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Queen Eleanor Toadstool

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Queen Eleanor Toadstool
Queen Eleanor Toadstool
former Queen of the Mushroom Kingdom
Gender female
Species human
Living Town Mushroom Kingdom-formerly
Current Status deceased
Ability/ies was able to add a sense of peace and stability to the Mushroom Kingdom

"Mother" "Lady Eleanor" "Little Ellie"

Was the kind hearted queen of the Mushroom Kingdom, wife to King George Toadstool, and mother Princess Peach and Princess Logica shortly before her passing.


Not much information is known about Peach’s mother from her infancy years, however it is stated that her family was a wealthy noble family that lived in the Mushroom Kingdom and both she and King George were in an arranged marriage by their parents. As Eleanor and George grew older together, they both fell in love and eventually wed. Eleanor eventually bore two children. As the years passed by Eleanor began to grow weary and very ill. She was later admitted into the Mushroom Kingdom Hospital where she was diagnosed with an unknown terminal illness. When King George heard of this, he became very depressed and sad. However, on her deathbed Queen Eleanor put her hand towards his face and told him to not be sad and remain strong for their daughters and the kingdom. As her last breath approaches, Peach and Logica come into the hospital room where Eleanor tells them of how much she loves them and they will grow to become strong resilient queens of the Mushroom Kingdom. 


King George

"George my love, please protect our daughters. They will need you once I perish"
Eleanor pleading George to protect their daughters shortly before her passing
George shared a very special romatic relationship with King George. The two were said to have been inseprarable, and were eternal soul mates. On the day of their anniversary, George gave Eleanor a white jewel that he found while gardening. She took a romatic interest in him due to his introverted and shy personality. She also thought that the gifts he constantly gave her were charming. She took the jewel and made it into a necklace. The two went on romantic walks through toad town and picnicks on Mushroom Beach (now known as Peach Beach) . Eventually, the two settled down, got married, and had two children together.

Princess Peach

Eleanor shared a very close relationship with Peach, even more so than logica. Eleanor groomed Peach to be a benevolent Ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom like the kings and queens before her. Eleanor stated that Peach reminded her so much of herself when she was young. This made her younger daughter Logica, very jealous and envious of their relaitonship


Why do you care? My own mother favored you more than me, so what does it matter"?
-Logica expressing her inner pain from her mother's supposed favortism

Eleanor had a somewhat strained relationship with her youngest daughter Logica. Logica was known as the bookworm, and the black sheep of the family due to he rebellious personality. Logica has often stated of how she thought her mother loved her older sister more than her, and Eleanor even told her on her deathbed that she loves all her children equally.

General Information

"Oh, your mother was so beautiful. You are the striking resemblance of her"
King George Toadstool remarking of the physical resemblance between Peach and her mother

Character Description

Eleanor passed on alot of her physical traits to both of her daughters Peach and Logica.  Eleanor is a human with large sky-blue
Queen eleanor 2

Queen Eleanor solo art

eyes and strawberry blonde hair. Eleanor has a tall height in terms of other characters. She was significantly taller than Peach as an adult, but slightly shorter than Rosalina. Her body composition is similar to her daughter's, however her frame is much taller and thinner compared to Peach's curvy and rotund figure. Eleanor's skin is fair in complexion. She has a short pointed nose that complements her strong cheek bones. She has long elognated lips that are covered in red lipstick, in dictinct to Peach's round puffy lips. Eleanor has long deep brown eyebrows that make a unique curve shape as they extend. Her facial shape is almost exactly like her daughters, however her is more rounded due to her hairstyle versus Peach's heart-shaped head.

Eleanor has thick long luxurious strawberry blond hair that reaches her mid back. Her hair features a unique large bang that curls up in a cinnamon roll like fashion, and long side burns that curl at the ends. She wears her hair in a elegant side ponytail with curly that are defined towards the end.


Queen Eleanor usually wears a floor length white ballgown with a purple corset and matching white evening gloves. Her gown is sleeve-less and features a deep plum corset that stops just a little bit before her clevage. The rest of her gown is white and is flowing and is said the twirl as she walks. Eleanor also wears a crown that is silver (like Rosalina's) but it has purple and cyan jewels. She also wears a white neckalce and white long earrings

Alternate Clothing

During ceremonies and her coronation, Eleanor wore a golden gown that was floorlength also. Her gown has light golden ruffles that extended from the center downward and has a deep gold dress underneath. She also wars a sash that is complete with a brooch that was given to her by her mother (which is the same one peach wears). It should be noted that Eleanor also will wear a white puffy overcoat over her gown during the cold winters.


Eleanor had gone through several beta names before her final name was choosen (Melody,Harmony,Freida,Cassandra,and Melodia).

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