Metal Locked and Chaos 12 pwn this project

Editing it is fine but only in YOUR SECTION please


In the year 4050, the earth has been destroyed, all that is left is various debres and the shards of the Master Emerald, then out of an orange light, Chronos, the reincarnation of the greek god of time, appeared at the site, then out of the largest shard, appears a green echidna, born from the Master Emerald, she informs Chronos of recent and basic historic time line events that have happened over the last 4050 years, she then informs him to use Chaos Control to teleport back in the time that the destruction occured, she says to find the person or object responsible for the worlds demise. Chronos: Who are you?, Master Echidna: I am the key to the rebirth of this planet, I am the Master Emerald, I have taken on the form of Tikal the Echidna, I have traces of her DNA inside me, along with Chaos Zero, the Liquid God of the Chao, now will you help me? Chronos: Ofcourse, anything for a lady, what do you require? Master Echidna: Thank you, I need you to find Shadow the Hedgehog, and inform him of the events that occured 50 years before the year 2006, can you do that for me? I will be right here waiting, Chronos: Yes, but what is your name? Master Echidna: Just call me Tikal, after all I do have her DNA, Chronos: Chaos...CONTROL!!! Chronos has fufilled his first Time Warp and is now on the way to make a certain black and red hedgehogs life just a bit easier.


Most of the Characters in this here fanon are ficticious edits and customs, you have been warned...

Hiro the Echidna

Hiro 3

Gaia the Hedgehog

Gaia 3

Tara the Hedgehog

Tara 2

Chronos the Hedgehog

Chronos 3

Chaos 12

Chaos 12 PA

Tikal 12



Dr. Manhattan

Drmanhattan 1

Aura the Fox

Aura 3


Phere 3

Frost the Hedgehog


Lyx 4


Shadow the Hedgehog


Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles PX

Mephiles the Dark


Chaos Zero

Chaos 0

Metal Sonic



Credit to ZetaR02 on Deviant Art for the Master Echidna and Credit to my colleague, Chaos 12 for the Master Emerald Chaos Zero and Chronos Metal Locked 09:05, 29 July 2009 (UTC)

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