The RetroLift, a console made and distributed by PokeIndustries, is amiibo compatible. Amiibo work the same for this console as they did with the Wii U, but now there is an amiibo portal rather than a scanner in the controller. One amiibo can also be used for multiple games now.

The RetroLift amiibo Portal
Portal Information
The RetroLift Portal
The portal comes bundled with the console itself. No amiibo come with it. It's alone price value is probably $25.

Returning amiibo

As all Wii U games and NX games are compatible with the RetroLift, all amiibo from before are still usable.

TimeFreeze amiibo

TimeFreeze amiibo
amiibo Figure amiibo Package
The Aaron amiibo
The Aaron amiibo's packaging
The Fay amiibo
The Fay amiibo's packaging

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