The Reveal is the 3rd episode of Skip and Sqak XD. It originally aired on September 14 2013. The plot is when a villainous team attacks Galaxian High to destroy SSFF.


  • SSFF
  • WASP
  • RAVI
  • GIRL
  • RED (Main Antagonists)
  • Captian Salt
  • Queen Kaida
  • Queen Aleena
  • Coach Tusk
  • Mrs. Posi
  • Dr. Tron
  • Hip and Hop
  • Coo Koo Klux


In Galaxian High, the Teams are in class with Coo Koo Klux teaching them about Blue Ant technology. Suddenly the PA comes on asking the SSFF to go down to the mission room. Upon going down there, Captian Salt tells the SSFF that someone sabatoged the power of a Blue Ant Hive and the team are sent to investigate. Inside the hive, the SSFF found the problem to the power: something was chewing inside the power cords. Suddenly, a mysterious figure sends a message to the SSFF saying "I will get my vengeance on you, Freedom Fighters! You'll all pay with your lives!"

The scared SSFF team go back to Galaxian High and told Salt about the mysterious caller. Before they can react, the ship gets attacked by Red Ants and the Teams fight back. The Teams fought and defeated the Red Ants and they got another message from the same character. Sqak demands for the figure to reveal his identity, but the figure is actually his old friends, Melvin, Bruno, Jerry, Egghead, Priceless, Keef and Lance wanting to get revenge on the SSFF.

Melvin and his friends began to work for the Red Ants to kill the SSFF for defeating them many times in the past, and Mevin plans to destroy Galaxian High with missile called the "GoodbyeSSFF 19.93" that is heading to the ship right now. The teams try to locate it from the ship's radar that detects anything in the galaxy, but RED manages to take the GoodbyeSSFF's location off the radar. Too make things worse, the power of the ship has been sabatoged with the SSFF realizing RED had putted tiny Cy-bots to chew the power cords (exactly what they did to the Ant Hive).

With the power of the ship ruined, no one is able to exit the ship due to the doors shut. Everyone panics that they are stuck in a powerless ship and about to be blown to pieces but luckily Sqak has an idea to get everyone out of the ship: put on space suits and use Roshan's laser knife to cut a hole through the wall. The plan was a success, with Sqak managing to cut a hole in the ship and take everyone out safely. Out in space, everyone goes far to search for the GoodbyeSSFF 19.93 but can't see it anywhere until they realized they are actually on it(!)

The Teams go charging to the front of the GoodbyeSSFF 19.93 where the New SSSSS are at. Seeing the heroes coming, Lance sends the Red Ants after the teams but they get beaten by the other teams. The SSFF then go inside the GoodbyeSSFF, beat up Melvin, and Sqak launches a Fire Cracker right at the head of the missile (where Melvin and RED are in). This causes the GoodbyeSSFF 19.93 to explode and Galaxian High is saved.

The Blue Ants repaired the hole in the ship and the electricity. Robin wonders what happened to RED and we see the team of villains stranded in space, swimming back to Xoon.

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