The RetroLift
The default console, controller, and amiibo portal.
Developer(s) PokeIndustries2250px-Nintendo svg
Console Type Home console
amiibo, 1080p, HD Graphics, Streaming, Bluetooth, Interchangable casing
Backward Compatibility yes
Forward Compatibility yes
Predecessor NX
 The RetroLift  is a console made and distributed by PokeIndustries, a subdivision of Nintendo. The RetroLift is Nintendo's attempt to get back up higher in the console industry, after their previous gimmicks didn't work out. They decided to go retro with this console, using a slightly redesigned and improved N64 controller. They keep some previous gimmicks but they aren't forced upon developers, such as a small touchscreen on the controller.



The controller is like a lifted version of the Nintendo 64 controller, hence the consoles name 'RetroLift'. The controller has the shape of the N64 controller- an M. It has a miniaturized version of the touchscreen gimmick implemented into the Wii U and DS, and the touchscreen that can be found on this controller is a bit smaller than the one on the DS. It isn't required for any games.

The controller has the following buttons:

  • Start button
  • Select button
  • Home button
  • Left joystick
  • Right joysticke
  • Directional pad
  • Action buttons (X, Y, B, and A)
  • Shoulder bumpers
  • Side triggers (work as normal triggers would but placed next to bumpers rather than behind)


The menu layout stays basically the same from the Wii U.


The Internet is a bit different different from the Wii U and NX- you can now choose to download your own search engine without the restrictions of Nintendo's internet. You can choose from Yahoo, Bing, or Google.




Like on the 3DS, badges will be collectible and are based on games from the console. Above, you can see badges of Aaron, Fay, Mario, Link, Kirby, Pit, and Sonic. They work like achievements do on the Xbox and Playstation, where you can earn them in games for accomplishing something or by buying some.

A full list of badges can be seen at The RetroLift/Badges


Miiverse stays the same and maintains the same layout.



The RetroLift can have its outer plating easily replaced, and as a result they are distributing cases for your RetroLift. You can suggest a case in the comments below. The first wave of cases contained a Pokemon Case, Mario Case, Inkling Girl Case, and Kirby Case.


Any games that have [[Category:RetroLift Games]] are games that are playable on this console. You're able to develop for this console with permission from PokeRob (tbc).

Virtual Console


The Virtual Console now also has games owned by companies partnered with Nintendo. One example of this is Sonic 06, originally only released for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. A list of all virtual console games for the RetroLift can be found here.



  • The RetroLift was originally under the working name of Wii² and had a totally different design.
  • Majority of this pages layout is inspired by The V², a console created by the Toroko company.

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