The SMW Show
Creator(s) Fantendo
Producer(s) Fantendo
Distributor(s) Fantendo
Broadcaster(s) Cartoon Network (10 October 2010)
Playhouse Disney (1 January 2011)
Genre(s) Comedy
Opening Theme Tom and Jerry Tales (Theme Remix)
Ending Theme Credits (SM64)
Country of Origin USA
Original Language English
The SMW Show is a 3D (known 4D) TV series and well first aired on 10th October 2010 in the USA from Cartoon Network.

Country: USA, Vietnam

First aired: USA





All characters return from the series.


This show has only has 18 episodes: 10 from season 1 and 8 from season 2.

Season 1

  1. Shut Up and be Quiet Please/Why Tiptiup?
  2. Sonic went over Banjo/Marth's Kid-Napping
  3. Conker hates Roy Koopa/Drumstick touched Bowser Jr.
  4. Ike paints King Boo/Diddy Kong's Jetpack
  5. Game Over/Tom Cat paints over Pingu
  6. Koopa Bros. knows that/Humans ran Pipsuy
  7. Bowser and Mario Vs. Kirby and Ruby/Lemmy Koopa's Good Games
  8. Luigi saws Timber/Bumper Cleaning
  9. Dr. Mario sees Yoshi/Birdo's Egg Pack
  10. Rosalina lost her Wand/Bowser Time!

Season 2

  1. Mario Party/Peach plays Queen
  2. Baby Drumstick is Born/Lose a Life
  3. No Fishing/Wiggler's Flowers
  4. Diddy Kong Racing: Do Not Die/Fire Littlefoot
  5. Pokey draws a Sword/No Pain, No Sain
  6. Donkey Kong rolls a Ball/Spike goes to the Wet
  7. Because, it's Bad/Hammer Bro.'s Birthday
  8. Mario's House is fixing/Going to a Time Maker


  • Fantendo - Fan TV, Fan TV HD, Steli Channel (2011-present)
  • United States - Cartoon Network, Playhouse Disney (2010-present)
  • Vietnam - Cartoon Network, Playhouse Disney (2011-present)
  • Japan - Kids Station, Playhouse Disney (2011-present)
  • Canada - Playhouse Disney, Nick Jr. (2011-present)
  • United Kingdom - Playhouse Disney (2011-present)
  • France - France 3, France 2, France 5, Playhouse Disney (2011-present)
  • Netherlands - Playhouse Disney, Cartoon Network (2011-present)
  • Italy - Playhouse Disney (2011-present)
  • Australia - ABC for Kids, Playhouse Disney (2011-present)
  • New Zealand - Playhouse Disney, Nick Jr. (2011-present)
  • Latin America - Playhouse Disney, Boomerang (2011-present)
  • Russia - 2x2, Playhouse Disney (2011-present)
  • China - CCTV (2011-present)
  • Middle East - KidsCo (2011-present), MBC3 (2010-2011), Spacetoon (2010-present)


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