The Reminder is a survival horror game developed by Fandraxonian Enterprises for the PC and Mac platforms. It is said to be the second game of a franchise, but it is never revealed which game it succeeds. It is said to be among the most expensive games that the company has produced, having taken a long while to create semi realistic life figures and environment within the game. The game centers around the protagonist, the twenty five year old, single Devina Heartgold, and mysterious, odd events that happen around her neighborhood.  The game was rated "M" by the ESRB.

Despite it being non-canon to the Zaxinian Lifts, its events are the set-ups of a dream in an actual canon storyline.  Director Athena Hawkins, who previously owned Fandraxonian Enterprises, said "I mean it's probably better if I remember that this game exists so I know what not to make in the future along with the members of Goddess Studios."


Danger Uprising

Devina is cleaning dishes at her house when a knock on the door was heard, she responding by answering and taking a letter from the man. She opens it at her table and reads it to herself.

"Hello. My name is Bowie. I'm a green, alive teddy bear in need of a home and owner to take good care of me for two weeks. My job is to entertain children with my smiles and kindness, and I cannot continue this goal without help. As long as I'm around, those alive and dead will smile. May I please move into your home? I promise I'll help do some house cleaning."

It felt strange to Devina Heartgold that a teddy bear, let alone an alive one, would send a letter to her asking for shelter in her home. The weather outside, rainy and roaring with thunder, was no place for a teddy bear to be left out in. Although rather reluctantly, she accepts Bowie's wishes and lets him inside.

For thirteen days, the bear has proven to be good, helping Devina with house work and keeping an eye on her precious child. However, on the fourteenth day, when Bowie was about to leave, he suddenly turned nasty and refused to leave. Although he continued to do house work, he placed up a horrible attitude and didn't help when asked to. Eventually, Bowie cooks up a pasta and serves it to Devina, eventually creeping out of the room and going to her room. Inside, Bowie creeps Larry, Devina's child, with many frightening smiles and faces, eventually making the baby cry. He then sits in a corner of the room, falsely crying, grabbing the baby's attention, and once Larry got near Bowie chewed off his head, ending the baby's life. By the time Devina went to the room, she found nothing but half the corpse of a child. Nervous and afraid, she knew that Bowie was the only one who could have done this...

In fear, Devina runs into her kitchen, runs into a transparent face of Bowie creeping about, and falls to the floor and faints. As she lays on the floor, Bowie stands over her, drooling saliva to infect her body and get away with it. Once the bear gets out of the house, he takes off his skin and reveals himself as a much larger being, covered by shadows. He gives a nasty grin and licks around the circumference of his head, before cruelly laughing and forcing himself to bleed for his own amusement.

Upon waking up, Devina finds herself sick and vomiting in a hospital, being cured by two doctors. The one working on fixing her body is Scymon Draxite, a low wage working man that is often overlooked for "being stupid", and the one taking results is Nio Gig, a rather odd brother of Scymon that seems to think very positive thoughts. Devina questions the two men where she is, Scymon replying that they are in the Athnonia Hospital, trying to cure her of her sickness.

Later on, "Bowie" is seen walking to Athnonia to find another house to torture beings inside. He watches as Devina emerges from the hospital, bending down towards her immediately and "apologizes", and enters another house to create misery. Blood can be seen flying from the windows and the noise of a man groaning and dying. The creature descends from the house and says rather tiredly to Devina "you're next".

Panicking, Devina runs back into the hospital and begs Scymon to help her, or at least just escort her home. He wants to help, but is on a very tight schedule right now and needs to prepare caution procedures for "Hurricane Gamma" to prevent deaths. However, he sends Nio to send her home without any worries.

The Lookout

After eating dinner, rather than going straight to bed, Devina stays up on her bed and looks at the window and door, looking for signs of a green teddy bear of the creature she saw earlier. She doesn't see anything at first, but upon walking to her doorway a shadow of Bowie emerges from it and forces her to the floor, laughing cruelly and holding the eaten part of corpse of her child, Larry, in his right hand. Devina goes out into the kitchen and grabs a Paralysis Rifle, ready to battle the dangers that surround her.

Outside, the thunder rolls and the rain pours down, Hurricane Gamma emerging closer and closer to Athnonia Town. She feels a chill go down her spine due to the unsettling atmosphere and situation, suddenly brought out of her wits when a dead corpse of a man slides through the now damaged roof and falls near her feet, an awkward smile on his face. She flinches for a second, then gets angry and searches around for the creature, ready to kill him.

The night passes and "Bowie" ends up escaping the house, unable to murder Devina. She quickly runs to the hospital and begs Scymon to please help her get rid of him, as the "bear" might get stronger, but as much as the doctor would like to help he still needs to set up procedures for the hurricane, bringing a chill down her spine that she has to deal with the creature again. As soon as she leaves the hospital, a horrible sight is seen: Nio lays dead on the staircase, Bowie apparently having torn apart his groin, leaving a red, bleeding spot where genitals used to be.

Devina goes back to her home, only to discover "Bowie" behaving rather erratically, eventually turning to her and whispering "forgive me..." before falling to the ground and laughing hysterically, giving her a cruel look and reforcing her to the ground to knock her out. She gets up twenty minutes later and prepares to play her second game against the twisted being.

The Reminder

She successfully runs away from Bowie again, relaxing inside her house and taking deep breaths.  The bear climbs up next to her and laughs evilly, remarking "The fun isn't over yet.  You have only begun it".  He disappears into the darkness, a human seemingly following him through.  She gives a nervous glance, then shoots her attention back into the sky, worried about the following night and Hurricane Gamma.

Again, upon asking Scymon to help her again, he still is trying to finish his plans and denies her yet again.  He says that he would have been able to help her today if the hurricane didn't close in and wipe away half Scymon's work force, who were out to collect medical supplies for the hospital.  Neglected, she heads back home, but not before going to the store and refilling her paralysis gun, ready to destroy the demon that attacked her baby.

Upon coming across the bear again, the creature seems to glitch out almost unrealistically, shifting his head around like the wheels on a bus.  He gives a cold stare at Devina and mutters "If only you weren't here.  Then I would already be on my way.  A reminder - do not interfere with my plans, and I will not interfere with your life."  She responds coldly that it would only leave him many to kill, with the bear slyly replying "That's the point."

She stays up through the night, Paralysis Rifle ready and mind set on avoiding the bear yet again.  However, another being seems to lurk throughout the place, giving an evil cackle and mentioning straight of nowhere "You're a damn failure."  Although Devina again survives the night, Scymon is revealed to be injured and unable to build the glass dome.  Bowie seems to have attacked yet again, explaining his absence from the third night.  Determined to set things right, Devina hides out at the hospital to prepare for her fourth night surviving the demon bear.

She manages to successfully dodge Bowie once again, who mocks her for trying to escape his wrath.  However, he gets too close to Devina due to overconfidence of being near her and out of a mix of fright and courage she crushes the bear to the ground, in the process Bowie claiming "Even if you defeat me, my ghost will still run around rampant.  There is no hope of life for you.  The demons shall slobber over your corpse and devour what's left of you once my servants finish up with what they're doing here." After he says this, the bear dies.

Threat of Gamma

Hurricane Gamma finally makes an impact and despite Scymon's earlier attempts to fix the hospital the hurricane shatters it, ruining his work, forcing the two to run away, the storm eating up many of those sick in the building and devouring the body of Bowie, shattering it and removing it from existence.  The fifth night comes into play where Devina must carry Scymon to safety while trying to avoid the still existing shadow of Bowie.  The two reach Devina's house and take a small break, now a ways away from the slow moving storm.

Presence of a New Threat

The creature who called Devina a "damn failure" the third night reappears out of nowhere, introducing herself as "Dysini", who plans on continuing the plans of Bowie after his death.  To make things simpler, she lashes towards Heartgold and stabs her in the heart, severely injuring her.  Laughing, Dysini, instead of finishing her off, leaves and prepares big plans.  Scymon, who is now able to move, panics and goes to her aid and tries to aid her heart before she dies.

In the midst of her "rest", Devina enters her nightmare, where Bowie still exists.  He is more than delighted to give her a final message.

"You have destroyed me, erased me from existence thanks to Hurricane Gamma.  I am very displeased with my mere removal from the planet, away from those for me to torture in various ways, and you left me with no place to burrow but inside your mind.  Do you really want me gone forever?  Tough luck, for as long as I am not destroyed in your mind I will never leave."

Devina escapes from Bowie, now without any tools to help her ease her journey's difficulty, and despite the hardships she escapes and manages to slay Bowie via stepping on him in the "daylight", ending his existence again, erasing his shadow's existence in real life and ending the reign of Bowie.  But the horror has not ended.  As Devina wakes up, Scymon reveals that Dysini has escaped and is now on a rampage, and then says that they're in the eye of Hurricane Gamma, the storm about to die soon.

Ending the Horror

The two end up hiding for the remaints of Hurricane Gamma, which has proven to die down really quickly, then Devina seraches out for Dysini.  Heartgold walks into the only not ruined area of the eternity of Athnonia, the Garden of Balance.  Dysini reveals herself to be in the center of it, and wordlessly prepares to murder Devina on the spot.  However, a thought came to her, and she offers Heartgold a deal: She'll spare everyone if she joins Dysini and becomes her slave forever and entertains her.  Sensing it as a trick, Devina refuses, and the antagonistic lady chases Devina, ready to kill.

Despite her attempts to end Heartgold's life, she is escaped and angered.  Dysini tries to kill Devina in the same spot as her, but just as she finishes off Heartgold, the gentle hero strikes her rifle through her chest, killing them both.  Scymon, who is a witness of the whole event, bends down to the ground and cries, grabbing Devina's limp body and carrying her to the graveyard, burying her in the ground alongside her dead baby, hoping things go well for them in heaven.

Up and above in the heavens, Devina holds her baby and strokes Larry like nothing happened.  In the meanwhile, in Hell, Bowie and Dysini and burning in the same spot, the true form of Bowie escaping the bear suit and revealing his love for the cruel lady the entire time.  Dysini blushes, but "marries" Bowie in Hell eventually.  Scymon returns to nursing people back to health, this time in the house of Devina in her honor.

The story has ended, but not everything.  There are still things that need to be watched out for.  Danger is always around the turn.  For now, we're safe.  But soon, the Fandraxorcist will return to kill.


Gameplay, despite sounding a lot like that of Five Nights at Freddy's, actually plays very differently. Devina must spend her nights hiding away from Bowie and his friends or outside the house. If Bowie or one of his friends managed to touch Devina, they disappear, only to reappear at a random time interval beforehand (and before the night is finished) to jumpscare and kill her on screen. Avoiding the three creatures - as well as paying attention to their strategies to get away - is the key to survival. As all of these creatures are faster than Devina, she needs to stun them with her Paralysis Rifle to get away.

Bowie moves around a lot, attacking mostly when the player isn't looking.  As his mystery form, he is much more agile, but is much easier to see and avoid beforehand.  Then there's Dysini, who hides out in the darkest corners of the rooms of the house and attacks without warning.


  • Devina Heartgold: The main protagonist of the game. She is a very nervous, yet very kind lady who is willing to help anyone in trouble, including "Bowie" whom she thought to be good in the first place.
  • Scymon Draxite: The secondary protagonist of the game, and a doctor that was saving lives despite his low wages.  He is currently helping Devina keep her mind sane and in control.
  • Bowie: A green teddy bear said to be good but turns out to be a cruel, evil being with the destruction to harm all those he comes across. He is willing to do nearly anything to torture somebody.  As of the sixth night, he is fully deceased.
  • Dysini: The remaints of some spirit that originated somewhere else at some other time.  She is unforgivably cruel and kills others for her own joy.  She is currently on a killing spree.


  • NIGHT ONE: Bowie lurks about the house rather slowly, and is rarely seen.  No one else can be seen this night.  The night is a time to best prepare for whatever comes Devina's way, as there is no time to practice otherwise.  A doll of Bowie will occasionally attack her, but will not end her progress and is only there for her to practice upon.
  • NIGHT TWO: Bowie's mystery form starts lurking about the area, usually outside.  Sometimes, upon seeing Devina's location, he will rush towards her, which should be counted by stunning.  Often, lightning will strike and will perhaps electrocute Devina if sound outdoors.
  • NIGHT THREE: Now that a new danger is on the loose, hiding in the darkest of corners, Devina should be worried.  Fortunately for her, Bowie is missing and cannot be found on this night.  The only true threat is the mystery form, which proves to be a split entity of the bear.
  • NIGHT FOUR: Rather than taking place at home, this solely takes place at the hospital, where Devina must escape the sole threat there: Bowie.  The bear is much faster than he was on previous nights and can teleport small distances.
  • NIGHT FIVE: You spend this night surviving debris from the hurricane and running to shelter.  To top the difficulty off, Bowie's shadow still runs rampaging, so avoiding it is ideal.
  • NIGHT SIX: Rather than taking place in reality, it takes place in Devina's mind during her time with an injured heart.  Bowie is again the only threat, but he is even faster than he was on Night Four and can teleport to the mind's opposite side if Devina is far away.
  • NIGHT SEVEN: Dysini will try to attack Devina from the opposite side of the field and teleport everywhere, trying to spread hallucinations throughout to distract Devina from victory.  The night only ends when Devina successfully stuns her and smashes into her body at the right time.



  • Bowie will descend from the ceiling and chomp off Devina's head, killing her.
  • Bowie will emerge out of nowhere and pop Devina's eyeballs out, cruelly smiling in the process.
  • The green bear will chop off Devina's legs, making legs fall to the ground, before coming back and stabbing her heart to death.
  • The sinister plush will come up to Devina's face and give her a kiss that does nothing but drain the air from her body, making her die from oxygen.

Bear's Shadow

  • The shadow will open its large, gaping mouth and chew her apart, leaving blood spewing everywhere.
  • An arm will grab Devina's body and squeeze her to death, making her die from air loss.
  • He'll sneak up on Devina, showing himself as a shadow, carbon copy of her before disappearing from the hallucination and directly attacking.


  • Goes up to Devina and mutters "THE REMINDER" "I'M SORRY" "NEVER OVER" "DIE" before killing her by slamming her face into hers, revealing a multiple eyed face with many guts taking up the outside of her face and many bugs that crawl about her face.


  • This is the only "M" rated game by Fandraxonian Enterprises to be released so far.
  • This game promotes the edge by simply existing.
  • After the game's credits, the game reveals its true name to be Surviving the Fandraxorcist II, revealing it was a prequel to Surviving the Fandraxorcist.

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