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A full complete Pokedex of the Pokemon Alpha and Delta Version's Rimble Region. This will be under constuction for a while until it is complete.

Rimble Pokedex

001 - Pyrosi: The Fire Pup Pokemon

It has a small fire on its tail and head, and the fires must be kept there or it would die. It can bark fire, making this Pokemon cute, and scary.

002 - Pyrosio: The Fire Pup Pokemon

Its fire on its head and tail have tempatures up to five-hundred degrees farenhiet. When it barks, it can burn trees.

003 - Eruptsio: The Fire Roar Pokemon

When it roars, its fire can burn areas within three miles. The fires on its tail and head resemble its life.

004 - Harupi: The Aqua Cub Pokemon

It is unusual for cats to swim, but its tail makes it look like a mermaid. Some trainers mistake swimming Harupi for monsters in a lake.

005 - Harupis: The Aqua Lion Pokemon

Although it is an excellent swimmer, it can only stay underwater for an hour on one breath. Many folktales say that Harupis is a sacred water spirit.

006 - Harupisti:

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