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The Royal Mushroom Kingdom Family

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The Royal Mushroom Kingdom Family
the former rulers of the Mushroom Kingdom
Species human
Living Town Mushroom Kingdom
Current Status(es) Ruler
Is the family of Princess Peach and Princess Logica


King Magnus Toadstool- the father of Princess Peach and close friend of trusty steward Toadsworth. King Magnus was the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom until he retired and entrusted the kingdom to his beloved daughter.

Queen Melodia Toadstool- is the mother of Princess Peach and Princess Logica and wife of King Magnus. Queen Melodia passed away when Peach was 9 due to a terminal illness, but she left behind a pendant that her mother gave her and the blue signified the tears she gave while the gold symbolized the royalty her family possesed.

Physical Appearance

King Magnus- bears some similarities to his daughter. King Magnus has light grayish blonde hair that reaches
Paper melodia

Paper Queen Melodia

down to his neck with a large matching beard underneath his mouth. King Magnus also has large dark blue eyes and thick black eyebrows. King Magnus wears a puffy blue shirt with a large yellow belt that wraps around his blue shirt and yellow buttons to match. King Magnus wears tan puffy pants and brown boots and a golden crown with green and blue gems Queen Melodia- looks almost identical to her daughters Peach and Logica. Melodia has platinum blonde hair that is
Queen Melodia

Queen Melodia's solo art

very wavy and long. Queen Melodia wears red lipstick along with blue eye shadow. Melodia wears a long aquamarine gown with gold trimmings and large gold panniers that frame her dress and gold earrings to match. The queen also wears a gold crown with orange and red gems. Melodia also wears the same pendant Peach wears, since she passed down her pendant to her


A picture of Melodia and Magnus can be seen in Peach's Castle library and in the main hallways


King Magnus was designed after King Magnus of the Snow White and the Huntsman series, and the two even share the same name.

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