The Robot is an episode of The Psychic Crew. It first aired on Feb. 3, 2015.


Austyn comes downstairs and sees Mega Man, broken and on the couch. He runs over to him and checks him out. He finds a cupcake lodged in his throat, and that is what broke him. Austyn cries out "IT WAS YOU!" and mutters "Oh well, he deserved it," and then starts to walk away. Then Lucina comes into the room and sees Mega Man. She asks Austyn what happened. He says that Mega Man was the one who ate the cupcake and that he refuses to help him. As he walks away, Lucina grabs him by the shirt and pulls him over. She asks if he knows anything about robots, and he answers no. Then Mangle climbs down from the ceiling, much to the others' surprise. He says that he knows a lot about robots, as he is very close to being one. He tries to fix Mega Man, but only ends up damaging him even more. Mangle takes a step back and says "Maybe I don't know as much about robots as I thought I did." Then Mega Man reboots, but due to Mangle's attempts at fixing him, Mega Man becomes evil and the three have to fight him. After a long fight, Mega Man gets broken again, and this time everybody just leaves him alone.


  • This is Lucina and Mega Man's second major role.
  • There is a glitch in the theme song when Rosalina calls Luma to her. Instead of Luma being its normal color, it is brown.
  • This episode is considered as a sequel to The Mystery.

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