This page is for the plot of the first book of The Remaining Ones, for a page regarding information about said series, click here.

Chapter 1: Making Friends

It was a nice and sunny day on the city of Tokyo. It seemed like every other day of a little child's life, named Ai Aiko. She woke up, got ready to go to school and saw something weird passing by the window. "Hey, mommy, what is that?", said Aiko, curious about the thing that she saw on the window. "It might just be a plane passing by, honey.", the mother replied. Aiko continued to stare at the little thing that was looking different from the skies. It slowly came towards them and the kid continued to ask her mother to what that actually was. The mother, busy trying to get ready for work, ignored the child and continued giving the same answer. In a few seconds, said thing came by in rapidly increasing speed, at a point that no one could even see it due it how fast it was. Suddenly, boom. Silence.

Aiko woke up later after the incident, in a hospital bed. The hospital bed was the only thing that wasn't in ruins, destroyed and smashed into bits, Aiko looked around and saw everything splattered and broken around the ground, medicine, medic instruments, everything. At a point, she started to even see human flesh under the rocks that once were a part of a famous hospital. "Mommy? Daddy?", Aiko said, hoping an answer. What did just happened? Why is everything like this?, Aiko had a lot of questions, but not answers. She continued to say the same thing as she traveled through the hospital. She found out where the entrance originally was and left the hospital. As she left the hospital, the once populous and bright city of Toyko has been taken place by just remainings of what once were buildings, houses and everything. Aiko just stared at that image and got the realization that everything that she once loved was taken away for her in a few seconds. She sit down and started crying. The wind is the only thing that she can hear. Nothing else. Dead silence. For seconds, minutes, hours. She decides to step up and see if there is something or someone else that is still alive in this destruction, she walked only a few feet by the entrace of the hospital, only to notice a big shadow covering her.

A robot. Not a tiny one, a gigantic one. Staring at her. Speaking something that she could not understand. The robot started walking in her direction. Without knowning what the robot wanted to do with her, Aiko just simply ran back to the hospital, trying to find a safe spot to hide from the robot. The robot just simply crushed everything in his way without any trouble. It seemed like Aiko had nowhere to run. She just looked down and expected the worst, hoping that experience would result in a quick and painless death. "Mommy, Daddy, I'm going to reunite with you soon.", Aiko said. As the robot finds out where she is and tries to attack her. She hears a voice before the robot attack, saying "move to your left.", and so she did. She moved away from the robot's attack at the last possible moment, thanks to the unknown voice. The voice once again appears and says to her, "Go.", she once again is running away from the robot until she stops hearing the gigantic loud noises made by the robot's feet hitting the ground. It seemed like it stopped. She looked back and saw, an arrow stuck on the robot's head. The voice again appears saying to her "Come here.", she followed the voice whose identity was revealed, a young boy with a bow and arrow. "Are you okay?", the boy asks. "Yes, I think.", Aiko replies. "Good, follow me, this place isn't safe and the arrow will only delay the robot but in a few minutes he will be starting to work again.", the boy says as he grabs with girl's arms and leaves the location with her.

A few minutes later, the boy and Aiko comes around an underground base, where the boy says that it is where he and his friends lives. "Friends?", Aiko replies in a tone of surprise, as she thought that she and the boy were the only survivors of the mysterious attack. "Yes, there are more. There is 7 known survivors, me, you and them.", the boy opens the door leading to the underground base where Aiko sees the other 5 survivors. "Daichi, are you insane? What are you doing on the outside?", a more adult looking man angrily shouts at Daisuke Daichi, the boy. "Calm down, Goro. I was on the outside to see if there was someone else still alive. And this time, I actually found one.", Daichi shows Aiko to the rest of the crew. "Seems like your insane thoughts about hearing a voice telling you about a survivor really payed off at the end.", a young woman says. "They were not insane thoughts, Hayate, I actually heard them and this girl is the proof that I was right all along.", Aiko looks confused at the group discussing and starts to say something, "Uhm, Mister Daichi, can you explain what is going on?", Daichi replies, "Oh yeah, sorry for throwing your in this situation without knowning anything. We are the Survivors of the attack of the Guardians. My name is Daisuke Daichi, the guy that shouted at me earlier is Chiyoko Goro and the girl who I was talking earlier is Haruki Hayate. There is also Ichiro Isamu and Kokoro Makoto, who are still sleeping at this moment.", "Mister Daichi, what are the Guardians?". Aiko makes another question.

"We don't know a lot about them, but it is a series of robots from another location, outside Earth. They are called the Guardians because their porpuse is to protect the race that created during their attack on Earth. Their purpose is to kill every living being on Earth, only a few survived and we are that few, who learned about the robots, how to fight against them to grantue our temporary salvation, until they are back again. We don't know a way to actually shut them off, but we are trying to.", Daisuke explained.

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