The beginning of the struggle.

Computer: Hello. What I can do for you?
???: Begin operation 665.
Computer: Operation 665 requires a password.
???: 588945.
Computer: Operation 665 started.
???: Hmph.

Sometime later.

???: Ugh... where am I? Who am I?
Machine: Doctor Gay Marrison.
Dr. Gay Marrison: Gay Marrison?
Machine: Oh sorry, wrong person. Your name is Alexander Grey.
Alexander: Where am I?
Machine: You are on the SUNBLIND LABORATORIES, INC., located at ANTARTICA. Currently at the bathroom of FLOOR 2.
Alexander: Who are you?
Glay: I am the ROBOTIC GUIDE FOR SURVIVORS OF OPERATION 665, nicknamed Glay.
Alexander: Operation 665?
Glay: Yes, OPERATION 665 is a operation module for the main computer KIRA VERSION 9.8, it would activate the EXTERMINATION POISON and it would kill us all.
Alexander: W-what!?
Glay: The operation 665 was programmed by the SUNBLIND LABORATORIES, INC. director STEVE ULIBERG, the reason for it was unknown and nobody knew about it, he also programmed the OS for the computer KIRA VERSION 9.8 and also created me. Only Uliberg knew about it. He died in 2007. The operation was made by someone unknown and we may never know how is, because the computer KIRA VERSION 9.8 died along the other scientists. Luckily, we had a vaccine for it, hidden on the director's office. Someone had found it and used it. It was you. That is why you are still alive.
Alexander: We need find help... we must escape!
Glay: It is impossible to escape. The temperature outside is -105º, if a human goes there, the human would die instantly due the cold.
Alexander: God damn!
Glay: For a human being that forgots its memory, you sure remember the swear words.
Alexander: Shut up!
Glay: Why didn't someone smarter used the vaccine instead of this ignorant prick?

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