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The Rook
Full Name The Rook
Current Age 0
Date of Birth November 13
Gender None / Male
Species Machinae
Location BWK Mechanical Strategy Facility
Current Status Active
Class Robot; Guard
The King
Family and Relations
Other BWK troops
Main Weapon(s) Clypeus Colossus
Ability/ies Unmatched frontal defenses
Immovable stance
Vulnerable To Unprotected backside
Slow and sluggish
First Appearance Black_White_Red
Latest Appearance Black_White_Red
The Rook, during a BWK game session

The Rook is the unofficial mascot of Black_White_Red and one of the first troops that the player can use.


The Rook is among the biggest troops in BWK, reaching over seven feet tall, with broad shoulders and a small head. Its limbs are thick and sluggish-looking, with hands and feet the size of a human head. Its armored plating is styled after knights (cylindrical helmet, plate-mail-like chestpiece) and its namesake chess piece (eyeholes similar to arrow slits, shoulders and cuffs comparable to battlements). On its back, it carries a massive shield - its “Clypeus Colossus”, giant enough to protect its entire body and painted with the rook chess piece as an emblem. The same emblem is displayed on its chestplate and back. Also on its back is its exposed maintenance panel, where it is most vulnerable.


In Black_White_Red, the Rook has little to no personality to speak of. It is a lifeless machine that exists only to follow the commands of its King, whether it's a computer or a human. When it speaks, it's in an emotionless monotone that only barely sounds like a human male, plagued by audio glitches.

As BWK’s representative in outside material like crossovers, however, the Rook adopts a stereotypically medieval persona. With this personality, it speaks in old English and with more emotion, albeit in the same hauntingly inhuman voice and with the same glitches. In this mode, the Rook is a chivalrous hero who claims to protect the innocent, when in reality it's only programmed to protect its battlefield allies and will ignore innocents unless commanded otherwise. It claims to enjoy orchestral music, obscene quantities of wine and mead, and Shakespeare; of course, it cannot appreciate art, it does not become drunk, and it can review Shakespeare in its head at any time, so these details must exist to make it seem more human in the eyes of its allies.


The Rook is built for defense. With its powerful limbs and giant shield, it is capable of setting itself up as a near-impenetrable defensive wall that is immovable until the Rook itself chooses to move aside or is ordered by its King or allies to do so.

Of course, this incredible defense comes at a price. It's weight and thick limbs frequently end up getting in the way of swift movements, as it is designed more for standing still than swiftly reacting. In addition, though its frontal defenses are nearly impenetrable, it will be very vulnerable to enemies behind it. Finally, its mechanical nature leaves it especially vulnerable to enemies who are experts at hacking or can control machines mentally.



The Rook is one of the first troops that the player can use in Black_White_Red. It is practically immune to frontal attacks, which makes it perfect for blocking hallways, but is incredibly slow and has little-to-no attack power.

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