The Remaining Ones
Author Lurky Lorean
Release Date(s)
TBA 2015
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Post-apocalyptic, drama, science-fiction
Chapter(s) 9 (The New Kid)
12 (Enter the Dome)
14 (Resolutions)
Series The Remaining Ones

The Remaining Ones is a trilogy of books written by Lurky Lorean, set in a post apocalyptic world where a group of eight adolescents tries to survive from being killed by the Guardians, a group of gigantic robots that were sent to Earth to patrol and kill every living thing. The group managed to dodge the Guardians programming for a long time, until the aliens start sending more and now they have to work together again to dodge the new and the old ones.

The Remaining Ones is the first series of books written by Lurky Lorean and he plans to release them in digital form through the App Store on the future. Lurky said that if the first series becomes popular on the website where he is most popular and well-recieved, then he will release the digital form when he can.

Books in the trilogy

  • The Remaining Ones: The New Kid - The shortest of the series, with only being nine chapters long. It centers around Ai Aiko, a kid that is found out by the group of survivors. The book is about the girl trying to learn with the survivors how to fight in this world full of dangers while also trying to overcome previous fears. It began development on March 28, 2015.
  • The Remaining Ones: Enter the Dome - Set directly after the events of The New KidEnter the Dome puts the protagonists on a difficult situation, they find out a space dome, which was meant to protect the humans when the alien robots came, but it was unfinished by the time they actually came. They find a way to reach there, but the journey will be dangerous, as the Guardians can also scan everything near the planet and the dome is unstable and might not help them. It will begin development after the completion of The New Kid.
  • The Remaining Ones: Resolution - After the events of Enter the Dome, the group discovers a way to shut off the guardians, but the method is incredibly dangerous and it might result in their deaths. They agree on doing everything to put Earth back to peace and to stop with the alien domination, even if that cost their own lives. It is the longest of the series, with 15 chapters. Development of this one will begin after the end of Enter the Dome.

Recurring Characters

The Survivors

  • Ai Aiko
  • Chiyoko Daichi
  • Daisuke Goro
  • Haruki Hayate
  • Ichiro Isamu
  • Kokoro Makoto

The Guardians

  • No. 1 Zeus
  • No. 2 Aphrodite
  • No. 3 Apollo
  • No. 4 Ares
  • No. 5 Demeter
  • No. 6 Hades
  • No. 7 Nyx


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