The Revenge of Mini Bowser
Genre(s) Animation
Theatrical Release Date(s)
July 2010 (United Kingdom)
October 2010 (Jetania)
Home Edition Release Date(s)
2011 (worldwide)
Runtime 71 minutes

The Revenge of Mini Bowser is a spin-off film to the Mario series, starring Mini Bowser as the main star. It was only released in British and Jetanian cinemas, and was direct-to-DVD everywhere else. It was released under the name Here Comes Koopa Kid! in the United States and Mini Koopa: The Movie in Japan.


Mini Bowser has been banished by Bowser because of his failure to contribute to the Koopa crew for three years. Because of this, Mini decides to return to the Mushroom Kingdom and cause chaos.

On his way, Mini meets a Koopa called Dieago. Dieago says that he was banished by Bowser too, so they decide to team up and take down all lands.

Mini and Dieago bump into Princess Peach. She asks what they are doing here. Mini says that he is going to take over all lands and no one is going to stop him. Peach then decides to call Mario and Luigi to help her stop the two.

Mini Bowser calls his three clones, Red MB, Green MB and Blue MB to take over Lava Land, Giant Land and Water Land respectively. Bowser then discovers this on a news programme and calls Mario, Luigi and Peach, saying that he must help them stop Mini Bowser and Dieago.

The four head to Water Land to stop Blue MB. They have trouble getting up his water castle and end up in prison. Luigi, however, reveals he has a vanish cap. He jumps out the prison cell and swings Blue MB out of the castle. With that, Water Land is restored.

Next, they head to Lava Land to stop Red MB. Bowser claims Red MB's castle was once his and punches his way through a shortcut. They fight Red MB. Peach eventually sends him flying using her parasol. This restores Lava Lamd.

On their way to Giant Land, they find a Yoshi egg. Yoshi then gives Mario a ride across. Mario then pushes a switch, letting out a bridge for the other three to cross. They enter Green MB and fight them. He runs away after Yoshi swallows him. This restores Giant Land.

The four then notices Mini and Dieago in a flying airship. Dieago announces that they will be dominating all areas and that they were just getting started. Bowser, however, offers Mario, Luigi and Peach a ride on his clown ship. They then ride up to the airship and break into the room with Mini and Dieago in it.

Dieago, however, then reveals his true plan, to destroy all worlds. This causes Mini Bowser to turn him down and help the other four fight him. They then chase Dieago outside to a balcony. Dieago, however, stands on top of the rails with a Bullet Bill blaster. He fires, but misses the five. He then loses his balance and falls to his (apparent) death into the black clouds.

Mini Bowser then apologises for all the trouble he caused as he lets out his three clones from their prison. The Mushroom Kingdom then begin to appreciate Mini Bowser and his efforts to be nice and the lands start a parade. Mario then gets a picture of him, Luigi, Peach, Bowser and Mini Bowser as the credits roll.


The film received mixed to negative reviews. It has a 38% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

Box Office

The film grossed £23.1 million on its first month in cinema.


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