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The Saviors (originally entitled Tayshaun & Amy - The Saviors, changed due Tayshaun and Amy not making appearances) is a TV series set in the RTAverse, written, directed and produced by RTA fan (tbc) The series focuses on new heroes of the RTAverse and their own adventures separted from the adventures of RTAverse main characters Tayshaun and Amy.

Series synopses


Character Description
Ayrton Romero A courageous young man from Belize, Ayrton is a guy not afraid to get battle wounds.
Rubens Ikedia A Brazilian man with energy to burn, Rubens tends to get himself into trouble more than he should.
Alexi Petrovic A Bosnian guy who went over to the States for a job he never got, Alexi is a person with great stealth skill and is smart.
Ellie Richardson A girl with telekinesis from Quebec, Ellie is a girl who always uses her powers for mischief and never helping others out.
Tomas Kozlov A guy from Hungary, Tomas moved to California to try and play for a team in the MLS.
Taylor Jamison
A pyrokinetic from the Cook Islands, Taylor is a girl who wanted to find a more populated area and moved to Los Angeles.
Natasha Sankovic Jerry Sankovic's elder sister, Natasha is a Bulgarian woman who has spent her life trying to get her name out there and be known.
Chloe Harrington A young woman from Hawaii, Chloe is a girl who went across the Pacific to find a job in the mainland of the US.
Ifeyani Okadigbu A Malian guy who traveled to America hoping for great things, Ifeyani is a guy who's wiling to do anything, regardless of how grueling.
Emily Kramer
A New Zealander who moved to America after being transferred in her business, Emily ended up leaving her job so she could put her terrakinetic powers to use.
Barry Robinson An ordinary guy from Alaska who fights among the madness he encounters daily, Barry is like a silent protagonist of sorts, not talking often.
Malcolm Jackson A young man from Kiribati and ancestor of Amy Jackson, Malcolm is a guy who tends to be the guy to plan out attacks.
Iggy O'Bryant A guy from the Solomon Islands who decided to go to the States at a young age, Iggy is a combat specialist who knows his fair share of fighting tricks.
Paul Cannon A Nevada guy with secret agent training, Paul is like a scout for the team, looking for bases to infiltrate.


Season One

Season N° Series N° Episode Title Description
01 01 Heroic on a Global Scale A team of long-time friends from around the world, all inspired by Amy Jackson and her team of vigilantes, meet up and start a vigilante team in Los Angeles, and take on the challenge of saving the world.
02 02 TBA TBA
03 03 TBA TBA
04 04 TBA TBA
05 05 TBA TBA
06 06 TBA TBA
07 07 TBA TBA
08 08 TBA TBA
09 09 TBA TBA
10 10 TBA TBA
11 11 TBA TBA
12 12 TBA TBA
13 13 TBA TBA
14 14 TBA TBA
15 15 TBA TBA
16 16 TBA TBA


Reception so far has been TBA.


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