The RetroLift, a console made and distributed by PokeIndustries, has the badges feature. Badges work similarly to how achievements worked on the XBOX or Playstation. Though not having any actual value, they are useful to show your friends you're better than them.


The RetroLift Badges
Badge Unlock Conditions
The RetroLift Logo Badge
Unlocked when you set up the console for the first time.

TimeFreeze Series

TimeFreeze Badges
Badge Unlock Conditions
TimeFreeze Logo Badge
Unlock by opening the TimeFreeze game.
Aaron Badge
Unlock by completing the tutorial in TimeFreeze.
Fay Badge
Unlock by playing TimeFreeze for 1 hour total.

Sonic Alpha Series

Sonic Alpha Badges
Badge Unlock Conditions
Sonic Alpha Logo Badge
Unlock by opening the Sonic Alpha game.
Sonic Badge
Unlock by completing the tutorial in Sonic Alpha.
Doctor Eggman Badge
Unlock by completing your first mission.

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