

It is said that he helped to create all of reality, though which reality this legend refers to is unclear. The existence of the Bubble Multiverse only serves to complicate things.


  • The Second's very existence is a metaphor for a certain unseen power. His every revealed attribute is meant to reinforce this.

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