The Roots of the Team is the pilot episode of The Los Angeles Crew. It was written by RTA fan (tbc) and first aired in July 2016.


An unlikely team of characters join forces to save the world.


The screen starts out black as a news report is heard.

Reporter: The world's most irresponsible hero team has struck again.

The camera then shows a load of employees sat in the back room in a Greenbacks cafe. The camera then focuses on a Polynesian woman.

Reporter: Two members of this so-called "Los Angeles crew" were arrested today after being caught trying to graffiti the Hollywood sign...

The woman sighs and shakes her head as another employee looks at her.

Employee: What's up with you, Aloha?
Aloha: I work with those idiots.
Employee: Really?
Aloha: Yup. No one has faith in me when I go to the rescue as a result.
Employee: That's gotta suck.
Aloha: It does. I'm gonna go bail 'em out. Tell Tom I'm gonna need someone to cover my shift.

The employee nods as Aloha grabs a jacket and walks to the police station.

A woman is seen sleeping with her feet up on a desk high up in a skyscraper, next to a phone as it rings.

Woman: Shit!

She falls back as she hits her head hard on the floor.

Woman: Goddamn!

She gets up and answers the phone.

Woman: What do you want?
Voice: Connie, help!
Connie: For god's sake, Dave, what happened this time?
Dave: Me and Jane got arrested.
Connie: What for?
Dave: We were stopping some graffiti artists vandalising the Hollywood sign, they bailed and the cops mistook us as the taggers.
Connie: Ugh. I'm gonna get down as soon as I can.
Dave: Alright.

Connie hangs up as she walks down the building.

Connie: (in her head) Fucking idiots.

A woman is seen in a hospital bed, with a bandage on her head and her right arm in a sling as a doctor walks over to her.

Doctor: How are you feeling today, Ms. Thomas?
Ms. Thomas: I'm fine.

A man walks through to Ms. Thomas.

Man: Hey, Chris, I brought some clothes from the office.

The man drops a tank top and some leather pants on the bed and puts some boots beside Chris.

Chris: Thanks, Wolf.
Wolf: Not a problem. When should you be out anyway?
Chris: Today, hopefully.
Wolf: Cool. Did you hear about Dave and Jane?
Chris: Were they arrested again?

Wolf nods as Chris sighs.

Chris: What for this time?
Wolf: Graffiti, but Dave says they were stopping it. Aloha's gone to bail 'em out.
Chris: How'd you know she is?
Wolf: She texted me.
Chris: Oh.

Chris reaches for her clothes as they chat.

Dave and Jane are seen, handcuffed in a cell as a police officer opens their cell up.

Officer: You've been bailed out.

Dave sighs a breath of relief as the two walk through to see Aloha.

Dave: Thanks.
Aloha: No problem.

The trio walk out as they feel an unusual feeling, with people on the street staring at them.

Jane: People hate us, don't they?
Dave: Probably.
Aloha: This is what we get for being part of the "worst hero squad".
Dave: True. Have you guys ever though about joining other teams?
Aloha: If I had a dollar for every time I have, I'd be rich.
Jane: I was considered a hero in Argentina, but here I just feel despised.
Dave: You were considered a hero?
Jane: Yeah. I saved multiple people, but here I've been mistaken for a criminal more times than I can count.
Dave: It's probably the bias against us. Cops see us and immediately assume we're the bad guys.
Aloha: Yeah. I've had cops walk into the Greenbacks I work in while I'm on shift and nearly every time, it's ended in them trying to arrest me.

Jane sighs.

Jane: We need to clear our name somehow.
Aloha: Amen to that, sister.

Most of the team is seen in a skyscraper, overlooking L.A..

Connie: I just checked the records against us, and...
Chris: How terrible is it?
Connie: Dave's been arrested 15 times in the last two weeks.
Dave: I swear I'm the one they're always after.
Connie: Wally, you've managed to go arrest-free the entire time this team's been together. Same for you, Fatima.
Wally: Sweet.
Fatima: Nice.

Cameron Hudson, Vyacheslav Trovorski and Helen Willis are seen entering the room, Helen noticing the paper in Connie's hand.

Helen: Oh, we playing "Who Got Busted The Most" again?
Connie: ...Yes.

Helen looks at the paper.

Helen: Dave, how'd you get arrested twice in one day?
Dave: The cops are hellbent on ending us, that's how.
Helen: True.
Jane: How do Wally and Fatima avoid always avoid arrests?
Fatima: I think I heard something about the head of the LAPD having a lot of respect for me.
Wally: I'm just on peoples' good sides.







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